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State Employees Credit Union (Headquarters)

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We have been using NCSECU for years. Two weeks ago I get a call from a local guitar store asking if I purchased something for over $600.00 on the web. I said no. They told me to contact my bank and let them know my card had been compromised and they would reverse the charges. I immediately called the bank and found out that I also had a $390.00 T-Mobile charge pending and another $36.00 T-Mobile charge that had already cleared. I have Verizon and have paid them for 15 years with my account. I have never had a T-Mobile account in my life. I was told by NCSECU that they couldn’t do anything with the pending charges until they cleared and gave me a phone number to contact T-Mobile myself to get the charges reversed. I requested both my debit card and my husbands debit card to be immediately canceled. Both myself and my husband tried to contact T-Mobile with no luck. T-Mobile says they need an order #, account #, or phone number in which I have an account or the charges were made. Well of course I don’t have any of that as I don’t have an account with them, no phone with them and no order # because I didn’t order anything from them. Once the charges cleared my account officially three days later we called NCSECU again. They said they had turned it over to the fraud department. Now one week later I get a letter from them stating there wasn’t enough evidence to support the claim. How is this possible? Why didn’t they suspend the transactions when they were pending? Why didn’t NCSECU call T-Mobile and the guitar place instead of giving me the numbers and making me call? This is my hard earned money. Money that I pay my mortgage with and feed my kids. If this was a “real VISA” this would not have happened. I feel totally violated and have no were to go. This is totally unacceptable. Worst bank ever!

NSF fees charged unjustly.State Employees credit union charged NSF fees on an item when the funds were available in the account at the time the item was presented. I had more than enough money to cover the item of 850.00 presented on 03/07/2016 when posting occurred which is technically 03/08/2016 in the early morning hours. Anytime I have ever transferred funds into my account from my savings that money is available immediately. For some odd reason the branch on Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd decided to overlook the money I transferred in that evening and reverse post and posted the charge and then the deposit even though at the time the item was presented the funds were there! Is this even legal? I've called and have spoken with four different people and literally received a different response every time. No matter if it's a credit union or bank, financial institutions are scam artist! I have more confidence in my mason jar at this point! Desired SettlementI am looking for a valid concrete explanation as to why the institution returned the payment in the amount of 850.00 for my rent charges when the money was there! I am facing eviction and extra fee because of something this institution has caused! If my land lord decides to eject me from my home for this, I will be seeking a lawyer for pain and suffering!Business Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted], COOContact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXXContact Email: [redacted]@ncsecu.orgA detailed explanation has been mailed to Ms. [redacted] today concerning her account transactions. During the first 8 days of March which covers the time in question. Once Ms. [redacted] has seen the details, she will see that transfers made late at night into her checking account do not qualify for same day credit. The transfer in question was made at 10:25pm (long after our business day cut-off of 5:30pm)on the night of March 7th. Therefore the deposit would have been effective for our next business day of March 8th. The $850 item in question was received on March 7th and presented for payment the night of March 7th when there were not sufficient funds on deposit to cover the item. A detailed explanation is being mailed today.

The bank restricts access to funds and does not let me use my own judgment to spend money and send money to individuals.2/12/15-presentUnder the false claim of protecting me, the credit union closed my internet access to my account and restricted transfer of funds. The money deposited at the credit union is mine and only mine. I have the right to spend it however I see fit, but the credit union refuses to let me wire money into a friend's account. They have incorrectly categorized account activity as fraudulent. I have confirmed that all transactions were completed and authorized by me and are not fraudulent. They refuse to let me use services that are offered to other members. The use of those services is a right given to me as a credit union member and those services cannot lawfully be restricted if other members are afforded access to those services. This is not in relation to a loan or credit request. They simply refuse to allow me to distribute funds as I see fit.Desired SettlementI should be allowed the same service as other members and not told to withdraw my money and use another bank. The service and information relayed was unprofessional. I pay monthly to be a member of the credit union and they are unlawfully telling me how I can spend money. That my only solution is to use another bank.Business Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted] COOContact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXXContact Email: [redacted]@ncsecu.orgOur VP of E-Services Fraud and Compliance Department had a good conversation with our member concerning the activity that was not usual for her and therefore alerted the department. This activity included first-time wire and BillPay requests to countries outside the United States. Since these were not usual processes for our member, the account was noted until someone could actually discuss these unusual transactions with our member. After this discussion and our assurance that Ms. [redacted] understood our concerns and that she was aware that the questions were raised as protection for her, the delays on her account were removed and the wires/BillPays were allowed. Mr. [redacted] apologized to the member that our concern for her protection was not properly explained to her at the time of the transactions.

