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Stockade Self Storage

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In reference to having a storage unit with Stockade Self Storage which I paid an past due balance and wanted to be released from the lease and was notOn 30 Jan 2014 I paid my storage unit in full from what was owed for the unit and removed my contents but there were contents that belong to another person whom I had informed to removed their contents also before the close of business and before the next billing date on the 1st of Feb 2014, but the manager [redacted] spoke so rude on the telephone and hung up on me when I was explaining that she did indicated or justified that my name will not be released till after I made my payment and she will hold me responsible on the lease and the other person can not remove any contents until the bill of Feb is paid the manager was very unprofessional or classified with bad customer service she was fine when I paid the bill owed but will not release my name off the the lease I told her I will not be responsible for the lock or contents left in the storage after I removed my contents and she she did indicated to me that I had to sign off the leased when I paid my bill in full I will not recommend any one else to a negative business like Stockade Self Storage. I had paid in the amount $160.00 from Dec 2013 to Jan 2014 $67.50 plus additional late fee charged,. I just want to have my name cleared from the lease and storage unit.Desired SettlementUpon my payment that was paid in full on 30 Jan 2014 I want to released from [redacted] storage unit and lease agreement because it was not explain to me on the day of my payment and the day I remove my contents that I am still considered responsible for what I want to be released from and want an apology from the manager for being so rude and unprofessional management to hang her business phone on me I felt discriminated by her other person same complaint is from my son [redacted] Business Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted]Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXXContact Email: [redacted]@stockade.bizIn response to this compliant, the tenant has been a problem since renting unit [redacted] lease signed on 10/07/13. This case is a domestic issue between martial partners. Documentation & notes of any/ all conversation & activity for this account shows the history of on going issues between the tenant, wife, & tenants mother. The account at question went unpaid since 11/30/13 due to the lack of responsibility to follow lease agreement & the dispute between husband & wife. On 01/27/14 Manager called tenant to discuss the issue of past due balance on this account & was unable to leave a voice mail at either number listed on account. Manager called the next contact person on application which was the tenants mother & expressed the importance for the tenant to contact Stockade Storage in regards to his account. Tenant returned our call same day & expressed his effort in resolving issue of account & contents inside storage unit with ex wife but she was what the tenant stated "uncooperative". At this time the tenant & manager had discussed his options. 1st option, pay balance & remove the contents from storage unit & empty it. 2nd, have ex wife meet him together in the office at the same time, balance paid first then sign the necessary forms to transfer the unit from current tenants name to the new tenant, acknowledging that the financial responsibility & contents would be given up to the new tenant.Tenant stated he wished to surrender the unit & contents there of to Stockade Storage via email.Mother called after conversation with son & she stated she wished to pay for the balance on the account so that her son, the tenant could gain access to unit & remove his items from unit . Expressed to mother the same options as that with son in previous conversation. Mother paid for storage bill balance in full on 01/30/14. Tenant was informed by both Stockade & mother the balance had been paid & on 01/31/14 the tenant came to the unit to get items . Manager spoke with him at this time & informed him again that it was his responsibility to move out, have ex wife get the contents left behind from unit both before the 1st of Feb, 2014 or there would be the normal bill cycle & they would need to pay again. Informed tenant it was his responsibility to contact ex wife for the contents of the unit & NOT Stockade storage. On 02/03/14 tenant called & wanted to know if ex wife moved out of unit or paid bill. Informed him that contents still remain in the unit & he is legally responsible for the balance . Tenant disputed this & did not want to be held accountable for financial of balance. Explained to the tenant his name remains on the unit, lease agreement supports the tenant as the responsibly party no matter the ownership of contents of property inside unit. Reminded the tenant of his options to remove name from unit & obligation is to meet with ex wife in the office together with proper ID, payment applied to account balance , signature on transfer forms. Mother called & disputed her sons accountability to the unit, balance, & contents there of. Explained to mother of tenant we have policies & procedures to follow. The name listed on the lease is held responsible unless otherwise. Mother repeated her story & was disputing what was fair & requested us to remove his name from the unit several times during conversation. After explaining in great detail her sons legal obligations, the tenant was still responsible. We have went out of our way to work with all parties involved & have been very patient when account went unpaid 2 months & failed to comply with the terms of the lease agreement which clearly states the tenant is responsible financially unless tenant account is paid up to date & moves out of the unit leaving the unit clean & clear, personal lock removed & door left open for visual inspection .

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Description: Storage Units

Address: 67 Brandywood Ct, Cameron, North Carolina, United States, 28326-6685


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