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Review: Complaint below was sent Via E-mail and slid through there door on 7-30 to Stex Motorsports LLC:

Dear [redacted]:

Re: 1980 [redacted] Fork Seals Service

On 9-3-13, I had fork seals serviced on a 1980 [redacted], at Stex Motorsports LLC [redacted]. My original appointment was to have the brakes serviced but after your review of the bike you recommended the fork seals be replaced as well. I decided to take your advice and have the fork seals replaced.

Unfortunately, your fork seal service has not performed well because they only lasted till 9-9-13 before leaking fluid. I am disappointed because they did not noticeably leak before I brought them to you. Now the product does not work properly and is unsafe to operate. I called on 05-29-14 for a second try on servicing the fork seals. You said you would contact me when the seals are in and we could schedule an appointment. You never called. I called in and found out the seal had come in a couple weeks later. At that point you recommended that we also replace the bushings. I said that’s fine lets do that. You said I’ll get those on order and contact you when they get in. I said I would go ahead and drop off my bike since all the oil was expelled and it was not safe to ride anymore. I then dropped it off on 06-12-14. The bushings took 6+ weeks to come in. I finally called and they were in. When you started on the project you found some washers that needed replaced. This took an additional couple weeks to come in arriving around the week of 7-21. You said you would rush my bike onto the floor for service. I stopped by on 7/29/14 to check on the progress of the repairs and your doors were shut and lights out during normal operating hours and your answering machine was full! This was also the case for 7/30/14 through 8-1. When I called later in the week the phone was disconnected.

My previous experiences in having my vintage bike worked on has never been this tedious or needing constant reminders to complete the services required. Good service is about communication and I have not experienced any communication except my own. To resolve the problem, I would appreciate my forks repaired and the bike returned to me. I’m ok with paying for bushings and washer parts but not labor due or oil seal due to the short time the repair lasted last fall.

I look forward to your reply and a resolution to my problem and will wait until 8-4-14 before seeking help from a consumer protection agency or the


[redacted]Desired Settlement: To resolve the problem, I would appreciate my forks repaired and the bike returned to me. I’m ok with paying for bushings and washer parts but not labor due or oil seal due to the short time the repair lasted last fall.

Review: Stex Motorsports has kept my motorcycle for two years and it is still not fixed, even after I have paid in full over a year ago.Desired Settlement: I want to have this motorcycle fixed ASAP.

Review: Took motor to be repaired and paid a $800.00 deposit. Never heard from them and when I went to the store I found the doors locked and the business has apparently ceased operation. Phone messages have not been answered nor have email messages been answered.Desired Settlement: Either get the repaired motor back or the motor not repaired and my money back.

On4/25/14 I dropped off my Ural (purchased at Stex) at Stex Motorsports about 10:30 AM for a 500 KM checkup. Later that afternoon they called and told me that bike would be kept overnight so they could adjust valves on a cold engine next day. On 4/26/14 I called after lunch to see if it was ready for pickup, it wasn't, but they would call later when it was. On 4/27/14 I hadn't heard from them so about 1:00PM I called to see if my bike was ready, it wasn't. Was told all it needed was the Carb.'s sync., but the equipment to do it wasn't working and he needed to fix it before he could do it. he said he would be staying after closing (4:30PM) and would call later. On 4/28/14 I found out that they are on summer hours and are closed on Mondays. On 4/29/14 after lunch, still no call from Stex. So I call them again to find out the status on my bike. I talked to the mechanic and was led to believe it would be ready that afternoon and he would call. On 4/30/14 I still haven't heard anything, So I drive there to see what's being done,if anything. My bike is still sitting in the shop. I ask what needs to be done yet, I'm told they need to take it for a test ride before it's ready. I told them I would come back in a couple hours and that was agreeable with them. A couple hours later I go back and bike is outside. I check owners manual to see if they filled out the 500KM coupon showing that dealer had done the required maintenance and they hadn't. So I take it in with me and they signed off on it. I paid the bill and left. As soon as I started it I noticed that the Idle rpm was at 1300. When I arrived home and engine was warmed up the rpm was 1500. RPM should be in the 800 to 1000 range. The next day(5/1/14) I check over some of the work that Stex did and find that the plugs weren't gaped, one plug was .026, other at .027. Should be .040. Also all the oil levels were low. So I had to go and buy a qt. of oil for engine & tran., and a qt. of gear oil for final drive unit. I reset the idle into the recommended rpm range and resync. the Carb.'s. When I checked the itemized bill, it showed two quarts of oil for eng.& tran.. which explains why the levels were low. But they also charged me for a quart of gear oil for final drive unit, which only takes 4.5 oz. All in all it took them 5 days to do a half days work. Next time I need a Ural dealer's service, I'll take my bike to [redacted] in Coeur d' Alene.

I am a flat track racer on a shoestring budget, and have always gotten skilled service and expert tuning advice from [redacted] and crew at Stex. Entering the shop is like jumping back to 1970, the sights, smells and genuine enthusiasm for all forms of motorsport, modern and ancient. Real live motorcycle shops are being displaced by passionless retail boutiques, but you can rebel by buying your bikes and parts at an independent bike shop. Stex is highly recommended!

buyer beware. [redacted] may quote you 0% financing, but he won't be able to deliver that. [redacted] may try to work on your bike, but the work will be [redacted] (he left my muffler hanging by only a few threads). it took several phone calls, a few emails, and finally a face to face confrontation five weeks after I purchased a scooter before [redacted] initiated the warranty, sent the title transfer to the state of washington, and got my license plate. these interactions with [redacted] gates at STEX motorsports has caused me so much frustration that I will never darken his door again.

[redacted] is [redacted]. He stole my personal info from eBay to stalk me through the internet and slander my business after leaving him appropriate negative feedback for a personal transaction gone horribly wrong. Avoid this guy at all costs. I've been discussing the case with an attorney, but I'll probably never recover any damages because he filed for bankruptcy in September of 2014 after getting sued for posing as an authorized dealer.

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Description: Motorcycles - Repairing & Service, Motorcycles - Customizing

Address: 123 E Sprague Ave, Spokane, Washington, United States, 99202


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