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Standard Oil of Connecticut, Inc.

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Complaint: ***
I am
rejecting this response because:
Because I have still not received a detailed copy of the supposed contractThere is no reason for such poor customer serviceI spoke with the *** and she was very unprofessional, she said told me "go back to your email in May and find your contract." I explained to her that I have NEVER been sent a detailed contract and she continued to argue with meSo I asked to speak to a supervisor and she rudely said "ill transfer you to her voice mail," and I was transferred.
Later I spoke with *** and she seem to be much more helpfulHowever, I am still waiting to see the documentationShe also told me that my automatic deliveries were cancelled by ***, which is incorrect because I never cancelled any deliveryAll I have been requesting is a copy of the detailed contract, which nobody seems to want to give to me*** told me that I have a contract for gallons of oil, this is news to me because I never agreed to any contract for ANY amount of oil and I would like to see proof of thisShe also told me she would move my contract end date to May 1st because I will be moving then and no longer needing oil She told me she would be sending me the documentation and I have yet to see itI would like to know when I will see this? Until I see the contract I am not obligated to anythingWHEN WILL I SEE THE DOCUMENTATION????????
Sincerely,*** ***

From: John M*** **
Subject: Complaint #*** ***
Date: September 16,
Please advise *** *** that Standard Oil will provide service to his *** *** by appointment and payable by credit card (*** or ***) only
He should call our toll-free number ###-###-####, M-F between 8:00am and 4:pmand ask for our Service Department. They will arrange a convenient time for the service to be performed
We hope you find this responsive to your inquiry

Standard Security is a bunch of shysters They sell you a package which they claim is free until you read the fine print, then you find out all the fee's They had shotty installation "professionals" and left the house a mess when they left We eventually went to sell our house and had the new owners set up to take over our service plan and Standard didn't follow through and charged us the full price of the months left even though we had a commitment from the new owners Use any other company but them Horrible experience

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:Scheduling the maintenance for a date that is after the contract expiration is a way of forcing the customer to stay with the companyIt is a dishonest way of doing businessI will not use this company
again and will make my dissatisfaction known.
I appreciate's assistance in the matter, I no longer wish to pursue the matter.
*** ***

First of all thank you for helping me and my family outI called and made an appointment with them, so far so goodStandard Oil accepted me again as a customer, its a win-win situation for all of us Now I'm waiting to see if they r going to show upI don't believe it until I see itI'll keep you postedThank you,
*** and ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me
*** ***

"margin: 0in 0in 10pt; text-align: justify;">From: John M[redacted], VP Re: BB Complaint [redacted]
Date September 21, This will confirm receipt of the above captioned complaint
We have reviewed the above captioned complaint and believe that it arises from some misunderstanding in the communications between Standard and our customer.
We find that the balance on our customer's account to be $and consists solely of a charge for an oil delivery made on 09/16/2016. Our records show that a service call was made on that same date but the customer was not charged for the call. The only balance owing, as stated before, is for the cost of the oil alone
We hope you find this responsive to your inquiryIf you have any further questions regarding this matter, please feel free to contact me

From:                     John M[redacted], V. Pres.
Subject:       Complaint [redacted]
Date:                      October 8, 2015
We have carefully examined Mr. [redacted]’s complaint.  We greatly regret any inconvenience suffered by Mr. [redacted] if, as stated in his complaint, Standard Security Systems was unresponsive to his request or service on May 16, 2015.
We do note that there do not seem to be any other requests for service until August, 2015.  Had there been follow-up requests to his earlier call for service on May 16, 2015 the problem with the alarm system would have been far more speedily resolved and Mr. [redacted] would have had alarm service for the period mentioned in his complaint.
On August 28, 2018, our service technician found that a motion sensor had been mounted upside down, apparently after being dismounted by a carpenter working at the [redacted] premises.  Once this had been corrected, the alarm system functioned properly.
On the one hand, we understand Mr. [redacted]’s frustration with a system that was not working. On the other hand, had a more timely request for service been made, it would have resolved the problem months before it was actually fixed.
Nevertheless, in recognition of their being customers of long standing and to resolve this complaint, we will issue a credit in the amount of $153.95 for alarm monitoring charges in the period 04/28/15 to 08/26/15 together with a further $33.23 (a total of $187.18) to remove all finance charges incurred since May.
We hope you find this responsive to your inquiry.

