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St. Paul Hospitality, Inc.

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[redacted]   [redacted] Dear [redacted]:   We are in receipt of your email dated February **, 2017, advising us of [redacted]s complaint.  Please be advised that this a current matter...

brought to our attention by the and we appreciate your reaching out to us.    On December *, 2016, [redacted] completed an online application through our LutherSales website.  At the final time of completing an application and once the application is accepted, a notation pops up on our website “Thank you for your order. Please keep this confirmation for your records. You will be contacted by a Luther representative to complete the order process.”  This approval is a confirmation that the customer’s application has been processed, which is the start of the process.    [redacted] was assigned to a LutherSales account manager, [redacted], who contacted [redacted] to review her interest of intent of what she would like to purchase.  At that time, Larry explained the entire process to her as to how to get her payment set-up and started so as to get her order into purchasing in a timely manner.  On December *, 2016, Larry received the signed contract back from the customer.  [redacted] purchased an Apple Iphone 7 “Unlocked” (with a 2 year cellular phone protection) and an Apple 16GB Ipod Touch 6th Generation.  With this purchase, this customer was entitled to two free gifts as part of her package.  The free gifts that [redacted] chose was the Amazon Fire 7” Tablet and the ILive Home Audio Speaker System.    The order was then placed in “pending” status awaiting for the first allotment (payment) to release the order to purchasing.  During the confirmation process on December **, 2016, our confirmations representative reviewed all pertinent details of the order with the customer.  At that time, she also reiterated the delivery timeframe and with this case being electronics, it is an estimated 7-10 business days from receipt of the first allotment received in-house to delivery.   In order to secure holiday delivery, a release authorization letter was signed by [redacted].  This letter authorized LutherSales to deduct a debit payment to release the order into purchasing prior to her contractual allotment payments (scheduled to start December **, 2016 through her employer and PNC Bank).  A debit card payment posted on December [redacted], at which time, her order went into purchasing.    [redacted] was in receipt of her merchandise. At the time of delivery, she decided to return the Apple 32GB IPhone 7 “Unlocked”, as she decided she would rather purchase the IPhone 7 Plus.  Customer kept the Apple 16GB Ipod Touch.  The free gifts are sent out after receipt of merchandise and satisfied delivery.  The free gifts, therefore, became null and void since she returned part of the merchandise offered in the original package of her choosing.    Larry was working with the customer to get a new signed order form for her to purchase the Apple IPhone 7 Plus, which included a new agreed upon payment plan, increasing her payments to $57 per pay rather than the original $51 per pay (since wanting to purchase a more expensive phone).  However we could not go through with the order, as [redacted]’s first payment that was to start 12/** (as noted above) did not come in.  She resumed her payment on February *, 2017, and debit card payments were made to make up for the missed payments.  These payments, however, were to cover her contractual obligation for the initial order placed (and not the new phone she wished to purchase).  Our Director of Legal, Mike M[redacted], had been coordinating conversation with [redacted] at the time of her stopped payments.  Her current account balance total due to LutherSales is minimal and will be paid off shortly.    We deeply value our customer’s relationship with LutherSales and are committed to providing her with the highest level of service simply because our customers deserve the very best – “World Class Customer Service.”    If you have any further questions or are in need of clarification of any such matter, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.   Sincerely,   Cathie R[redacted] Operations Manager [redacted]

Consumer Complaint #[redacted] sent an email to Luther Sales customer service on April [redacted] advising he was not happy with the furniture he received on 4/**.  The drawers of the furniture were not deep enough for his clothes (which he placed inside the furniture deeming it now used...

furniture) and he wanted to replace everything he received except the bed.  We (Luther) responded the same day to his concerns advising there would be a restocking fee assessed since the furniture was not refused at delivery and he had passed the 72-hour window for returns.  When [redacted] placed his order, he went through a confirmation process where our personnel, [redacted] contacted him on 3/*/17 to confirm the items he ordered are correct and reiterate the return policy which is also listed on the agreement he signed (see attached). In addition, all the dimensions of the furniture are listed on our website.  The POD on file was signed without exception or issue (see attached).  In order to assist him in the situation, we offered him an additional chest at a discounted price of $360 to add storage to his bedroom space.  He advised he did not want the extra piece, he did not have room.

