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A new electric panel was installed by a licensed electrician [redacted] raised the concern about a high electric bill to our Regional Property Manager, David B [redacted] He requested that she provide copies of her electric bill prior to and after the panel was replaced to evaluate if there were any over charges to respond to her concern We have not yet received copies of the bills [redacted] can bring copies to the property, fax to ###-###-#### to David B [redacted] ’s attention or email copies to *** to review and respondTell us why here

Although we do require sixty days notice for residents wishing to end their lease, we inadvertently advised this customer to pay through June 11th rather than the sixty day notice period of July 11th. As this was completely our error, we are revising the final account statement for this resident and removing the balance on the account. We apologize for the convenience and will have this corrected as soon as possible. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact the leasing office at *** *** at ###-###-####

Ms***’s concern about a
delay in installing the microwave was warranted. Due to a
miscommunication we issued a $rent credit on her rental account as compensation for this concern
During a routine HVAC inspection
in October 2015, we decided to replace several HVAC
systems due to the year they
were installed, including the system in Ms***s unit. Ms***
informed us that someone from *** told her that her bill increase was due
to her HVAC system. She provided us with copies of her bills and history. We did not receive any notification from *** about this concern. We
analyzed the bills she provided and determined that there was no obvious increase or spike
in Kilowatt hours that warranted a credit. The usage appeared
normal. Her bill did fluctuate due to the budget billing program that she
signed up for but not due to a spike in usage. The new system we installed is a higher efficiency system so if her usage remains consistent her bill should decrease.David B***, Regional Property Manager for *** *** ***, spoke with Ms*** last month and informed her of our actions and decision to credit her for the microwave delay and that we did not see where a credit for her utility was warranted
Please contact us if we can
provide any further information about this matter

Grady Management allows service animals without a monthly fee or deposit.  Prior to the residents move in on 8/1/2014, new carpet and padding were installed costing [redacted] $1,158.07.  Upon move out on 8/31/2015, 13 months later, [redacted] was forced to replace the carpet at the same...

cost and incurred a deodorization cost of $206.70 due to the pet damaged caused to the carpet, padding and subfloor.  Copies of bills are attached.  The charges originally billed to the resident was $1,364.77 but are now being adjusted to account for depreciation of the 13 months out of 60 months, the expected life of the carpet and padding.  The adjusted balance for damages is $907.15 plus the deodorization costs of $206.70 totals $1,113.85.  We will contact the resident and inform them of the adjustments but there still is a remaining balance they are responsible for.

In response to the complaint filed by [redacted], former resident of [redacted], Apartment [redacted], I have found the following: [redacted] and his wife moved into [redacted] on 5/11/13 under a 1 year lease set to expire 5/31/14.  The lease was subsequently renewed for 2...

one year periods – the latest set to expire 5/31/16.  Based on a notice to vacate dated 2/19/16 indicating that the resident was being relocated due to a job change to Portsmouth, VA, they were allowed to vacate without penalty as of 3/31/16 (2 months prior to their scheduled lease expiration). At the time of their move in they took out a [redacted] Bond in the amount of $500 coverage for a non-refundable cost of $87.50.  The bond form that they signed allowed them to move in with fewer dollars (not having put up a security deposit) but clearly states that the “bond is not insurance” and the resident is responsible for payment of any rents due, damages, etc. at move out.  The form also notes that if the landlord makes a claim against [redacted] for the amount due, the resident (bond holder) is responsible for repayment.  Grady attempts to collect directly from the resident prior to making claim with [redacted] – which is what we do. The Assistant Manager, Anna M[redacted], denies making any statement to [redacted] regarding his being responsible for no damage costs due to his having insurance.  She said she is very clear with all residents that the [redacted] bond is purely to assist with move-in monies, and that they are always responsible for any monies owing (including damage charges) at move out. Following their move-out, on 4/6/16, the Assistant Manager and the Maintenance Technician inspected the apartment.  Both indicate that the carpet had “heavy soil” and/or “dirty carpet.” This is contrary to [redacted]’s statement that the carpet was sparkling clean.  Unfortunately, they did not take photos of the carpet at that time, nor did they have their carpet cleaner provide a statement indicating that the carpet needed replacement (which they say it did).  When [redacted] and his wife took occupancy in May of 2014 the carpet was brand new (installed 5/8/13 at a cost of $870.35).  We get 5 years (60 months) of life from the carpet.  We replaced the carpet on 5/9/16 (36 months later).  Based on that we should have assessed a charge for 24 months of unused life at $14.51/month = $348.24.  We charged for 23 months at $14.51 = $333.73 (but rounded down to $333). Since we did not take photos of the carpet to prove replacement was needed, and did not obtain a statement from our carpet cleaner that the carpet was beyond cleaning, I do (UNFORTUNATELY) believe we should remove the charge from his account.  I have not yet contacted [redacted] with regard to this matter at the phone number he entered in his customer information on the complaint.  I have no record of any prior phone call from him.

We appreciate your residency at [redacted] and are sorry you could not remain in our community.  After reviewing your move out records we have determined the carpet charges were not appropriate and have been removed from your account.  This information should have been communicated to...

you yesterday by the [redacted] management team.  If you are still not satisfied with this matter, please feel free to contact us at ###-###-#### or [email protected] you for the opportunity to assist you.

A new electric panel was installed by a licensed electrician.  [redacted] raised the concern about a high electric bill to our Regional Property Manager, David B[redacted].  He requested that she provide copies of her electric bill prior to and after the panel was replaced to evaluate if...

there were any over charges to respond to her concern.  We have not yet received copies of the bills.  [redacted] can bring copies to the property, fax to ###-###-#### to David B[redacted]’s attention or email copies to [redacted] to review and respond. Tell us why here...

I have attached the leaseholder authorization for me to act on her behalf.The leasing office address is [redacted], Silver Spring, MD [redacted]The management company is Grady Management located at [redacted], Silver Spring, MD [redacted]. Phone number is [redacted]0

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