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Starfleet Cars

525 N Sandusky St.,, Delaware, Ohio, United States, 43015

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• Jun 16, 2020

Bought this 2007 Dodge Ram 2500 from star fleet cars right before the stay at home orders. I couldn’t get the truck inspected till our county turned green.. took the truck to get inspected and the frame of the truck is cracked in 3 places and it’s too dangerous to drive.. so we have 17,000 dollars into this truck and can’t even drive it. Now that I’m really looking they seem to do this a lot and refuse to refund or replace anything. Also said it was inspected before we left the lot. Well that definitely is not true causer had no breaks on the way home..

Starfleet Cars Response • Jun 16, 2020

We sell all cars as is and you've had the truck for over 3 months how many miles are on it I'm just curious let's see how much you drove it.. legally we are covered 100% with the as is paperwork the federal buyer's guide that states anything with the frame.. and the story has changed twice first you said it was rusted and I when I passed it now it's cracked either way we're legally covered... where we are we have no inspections so we are willing to do nothing on it because we are legally covered and we did nothing wrong

Customer Response • Jun 25, 2020

If you do not say why you are rejecting the must close your complaint.
I am rejecting this response because***
Thankyou for the reply but lets get the facts straight. I havent changed my story. The underside of the truck is rustedandthe inspection station found the cracks in the frame. I brought the truck back home crawled under it and found 3 more cracks in the frame for a total of 6 cracks. 2. I would have returned this truck to you within the 30 days but you didnt even send the title to the lending institution until 3 days before the temp tag was due to expire so I couldnt get it checked. 3. You misrepresented the mileage on the truck when sold it to me. It 2000 more miles on it than what your mileage statement represents but just to be fair since you inquired the 93535miles on it.Ive put approximately 3000 mion the truck since it left your dealership. 4.Rear brake line on the truck was ruptured leaking fluid on your lot. Brad said he tried to fix it before I got there but wasnt successful. Even still***I was ok with taking the truck home. Frozen rear brake calipers and all. You may sell cars as is but you are still responsible to make sure that the vehicles you sell are safe and road worthy. So you cant hide behind the as is crap. 5.Brake lines*** sensors and general repair is one thing but selling a vehicle with a cracked frame in 6 places and not disclosing what damage to the customer before a sale is criminal. The truck is going to be repaired and I feel you should be responsible for reaoairing it.

• Jun 16, 2020

Bait and switch used car lot where high milage vehicles get financed. I called ahead on the *** ad, because it is common when you see an amazing deal in an ad, they conveniently no longer have that specific vehicle, although there are plenty others.

They said it was there when I called - I told the man on the phone I needed to know for sure (we drove an hour each way).

When we got there, two gentlemen were not with customers, but were on the phone talking about financing. One younger man was out on the lot. He wanted us to wait while he found out (didn't look around, he knew there was no such car). I tracked him back to the office where he said he was going to talk to his brother. I was in hearing distance where they didn't know I came in - brother said "We sold it three days ago" . Lot man looked at him puzzled and brother repeated the vehicle and said "2012, right" (that was correct and it is still looking like an amazing deal on the *** Website). I snuck out the door quick and told my wife "Now they say they sold it 3 days ago" I knew the price was too good to be true. An Ohio advertised car that doesn't exist - why does this happen so often? I even see another complaint for this with ***. The lot man decided to reconstruct the deception when he sees us outside, looking a bit enraged - comes out and says "It's not sold yet - the owner took and has it! We could call you when he brings it back." I said I just called. He said whoever I talked to must not have known. (known it was sold, known it was out driving around, or known that it was supposedly sold 3 days ago?) They have like 100 cars there. How in the world does that response even make sense? A couple of bait and switch scammers.

Starfleet Cars Response • Jun 23, 2020

Fake news fake news fake news we don't bait-and-switch but we do change our prices every 24 to 72 hours as we please supply and demand and the current state of the market being hot we change them almost every day

Starfleet Cars Response • Jun 23, 2020

Fake news fake news fake news we don't bait-and-switch but we do change our prices every 24 to 72 hours as we please supply and demand and the current state of the market being hot we change them almost every day

Customer Response • Jun 23, 2020

Perhaps they are just super disorganized and too busy to remember to care, and they really thought the vehicle was there - and also thought it was somewhere else, and they think I had an issue with the price changing - I didn't (prices can change for many reasons)

So whatever. But what I went through, and how that may look to me - AND HOW THEY RESPONDED TO THAT

When I seen ***, I thought of *** and thought they would be cool.

I reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find the resolution is satisfactory to me.


Customer Response • Jun 23, 2020

Perhaps they are just super disorganized and too busy to remember to care, and they really thought the vehicle was there - and also thought it was somewhere else, and they think I had an issue with the price changing - I didn't (prices can change for many reasons)

So whatever. But what I went through, and how that may look to me - AND HOW THEY RESPONDED TO THAT

When I seen ***, I thought of *** and thought they would be cool.

I reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find the resolution is satisfactory to me.


