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St Louis Center for Restorative Dentistry

1422 Elbridge Rd, Ste 240, Chesterfield, Missouri, United States, 63017

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April of 2018 I had gone to this company for some dental work. I needed to get a filling and root canal, got set up on payments and about July we had done the procedure. Between then and Christmas time, I had not had any problems with this tooth. Around Christmas time however, it broke and fell out. I tried going back by the business but it looks like they are closed and not even at this location anymore and I'm not sure how to proceed. Everything is gutted out. I am wanting to get my paperwork and copies of x-rays from you all and I would like to know how I can proceed forward to getting my tooth fixed. I know for sure that $4500 was paid toward this and I was never informed that the company was closing in the first place.

My first visit to the orthodontist was Monday, July 16 at 10:15 am. I met *** and he informed me of how the process would work and the costs. The entire process would be $4,000. I agreed (and used my credit card for payment) and was then fitted for my aligners by the doctor placing mold in my mouth for sizing.
• I returned to the office Monday, July 30, 2018 to get my first Invisalign trays. I was told to keep them in for only 1 week and then change to my next trays. Everything was going fine until the month of November.

• October 30, 12:04 pm, I scheduled an appointment for more trays on November 13 at 4:00 pm. This was confirmed.

• November 12, I received a text message from the office asking if I could call them ASAP and them wanting to know if I could come in earlier tomorrow, November 13, rather than my scheduled 4:00, to pick up my trays. I responded by saying the earliest I could do was 2:30 or 2:40 because I am a teacher and I work. They said that would be wonderful.

• November 13, I received a voice message from *** (at 11:09) asking me to reschedule my appointment the day of, because she had a doctor emergency and she wouldn’t’ t be in the office. And I had just spoke to the office the day before confirming my “new appointment” time and day.

• December 5, I received a reminder text message saying my next appointment was for December 19 at 3:30 pm

• December 8, I confirmed through a text message.

• December 18 at 9:56 am, (the day before my scheduled appointment) I received a text message from the office once again telling me to call them ASAP because they needed to reschedule my appointment.

• December 19 at 9:40 am, the office sent me another text message saying that although they just spoke to me the day before, they will be closing the office at noon because the doctor is out of the office and if I could stop by tomorrow at the same time or later.

• December 27 at 12:14 pm, the office sent me a text message reminding me of my January 10, 2019 appointment at 3:30 pm. I confirmed at 1:29pm.

• January 7 (three days before my appointment) at 11:04 am, the office sent me a message telling me to call them the next day or Wednesday because the needed to reschedule my appointment because now they will only be open on Wednesdays from 8:00am-5:00pm and Fridays from 8:00-2:00pm). I was never told this at all. No one tried to call and leave a message on my phone.

• January 16 at 3:30pm I went into the office to get my attachments removed and receive my retainers. However, I did have questions for *** but another doctor whom I had never seen before took my attachments off and said I was good to go. After I went home, I determined that I was not satisfied with my results and decided to make another appointment to continue the Invisalign process by getting some refinements done.

• January 23, I called the office at 12:34 during my lunch break. My appointment for refinements was scheduled for January 30 the following week at 3:30.

• January 30, I phoned the office (twice) because I was so used to their rescheduling and last-minute texts, at 11:13 and 11:28. I received a message both times telling me the office would be closed for the week because they were on vacation and would reopen next week on Wednesday. I was very frustrated because the person with whom I made my appointment with a week earlier, did not inform me of this at all.

• Called the office February 6 at 12:17 pm to reschedule an appointment due to no one being in the office the week before. I received a voice message stating the office was at lunch from 12:00-1:00pm. I received a call back at 2:25 pm. The secretary never apologized for no notification of my January 30 forgotten appointment. She only stated she was sorry she missed my earlier phone call and that they are in the office until 5:00pm that day and they had a 3:30 or later available appointment time the coming Wednesday the 13. They advised me to either call or text. I texted that February 13 works fine for me.

• February 13, 2019, I drove to the office at 3:30 and no one was in the parking lot. I knocked on the door then pulled it and it was locked. I waited and called for about 15 minutes. I drove around to the side of the building and saw someone from a neighboring business, ***, standing outside taking a smoke break. I rolled my car window down and spoke to her. I asked her if she knew about the dentist office attached. She said she knew about Dr. Bell. She then stated to me that people were in the office earlier that morning around 10 or 10:30. I asked her if she knew they should be open until 5:00 today and if anyone was still there. She told me she had no idea and would check. She went into the building and came out 2 minutes later. She said no one was in there and everyone was gone. I thanked her and drove home.