They do not do what they promise. The salesman said they would test out our current system and replace the parts that needed replacement. When it never worked they would not stand behind their product. Never do business with them. Currently suing for the money I already paid them

DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT SIGNING THEIR CONTRACT. IF YOU MOVE AND WANT TO TAKE THE SERVICE WITH YOU, THEY STILL CHARGE YOU A TERMINATION FEE (mine was in for one month and I had to move they were going to charge me $600.00 even if I had them install and monitor a system in my new house)They are awful.

In response to the above captioned complaint:
Attached you will find an analysis of [redacted] complaint which I believe was forwarded to him by our Credit Department.  As stated therein, we do not believe it to be likely that our driver mistook [redacted] 
house for another on the street given fact that it is a closed-end street, the prominence of the house number, the location of the oil fill and the considerable distance between his premises and others on the street.
Further, and more convincing is the size of both our oil delivery and a delivery made by his new oil company.  Given the oil usage history of the complainant’s premises; each delivery taken on its own, both by Standard Oil  and [redacted] is in a lesser amount than either  one should have been given the time and weather conditions that had elapsed from the prior delivery in February, 2014.  However, taken together they are approximately the amount [redacted] should have received from either one of the two oil companies if only one of the companies had made a delivery.  Taken separately, each is too small.  
We believe, based on this, that [redacted] complaint  is without merit.
We hope you find this responsive to your inquiry.
[redacted], VP

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:
Your response is your opinion. I have given you mine. I refuse to pay for services not received.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:
This is actually a partial rejection.  I accept the repair work for all damaged parts to systems, at no cost to me.
However, I reject the replacement cost of Antifreeze because of a price markup over *00 percent for flush of system compared to going market rate.  I was quote $450-500 by the original installer.  Standard Oil is proposing in excess of *,000 dollars, which I consider excessive.
Marty has notified via email, they have no flexibility in this quote for the flush.

From:                     John M[redacted]
Re:                Complaint [redacted]
Date:                      08/23/2016
I regret that the response to this complaint is overdue but it was received in my e-mail on Monday, August 8, 2016 one day after I had departed for an extensive overseas trip.
Upon investigation, it appears that an electronic payment was made on March 27, 2016 by [redacted], apparently on behalf of our customer, [redacted].  Despite an extensive search through our records, we are unable to find any record of its receipt.
We requested [redacted] to query his bank for information regarding the eventual disposition of that payment so that it could be determined if Standard Security or some other entity received it.  That request was ignored.
At this point it appears that the amounts in question will, in the absence of any cooperation from [redacted], remain unresolved.  Given the relatively small balance, we have written off the remaining balance and have closed the account. 
We trust you find this to be responsive to your inquiry and we consider the matter to be closed.

We awoke to.a 53 degree bedroom. It's 20 outside. For the past hour, I have been trying to reach Standard Oil, we have a service agreement with them. I will be canceling that and our delivery Monday. Additionally, when they were called on my behalf last fall, they estimated the work that needed to be done at $1500. The part got $125 and was covered under warranty.

Review: Hi,

I used to be a Standard oil co. customer, never been late on payments or any problems. They sold me a water heater that nobody else knows how to service it in this area. I called them in the past to have them come and service my unit and they said that I need to be a customer. Meanwhile they drop me as a customer without no reason. The unit paid on full never been late on payments. I applied with them and always been denied. Of course that I apply with other co. oil delivery and no problem always approved. My credit is good , I always check it.

Please help me to reach to them so I can have my unit serviced, I have two small children and winter its coming. Of course I will pay them however they want, before or after. I even offer to become a new customer with them even I am very happy with the existing co. Nothing seems to work with them and its not fair what are they doing to me and my family.

I am willing to go far with this if this is not going to be solved.Desired Settlement: All Im asking is for them is to service my unit upon reasonable payment of course.




From: John M[redacted]

Subject: Complaint #[redacted]

Date: September 16, 2015

Please advise [redacted] that Standard Oil will provide service to his [redacted] by appointment and payable by credit card ([redacted] or [redacted]) only.

He should call our toll-free number ###-###-####, M-F between 8:00am and 4:00 pm. and ask for our Service Department. They will arrange a convenient time for the service to be performed.

We hope you find this responsive to your inquiry.



First of all thank you for helping me and my family out.I called and made an appointment with them, so far so good. Standard Oil accepted me again as a customer, its a win-win situation for all of us. Now I'm waiting to see if they r going to show up. I don't believe it until I see it. I'll keep you posted.