[redacted]New York Revdex.comRE:  Account #[redacted] - [redacted]We are in receipt of your email dated Monday, May **, 2015, advising us of [redacted] complaint as it pertains to her refund in question.  Please be advised that this a current matter...

brought to our attention by the and we appreciate your reaching out to us.  As a company, we pride ourselves in resolving all matters to the customer’s complete satisfaction.  Our [redacted], has been actively working closely with [redacted] to resolve this matter.   [redacted] had a one year interest FREE loan with a 25% discount.  She just paid the account off within the last 30 days and the refund had to be calculated due to the discount and interest FREE component.  There was no discrepancy with the refund due.  However, our system does not allow us to calculate automatically and, therefore, it is calculated manually after all payments are posted.   As of today, we are still in contact with [redacted] and was quite surprised to receive this complaint.  As a follow-up yesterday, [redacted], spoke with [redacted] and advised her that the refund is to be mailed out by the end of this week.If you have any further questions or are in need of clarification of any such matter, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Sincerely, 

The customer was issued a credit for repairs completed outside of the warranty period.  The refund check requested was mailed out 10/*/17.

Customer placed a furniture order with us in March of 2017.  Customer called about a month later and was thinking of cancelling the order so the sales person advised if she kept her order, we would send out the free tv in advance.  She agreed and the TV was delivered on 4/**/17.  On...

4/**/17 furniture was delivered to her house and it had slight damage.  She asked that the furniture be picked up instead of allowing us to repair or replace it.  It was picked up on 5/**/17.  Customer was then charged for the free TV since she did not keep her furniture order.  A refund is not possible since the customer still owes us a balance.  Attached is POD for TV delivered April [redacted].

August **, 2016  
[redacted]          RE: (ID# [redacted]) [redacted]    Dear [redacted],   Thank you for your email dated Friday, August **, 2016.   Our application process requires the applicant to visit our website [redacted] to complete the application on-line with an electronic/digital signature.   Once an applicant is preliminary approved based on the information provided in the application, we obtain a credit report based on the applicant’s authorization in the signed application.  With every application, we utilize industry-standard commercially reasonable practices to confirm the applicant’s identity by verifying his/her name, residential address, Social Security number, birth date and employer.  Additionally, proof of earnings must be submitted by the applicant prior to final underwriting, at which time we will validate length of employment and position with the employer.  Upon final underwriting approval, the account goes through a thorough process to validate all information once again, to include all pertinent details of the order with the customer and also a second verification to include items being purchased and personal customer information.   As per our original response dated August, *, 2016, we received an application that purported to be from [redacted] on May **, 2016.  We understand from [redacted]’s complaint that the application was not submitted by her.  Based on the information submitted in this application, the applicant did not meet our preliminary approval criteria of minimum income of base wages of $20,000 and, therefore, we did not obtain a credit report and we did not implement our applicant identify verification process.    A telephone call to every applicant is not a practical solution prior to verifying personal data, as the number that we would call would be the number provided by the applicant.  Implementing identity verification before conducting a preliminary analysis of the information provided in the application is also not practical or cost-effective.   We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience to [redacted].  We have flagged her account in our system as fraudulent and have notified the consumer reporting agencies in which we reported the application that it was a fraudulent application.   As we notated in our letter dated August *, 2016, we would be happy to have a personal conversation with [redacted] at her convenience should she wish to contact us at the number below.  Additionally, we can provide [redacted] with a copy of the signed application upon her approval to release, to be sent in an email that is encrypted and secure.   We deeply value our customer’s relationship with LutherSales and are committed to providing quality customer service to all LutherSales applicants.   Sincerely,   Cathie R[redacted], Operations Manager Luther Appliance & Furniture Sales Inc. Phone: ###-###-####, Ext. [redacted]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# [redacted], and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved 
 Please provide me with a copy of the contract signed and not the sales slip that shows the breakdown of what I purchased.  I would like a copy of the contract indicating that it is a full and binding legal contract.  I would also like a copy of the warranty indicating that the furniture is under warranty during the time I am making payments and the date that it was sent to me.  With regards to that, I did request some kind of paperwork indicating how to care for the furniture (cleaning it, etc) and never received it.  I am also requesting it.Upon receipt of a legally binding contract (not the order form), a copy of the warranty that was mailed to me along with the date it was mailed and a copy of the care instructions detailed to the furniture that was purchased by me, I will then move forward with looking at resolution of this.As far as me cancelling the service call, I did receive an email from the company.  However, because of the nature and legalities of this, I am choosing to hold off on that portion for now.  I have sent pictures, described in detail the damages so I do not think that a service call to justify and assess the damages is warranted.  If this will be a service repair call, then this may be something I am willing to try.
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