• I did leave a message on the orthodontist voice system stating that I would no longer need their services, was going to do a stop payment (because I had been paying consistently for inconsistent services) and be contacting the
I returned to this office February 15 at 8:10 am. I personally told all of my complaints to the secretary, ***. She said she was the same person I spoke to on the phone from the other day. As I reviewed my concerns and complaints she just nodded her head and started making excuses for not calling me such as, she did call me but I didn't answer, they just got a new doctor, and their office hours changed again from Tuesdays to Wednesdays now, and she had only been working at the office since July. I explained to her their inconsistencies and lack of professionalism started back in July when I had my very first appointment. She just said she needed to clear her throat. The new orthodontist never spoke, he simply left the room. I then told her that several people have been complaining about their services and writing reviews. Then, I said I would be doing a stop payment. She said she would try to submit the complaint/request to their boss--Home Office. When I asked for Home Office number, she said she couldn't give it to me. The male secretary next to her never spoke a word. Two teenage girls, waiting for services, looked out the window to avoid eye contact. I asked how soon could she put in the request. She stated that she didn't know because it was Friday. I immediately asked for a printout of my balance, which was $1,750.00.
After returning home for the day, I left the office a message around 5:30, also asking the office to inform Home Office I would be needing a full refund because I would have to go to another Invisalign office to fix and complete my treatment, which they were negligent in doing.

I began going to Dr. *** in Dec. 2012 for routine cleanings. During a period from 1/2017 - 3/2018, Dr. *** preformed several procedures involving teeth #2, #3 & #4. All of the procedures that were done to these three (3) teeth have failed. Not once, but numerous times. In January 2017 her dental hygienist *** indicated to me that there was a cavity underneath the crown on tooth #3 as well as a cavity below the gum line of tooth #4. The crown on tooth #3 had been placed there many years earlier by another dentist. After going over the details I agreed to have her fill the cavity on tooth #4, remove the crown on tooth #3, fill the cavity and replace the crown. Also in my records it indicates that she also filled a cavity on tooth #2. Nothing in our discussion indicated that she had done work on tooth #2 until I returned to have the new crown permanently cemented in place. It was at that point I learned that she had done work on that tooth. and that the filling she installed had fallen out. Dr. *** knowing filled that tooth with out my knowledge or permission.

Since there wasn't any charge or mention there of, I can only assume that some type of damage was done to this tooth while working on tooth #3. When I returned a few weeks later to have the new permanent crown cemented I was told the the fillings in both teeth, #2 and #4 had fallen out. Dr. Norouze agreed to refill them at no charge. The total cost for this work was: $1,596.00

On August 2017, during a subsequent visit for teeth cleaning it was indicated that there was now 'another' cavity under the crown on tooth #3. Dr. *** agreed to remove the crown, refill the tooth and replace the crown at no charge. However after the crown had been removed I was told that that tooth now needed a root canal. After going over the details I greed for her to continue with the root canal for an additional cost of $960.00.

In March 2018 (seven months later) at one of my scheduled cleanings that I now had three cavities. One cavity on tooth #2, which was filled and then refilled. Another cavity on tooth #4, which was also filled and then refilled after the filling had fallen out, ( just like tooth #2) and now 'another' cavity under the crown of tooth #3. Being infuriated with her work ethnics and quality of workmanship she agreed to re-do what was ever necessary to correct the conditions on these three teeth. In the perusing discussing Dr. *** recommended that I take my business else ware. After mailing her office a letter on May, 1, 2018 along with a follow up in-office discussion, Dr. *** agreed to refund me the total amount of these previously stated procedures ($2,556.00)

As of this date payment has not been received. I have contacted there office at least four (4) time since the mailing of my letter and have always been unable to speak with Dr. *** or any of the owners. It is my feeling that if all of these procedures had been done correctly the first time, the fillings in teeth #2 and #4 would have never fallen out and require refilling. The crown on tooth #3 would not have gotten another cavity nor would it have needed a root canal.

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