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Stamford Marble Imports

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Review: Poor quality marble, worse customer service! An approximately 4' rectangle Carrera marble counter top was installed with more than 50 pock marks, uneven sealant, significant scratch marks, and overt wholes. Upon request to finish the installation service people were sent and proceeded to make the final counter top finish worse by sanding only portions of the counter without finishing and without applying a sealant. The counter top is still scratched, contains more than 50 pock marks, has multiple scratches, overt wholes, peeling, and is unsealed! The process of scheduling the service has been made impossible by the hostile and unprofessional behavior of the owner, Ms. [redacted] who again today cancelled another appointment 15 minutes before they were due to arrive. No conversation with the owner has ever ended well or been conducted without being blamed for the problem, told that I am wrong or don't understand marble, and being screamed at.

Product_Or_Service: Carrera Marble counter top

Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Replacement

I would like Stamford Marble to pay for a marble expert to finish their work by re-sanding the counter top to remove whole, scratches, and pock marks and then sealing the finish.



Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2013/08/27) */

The customer inspected the stone multiple times before fabrication. We pulled the slab for customer approval. The marble is a soft stone, like any other stone from its category. Carrara marble has natural pits and natural fissures. The stone is susceptible to scratching, wear, etc. We told the customer the pitfalls of the material and strongly encouraged her to use quartz instead to avoid the "imperfections" that are inherent with natural marble kitchen counter tops.

We installed the kitchen counters on July 1, 2013. We went back to customer's house after the initial installation, trying to make the stone "perfect". The customer was never home to inspect or guide the guys in our shop as to what she was unhappy with. After the crew returned, we received phone calls with complaints.

The marble will require maintenance and care. We informed the customer of this before purchase. Our invoice, in small print, specifically states, "No allowance made on tile/stone after it is installed. No material guaranteed against scratching or wearing."

It is the customer's responsibility to maintain the marble once it is installed. We have sealed and honed the marble multiple times for the customer and she has unreasonable expectations.

The customer wanted [redacted], owner, to show for another appointment at 9 am for August 15th. [redacted] called the customer at 7:45 am before she decided to leave for the house to make sure the customer was home before the hour long trip. The customer did not answer the phone. [redacted] did not leave the show room assuming the customer was not home. The customer called back at 8:45 am and still expected [redacted] to make the 9 am appointment. [redacted] said that was impossible because the traffic and time frame needed to get to Bronxville from Stamford is at minimum, one hour of traveling time needed. [redacted] offered to give her another appointment, the customer hung up the phone with out any response.

The customer has unreasonable expectations for travel time and availability of a company. [redacted] was upset because of the irrational demand from the customer of impossible time frame. We would not be responsible to pay for re-honing because the stone is already honed and sealed. The customer expects perfection with a marble kitchen counter top that she is not maintaining.

Review: I had granite kitchen counter tops installed and had several problems.First the Stamford Marble contractors did not know how to remove or unseal a sink. I had to help.Secondly, when they tried to re-install the sink after installing the new surface, the old sink didn't fit and they told me it was my problem and I would have to get a new sink (a MUCH smaller one). I told them it was YOUR company that took the measurements.Third, I could not fit one of the kitchen drawers in the space. They said, it happens with the demolition process. I thought, really, so I am supposed to lose a drawer? They did not know they had to put a levelor on the opposing side of the counter to balance it. They did happen to fix it the next day and I had to get a new sink. Then I left some tile overnight on the counter and it made a huge stain on the granite. I asked them if the granite was sealed, they said yes. But it clearly was NOT and now have ruined the new surface. When I told them this, they said it was a natural effect and stain in the stone. It was NOT! I spoke to a different contractor who said this should not happen.

Product_Or_Service: granite

Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Replacement

Seal the counters and replace the stained piece.



Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2013/06/24) */

Contact Name and Title: [redacted]

Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX

Contact Email: [redacted]

Issue #1: On Friday, [redacted] 31st, we provided the demolition of the existing formica counters and installation of the new granite. The old over mount sink had so much caulk residue and formica chips from the removal as to be unusable on the new counter tops. It would not sit flush against counters. We would not have known this to be a problem until the demolition. The crew tried to remove the caulk buildup but it was impossible without damaging the stainless steel sink. The customer needed to buy a new over mount sink that would sit flush to new granite counters. We can't control the size of the sink she purchased. We did not provide the new sink. The new sink was the same size cut out as the original one. A new sink did get caulked into place the following day, June 1st, once it was provided.

We were not attaching the new sink since we do not have a plumber's license. We always tell our customers that the plumbing is not included in the invoice. Customer was upset that we did not do the plumbing.

Issue #2: The drawer in question was shimmed and it was fully functional when we left on Saturday. We do level out the cabinets with wood shims to allow the granite to sit flush. This customer had old wood cabinets that were not supporting the weight of the new granite counter tops with out additional supports which we installed free of charge.

Issue #3: The granite was sealed once on Friday at the day of installation and once again on Saturday at the attachment of the new sink. The stone needs to be sealed and maintained by customer. We give every customer the information about porosity of stone and the sealers and/or cleaners that we recommend to maintain the stone. We sell cleaners and sealers to maintain natural stone.

The customer did pay us in full which indicates that they are satisfied with the product and service. The invoice reflects this. We can scan the invoice and send to you if needed.

The customer did pay us for the demolition of the existing formica counters $150 and $1820 for the counters plus Ct. state sales tax. Customer paid $970 with a visa card as a deposit on X-XX-XXXX and the final payment of $1125.09 on visa card on 6-1-2013. We did the installation on Friday, [redacted] 31st and finished Saturday June 1st, 2013.

The granite was scheduled to install according to the customer specifications. The stone was ready at our shop for many weeks before installation. Customer works full time in NYC and wanted a Friday/Saturday afternoon installation to accomodate her schedule.

According to our crew, the customer was satisfied on Saturday June 1st when we left. The two crew guys spent a lot of extra time to make the customer happy.

Stamford Marble

12 Camp Ave.

Stamford, Ct. XXXXX



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