Spoke with [redacted] on 4/7 on what I needed to deposit in account to get right balance to have check s clear by [redacted] she sated I needed 88 deposit in accont so I deposit 88.00 in account on the 4/7 before 5 pm which posted .I check account and refree a nsf free day no charge and a another alert stating my account didn't have enough funds [redacted] miscalculated .I called bank spoke with [redacted] again to have fix this situation I spoke with her Supervisor [redacted] whom yell at me saying its my fault and responsibility .I also spoke with manager [redacted] over [redacted] whom hungup and didn't notate account Spoke to [redacted] whom got me [redacted]t manager [redacted] whom supposed to see if SECU can force pay the check so I wont endure these over draft charges and nsf fee and remove the nsf free day so that wont go against my account which you allowed 2 I have used one .Which was my calculation error .But the error for this whole issues is on employee of SECU .I spent a total of over hour on phone to get resolution.Desired Settlementcredit account for 25.00 plus .19 for difference of the check 78.15 funds in account 77.96 nsf and remove the nsf free day that I incurred for the error on the part of the banks rep [redacted] Business Response The transaction was force paid as requested. SECU has also reset the second NSF fee free day per her request. Consumer seemed satisfied with resolution.Consumer Response I wasn't told that the item was force paid spoke to [redacted] vp I was told that he would reactivste free day nsf and would refund the 25 charge from the item that was returned and if the item is submitted again it would take care of that . And I would receive a letter of the error to submit to [redacted] for returning the item Final Business Response Amended Response: SECU refunded the $25 fee and also reset the NSF fee free day as requested. A letter regarding the incident was also mailed to the member at her request.

The NC State Employees' Credit Union (NCSECU) allowed two checks to bounce from my account despite having made a deposit.In accordance with NCSECU Rules and Regulations, deposits made at their ATMs will be available to the account on the day of the deposit if made before 12 noon. I made a deposit on the evening of 8/4/16 expecting it to clear into my account which it should have according to their policy. I realize that the business day of 8/4/16 had closed, but their policy states that it would be available in the account when the ATM is balanced on the next business day. It showed as pending the entire day of 8/5/16 and finally cleared to my account in the early morning of 8/6/16 which is a Saturday. In the process they stopped two checks from clearing my account which will now cost a return check fee from the company it was written to. When trying to discuss this with the credit union, they keep stating information that is inconsistent with their own policies.In accordance with their policy, if they had placed a hold on the funds for any reason, I would be receiving written notice. They did not appear to place a hold since the amount was credited shortly after midnight on 8/6/16. This would mean that I should receive a letter postmarked 8/5/16 had such action been taken.They say that they denied the checks from clearing because I did not make a deposit by 5:30 on 8/5/16 which I did and it should have been effective prior to 5:30 of that day.Desired SettlementThey refunded the bank fee associated with the returned checks, but I also feel that they should have to pay the returned check fee to the company as they did not comply with their own rules and regulations.Business Response We have explained to the consumer that deposits made through an ATM machine do not cover transactions for which "[redacted]" alerts are received. This information is also explained on SECU's website. We believe the consumer is satisfied with the final outcome after hearing from his local branch.Consumer Response I have communicated with the NC State Employees' Credit Union for several days and they finally admitted that their Rules and Regulations were not accurately followed as printed. They provided me with the desired financial resolution that I requested. Therefore, I am requesting the case be closed with the issue being properly resolved.Thank you for your help!

SECU: [redacted] XXXXX.

Went to the State Employee Credit Union and was not about to get any funds, but funds were debited from my [redacted] card account.Went to the State Employee Credit Union and was not about to get any funds, but funds were debited from my [redacted] card account. When I contacted the credit they told me that some of the atms were not working properly. At that time I told the rep that the atm didn't give the funds I requested but the money was debited from my account for $340. the rep me that I would have to file a dispute with my bank since I didn't have an account with them. I then contacted [redacted]card and they told me I would have to wait 24 hrs to get my money back! I was so upset at this point because I had bills to pay and a family to feed! I immediately ask for her to contact the credit union on 3 way to see what else could be done. after to speaking with a supervisor with the credit union we were told that the transaction wasn't even showing on the atm like I didn't even go there! he also said the atm technician told him that there was no record of money being pulled because I didn't have an account with the credit union. So because of this mess they don't know when I will have my money back! I let both the [redacted]card rep and the credit union reo know I will be filing this complaint and a class action Law suite!Desired SettlementI want double the amount that was take from me!Business Response I sincerely apologize for the problems caused for you by our ATM outage. I am sorry that the issuer of your [redacted] was unable to help you when it occurred. An adjustment was processed for $340 on July 8th when this complaint was received. The funds were immediately credited to the financial institution [redacted]) that your [redacted] uses to process transactions. Hopefully they immediately reimbursed you for this amount. If you have additional questions, please let me know. My email address is below.

Hi I checked my credit report and there are over 11 credit inquires on my credit. I was told there would be a soft pull on, but these are hard pullsThere are over 11 hard pulls on my credit report and I was told when pulling my credit report these would be soft pulls. Desired SettlementI would like the hard pulls removed as they are negatively affecting my credit score. I tried to call and sent an email but no one responded. Business Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted], COOContact Phone: [redacted]Contact Email: [redacted]On March 13, 2015 SECU's SVP of Loan Servicing sent[redacted] a detailed letter concerning credit report activity by SECU over the last two years. All eleven credit reports pulled by SECU in the last twenty four months were valid and in response to a new request for credit from[redacted] to SECU at that time.

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