Review: We have a contract with Standard Oil to deliver home hearing oil, automatically. They claim they have reliable deliveries and that consumers never have to worry about their oil running out. This is what they claim on their website: Standard Oil uses a sophisticated, computerized oil delivery system so we can reliably estimate your heating oil usage and dispatch a truck to make deliveries at the most appropriate time. Our advanced system allows us to account for seasonal fluctuations in weather or to adjust your oil delivery schedule because of a pending snow storm. This unique technology is just one of the reasons why Standard Oil is reliable, affordable and voted the Best Oil Company in Connecticut.

This is the second time this season that we have run out of oil, leaving our house FREEZING. After the first time, I called and they assured me this would never happen again.

What is going on at Standard Oil? Are they being cheap because of the falling price of crude?Desired Settlement: There are 2 desired outcomes:

1. Oil is delivered and we do not run out.

2. Some kind of compensation for the inconvenience of enduring a cold house for half a day, despite promises that it would not happen again.

There has to be some consequences for a second point of failure.

Standard Oil provides low quality oil and service at the highest price. Customer service and credit department are nasty. Get oil anywhere but here.

Review: Standard Oil did not honor my scheduled cleaning/maintenance of my boiler because I elected not to renew my contract.

They scheduled my complimentary yearly maintenance to 15 days after my existing contract ended, even though I scheduled 3 1/2 months prior. Before my contract expired I called them and they assured me that the scheduled cleaning/maintenance would be counted towards prior years' contract. And even if I elected not to renew service contract it would be honored.

I did my research and found a company with a better deal, both in terms of oil price and service contract, so I switched. Today(3/16/15) was my scheduled maintenance date and after waiting for them to arrive all day, my brother called to ask for an update and they informed him that they would not be honoring the scheduled maintenance because I was no longer a customer.Desired Settlement: I would like the company to honor its commitment and reschedule the cleaning to a date of my choosing.



Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:Scheduling the maintenance for a date that is after the contract expiration is a way of forcing the customer to stay with the company. It is a dishonest way of doing business. I will not use this company again and will make my dissatisfaction known. I appreciate's assistance in the matter, I no longer wish to pursue the matter.

Review: I rent an apartment where the lease requires me to have a pay for oil to heat my home. Standard Oil is the company that I have been dealing with. I have been trying to get clarification about a contract that they say I have agreed to. I have been requested the full details of my contract on numerous occasions. Also, I will most likely be moving out of the apartment within the next few months and will no longer need to purchase oil. I have been getting the run around and I am just asking for the following information to be supplied... What are the full details of my contract because they have never been provided or explained to me. I have been told that I will have to pay liquidated damages if I end the contract early because the oil was purchased in advance? I never agreed to an amount of oil that would be purchased in advance. So how much was purchased and why wasn't I ever asked if I agreed on an amount being purchased in advance?

Also, I have had privacy concerns regarding a voicemail that Standard Oil left me stating that they had given my landlord information regarding my contract with Standard Oil, this is violation of my privacy rights. I again received another phone call from a manager at Standard Oil, following another conversation that they had with my landlord. Their conversation was in regards to the annual service agreement in my lease for the heating system in my apartment. The manager stated that maintenance on the heating system was not necessary to have done annually and/or actually ever. I questioned the efficiency and safety and he told me that the annual service was not necessary. I asked him for the date that the system was serviced last and he would not give it to me. As far as the annual service goes, the managers comments about the service not being necessary are inconsistent with the research that I have done regarding the safety and efficiency of a oil heating system, including the information provided on Standard Oils website. I requested an annual service to be done anyway and the manager told me they would not be able to do the service until March of 2015.

I have been emailing and calling for over a month and have not received and help regarding information for when I move and or the information with the details of the contract that they say I need to honor.Desired Settlement: Ideally I would like my contract in full detail including an amount of oil in gallons that I supposedly agreed to for advance purchase (to my knowledge this does not exist.) Therefore, I would to make my payment in full for services rendered in November and nothing to do with Standard Oil because I am moving and will no longer be living in the apartment and I do not find their service to be acceptable since they are willing to put my health, safety and privacy in danger.



I just talked to our Credit Manager who told me she had been talking to [redacted] today and they have worked everything out between them and that [redacted] is apparently happy with the outcome. [redacted]



Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:

Look elsewhere. Not only do you have to commit to a 60-month contract because they are installing "$1672.00 equipment" (they mark up significantly)... The customer service is AWFUL. Even the manager Eric is condescending and unhelpful. Take my advice and stay away!

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