I test drove a vehicle of theirs, it made a noise from the transmission. They said they would inspect it and I came back the next day to buy. They told me it was a slave cylinder and it wasn’t a big deal. My clutch failed 6 days later and I was told by my mechanic that the slave cylinder was internal, not external, on that transmission and there was no way they actually inspected it. I politely asked them to at least help pay for half of it and they laughed at me over the phone and hung up. There’s been a couple other people I’ve talked to that have had similar experiences there. I don’t believe these people should have the right to sell cars if they don’t have qualified personnel capable of doing what they say.

Starfleet Cars Response • Aug 29, 2019

Well first of all, there are lies in this statement/complaint. The customer was aware that the clutch was having issues, he purchased it any way.. 2nd the customer was aware that the vehicle needed work and told us he was a mechanic and could do the work so he bought it any way... We also offered him the opportunity to purchase a service contract as well as Gap Warranty and did not want one, he bought it any way. We tried to show him other vehicles that were better and needed less work, he bought the car any way.. This is the perfect example of someone getting what they want and deciding they don't want it any more... Of course he didn't tell that part that we bent over backwards to help him.. we went and picked him up from 45 minutes away because he didn't have a ride, we paid for a tow truck to tow his car to a reliable mechanic shop that we know when he broke down and also offered him our dealer price of parts and service. So, we will not be helping him anymore because we have gone above and beyond for him already. Some people can not be helped and have a sense of entitlement. Not to mention he signed the AS IS Disclaimer, as well as the Buyers Guide and the Buyers Order that all say it is sold AS IS with no warranty.

Customer Response • Aug 29, 2019

Complaint: ***I am rejecting this response because:

they did not show me any other cars, I tried to look at the Passat they had and it was unsurprisingly also not in working order. They said nothing about the clutch being the problem part, the owner himself came out and told me how the clutch was alright and it was the slave cylinder according to them, which they said they inspected. The shop I had them send it to also would like them to call them because they own them money. Almost didn’t do business with me until I told them I was personally paying for it and not them. I had them give me the parts for a tune up so I could do that myself. I saved text messages from them if you’d like to see them.


I went to Starfleet cars on Friday July 5th to look at a 2013 ford focus we drove it it seemed to drive ok when we got back I specifically asked the salesperson Brad if the vehicle had ever had water damage or been in a flood and he said no. So we moved forward with the purchase. On Sunday I took the vehicle to get an oil change the mechanic asked do you know how long this has been sitting in water and I said I am sorry what. She said yes this car has been sitting in water. The bolts were so rusted that they were frozen onto the vehicle. she took vice grips and got the bolts off finally and performed the oil change. I also had the air filter changed because it was filthy. I then call my mechanic on Tuesday to see if I could bring my vehicle in the next day to have them inspect it. On Wednesday I took the vehicle in and they were able to look at it on Thursday. They found that the vehicle sat in water for so long that it must have been sitting in a river for an extended period of time because the complete under carriage is rusted out the heat shield is completely blown out and the rear axle had so much rust that it was rusted through and would cause the tire to move out of place and if I hit a pot hole the rear axle would break off and would cause the tire to fly off and I could possibly be killed they said this car is totally salvaged it is not driveable. In addition to all of the rust they sold the vehicle to me with metal studded tires which are apparently illegal in the state of ohio so I am not even supposed to be driving the car on the roads in ohio. I called the dealership on Tuesday to let them know what was going on I asked to speak with the owner John because he was also there the day I purchased my vehicle and he seemed to call all of the shots. So I asked to speak to the owner and the salesperson alex that answered the phone said he's not here but I am sure that we can help you I said ok and I explained the whole situation to him. He said I cannot help you but I will contact John and see what he wants to do. I called back a little while later and spoke with Brad the guy that sold me the car and he said he has not talked with John as he is out on the golf course and cannot be disturbed. So I am let waiting on an answer from John through Brad. Brad at first said there is nothing that they can do I signed the agreement as is basis and I am stuck with the car. I said no because I specifically asked you if the car had water damage and you said NO. I said you have to help me because you knew this car had water damage and you sold it to me anyways. So I waited a few days and they finally came back with an option I can drive up there again taking more time off work and look at a 2015 ford fiesta right off the bat the ford fiesta is a lesser quality of vehicle than the ford focus that I had bought but I was like ok this is my only option so I will take time off work go up there and check out the vehicle. I arrived at the dealership and Brad allowed me to take the vehicle to my mechanic to get it checked out. Right away I knew something was wrong with the car because I practically bounced out of the parking lot. When I got to the mechanic I said I don't know whats wrong with this car but it is awfully bouncy. he said that is because you need 2 new front struts the struts are bad when he was showing me this a part of the strut came off in his hand. I took that with me to give it to Brad to show him how bad the struts were. His response was oh that's not too bad its just rubber I said it's a part of the strut. So by the time the mechanic got through looking at the vehicle the vehicle needs 2 new struts 4 new tires a new drivers side outer mirror and a new engine cover plate under the vehicle so all in it would cost 2388 to fix the vehicle. so I took the vehicle back to the dealership and brad was with another customer and was not at all interested in what I found out at the mechanic. So I finally walked to the back office in the hopes that I would find the owner John. Instead it was Brad and he was doing some work on the back computer so I started to tell him what the mechanic told me. I told Brad he can come off the price of the car 2388 and I will get all of the repairs made or he can fix all of the issues and charge me $6,000 for the car which is what he wanted for the price of the car he said no I can't do that what I can do is charge you $7100 and fix everything I said absolutely not I am not paying more for the car for you to fix the car. So he said that he would run my options by the owner John by 5pm on Friday night and he would then call me. Well no call came in at 5pm so I called brad at 5:20 he said I am sorry I have not had a chance to talk to John about this so by this point I knew I was not being taken seriously he said he would get in contact with John and call me back later no call came. I do not know what to do at this point the car never should have been sold.

Starfleet Cars Response • Jul 13, 2019

First of all the car is not Salvage it does not have water damage it's got a clean title clean Carfax.. secondly the car is as is the federal buyer's guide is signed as is the big as is paper is signed as is... 80% of these vehicles have surface rust on the frames especially 3 to 6 grand cars... thirdly your mechanic is a *** he's charging you 90% more than everything is worth he's basically ripping you off.. it's ridiculous what he's charging... you can take every single car on the lot and he's going to say something's wrong with it he's that kind of mechanic.. Starfleet cars is legally Within it's standing here.. from today on please do not contact us ever again or we will contact the Delaware police for harassment..we will not take the car back you own the car... you have came in over seven times threatening us... annoying us every 20 minutes... pestering and badgering us and all we did was bend over backwards for you to get the financing through your bank to your price to make it work for you and it actually is a very nice car so this is all we have to say thank you and have a great weekend

My problem with this company is disregard of the time a potential buyer and blame shifting. I drove to the location on us hwy 23 a new location from what I can deduce for a scheduled test-drive only to be informed that the vehicle I was there for was sold that mourning. The proper thing to do would be to call or message and cancel or offer a different vehicle. In this case however I was told that they had no idea that there was an appointment made they had no idea who I spoke with and that my information was missing. I simply can't understand how a company can contact you via text confirming your appointment and in less than 24hrs lose your information. I am not upset that the car was sold, there were several cars on there lot that I was interested in. However wasting the time of a person who has to travel no short distance to your place of business for a sale is unacceptable.

Starfleet Cars Response • May 12, 2019

We are in the car business and are job is to sell cars...there was no deposit on the car...the car was taken off the website as soon as it *** or *** for there policys on taking cars offline..we have no control over that .I was the one texting you and didnt get a chance to text you as we sold many cars yesterday and I didnt have time...sorry for that..however you can take your business else where and that is fine..we don't appreciate you speeding throught the lot doing a 180 and throwing rocks up every where and putting ruts in the gravel..GROW UP

I purchased a 2008 Honda hybrid from Starfleet Cars LLC on ***. On purchasing the vehicle there were several lights on (check engine, brake light,tire sensor.and airbag light) I signed the paperwork with the verbal agreement that all these lights would be addressed. However they wrote down breaks and "clicking inspection" on the agreement and used my signature on file for the agreement as that was the issue they were starting with,and then rushed me through the process. I have gone back and forth with the dealership for 30 days leaving the car there numerous times for the work to be done. Only for the mechanic to tell me that the repairs were not completed and that "he has never worked on this type of car before" even though they sell multiple hybrids on this lot. once the repairs were "done" the airbag light was still on.When I went to pick up the car the mechanic advised to the owner that he would need to keep the car longer to fix the airbag. I inquired about the airbag light before picking up the car and was advised that it was "fine" by the owner. So not satisfied and concerned about the mechanics credibility. I decided to get the work looked over and went to Honda dealership for an inspection. After the inspection they advised to have the ABS modulator that the mechanic worked on rechecked as it was leaking brake fluid: Which in of itself is a huge safety hazard. They also advised that while the SRS airbag light may not be related to the ABS modulator it could be caused by that as there is heavy fluid around the modulator and surrounding components. Honda also advised that the airbag was installed improperly and is defective.

Starfleet Cars Response • Dec 10, 2018


Customer Response • Dec 13, 2018

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because: Even as it says on the document that they attached to that file that they were going to fix the brake light. Fixing the brake light involves replacing the ABS modulator. which as you can see from my attach documents that I sent in the original response I had the work inspected from Honda. They have stated that the repairs were not done correctly and that the new ABS modulater is leaking break fluid. At the time of this writing my breaks are allready making noises due to the loss of breakfluid. This alone is a safety concern as the repairs were done by there mechanic who is liable. I need to have these repairs paid for and I don’t want them serviced at this dealership I want to have them fixed by the manufacture. As I am at this point concerned in a retaliation from this dealership.


Starfleet Cars Response • Dec 14, 2018

As it says on the paper work..and the will back us up on this , that it doesn't say we will fix anything...that we will inspect, you signed the are very hard to deal with, rude and think you should get something for nothing.. we will not cover anything thru the honda dealer as it was sold as is, did you purchase a service contract that was offered to you ??

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