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Stone Hill Optical

1512 Town Center Dr Ste 500, Pflugerville, Texas, United States, 78660

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The representative that helped me was new and had to ask a lot of questions to his coworkers and he kept apologizing for the inconvenience. On this day, the representative asked if I would like to get glasses and contacts, I would get a 20% or 25% discount if I purchased both contacts and glasses same day. I asked him if they could still honor that if I came back in a few weeks. He stated that it was in fact, not a problem. I called back a few weeks later and the lady that was helping over the phone was very nice and stated that they would get it submitted through my insurance and I paid what I was told my deductible would be. 9 months later, I received notification that Stone Hill had sent me to collections for one of the exact amounts that I had paid and another amount. I contacted ***, the manager at Stone Hill and he stated that he attempted to contact me once back in August to rectify this matter but my voicemail was full, I then asked him why he didn’t reach out via email (a question on their intake form) and he said well we sent several statements. I advised him that I never received anything and this is a mistake that was made on their end so he needs to rectify this situation. *** then stated that there was error on their part for one that got sent to collections and he will reach out to the collection company and have it removed. He stated that when they filed a claim for the contacts it was denied. I then contacted my insurance provider and the representative informed me that my plan did not offer a discount if glasses and contacts were purchased same day. I contacted *** back and he stated that they in fact did not submit a claim because they knew it wasn’t covered by insurance. *** kept repeating that if this was their fault he would rectify it. I advised him multiple times that this was their fault, and I in fact asked the representative multiple times if he was sure that this was covered and he stated that it was. *** then stated that I should know my plan better.

Stone Hill Optical Response • Mar 06, 2020

To Whom it may Concern, This information
is being detailed out in response to complaint #*** with the 5/19/2019 Mrs. was
seen in our office on 5/15/2019 for an eye exam and eyeglass purchase using her
insurance benefit. We billed her insurance for services that day and Mrs.
also paid an amount out of pocket. Mrs. returned on 6/19/2019 and purchased
a year supply of contacts using her insurance benefit. We billed $150 to the
insurance and Mrs. paid for a portion out of pocket. By approximately
7/6/2019 we came to know that there was no insurance benefit available to be
used for the purchase on 6/19/2019 and we began to try and contact Mrs.
*** to resolve the balance. We mailed
out the first statement informing Mrs. that the $150 would not be
covered by VSP on 07/18/2019. This is a
timeline of our efforts to reach Mrs. concerning the $150 balance.

7/6 - Could not file claim with VSP because there was no
benefit available to use. Insurance balance transferred to patient.7/18 - Mailed out statement to patient for unpaid insurance
balance. 8/16 - Mailed out statement to patient for unpaid insurance
balance. 8/27 - ***(Practice Manager) called patient to let
her know that there was a balance on account. Phone rang with no answer. VM
full. Could not leave message 9/17 - Mailed out statement for unpaid insurance balance. Statement
contained warnings that unpaid balances would go to collections. Collections
fee would be added. 10/29 - Amount for unpaid insurance balance sent to
collections ($150) collections fee added ($42)***listed below are contact attempts by the collections
agency I.C. systems ***Date(CST) Event Description UserId2/18/2020 6:35:20 PM Telephoned
- Consumer / Answer Machine *** Agent Dialed Call Time: 4s SYSTEM1/21/2020 12:28:18 PM Telephoned
- Consumer / No Contact *** Agent: 49854 Call Time: 7s SYSTEM1/9/2020 2:39:01 PM Telephoned
- Consumer / Answer Machine *** Agent Dialed Call Time: 4s SYSTEM12/10/2019 1:55:39 PM Telephoned
- Consumer / Answer Machine *** Agent Dialed Call Time: 4s SYSTEM12/6/2019 6:22:55 PM Telephoned
- Consumer / Answer Machine *** Agent Dialed Call Time: 4s SYSTEM12/2/2019 1:02:59 PM Telephoned
- Consumer / Answer Machine *** Agent Dialed Call Time: 4s SYSTEM11/12/2019 1:53:35 PM Telephoned
- Consumer / Answer Machine *** Agent Dialed Call Time: 9s SYSTEM11/4/2019 1:53:36 PM Telephoned
- Consumer / Answer Machine *** Agent Dialed Call Time: 4s SYSTEM10/30/2019 10:12:11 AM Telephoned
- Consumer / Answer Machine *** Agent Dialed Call Time: 4s SYSTEM*** It is unfortunate
that Mrs. is in collections however we were unable to contact her via
phone or mailed statements to get the issue resolved. Had we been able to
contact her sooner we would have reversed the transaction and had her return
the contact lens purchase. Mrs. mentioned that we should have emailed
her however her address and phone number on file are still valid. Finally, Mrs.
*** signed our “Patient Acknowledgement” agreement on 6/19/2019 which
states that …”I understand that I am responsible
for charges not paid by my insurance plan. Any insurance balance outstanding
longer than 90 days will be my responsibility. Any balance I have longer than
90 days will be forwarded to a collection agency.” I have attached a copy of this document. Please let me know if there
are additional concerns or questions.


*** ABOC / NCLEC Practice Manager

Customer Response • Mar 11, 2020

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because: I was misinformed by the representative whom I believe that his job is to verify clients insurance and what it covers. *** stated numerous times that if this was their fault he would correct it but it wasn’t their fault. I obviously had no problems paying when I went in for my annual and my glasses and I paid when I ordered contacts over the phone, not in the office. I never received any statements in the mail and I did not get a voicemail. My voicemail was probably full, but there are other ways to communicate with clients. For example, I keep getting text messages about how I’m due for my annual appointment. The business can use this as a way of communication, but they will only use phone or send statements for billing? I was not only sent to collections for this, I was also sent to collections for the EXACT amount that I paid for my eye exam and glasses. When I confronted *** about this his response was “Well, yeah ok I wasn’t sure.” I replied “You weren’t sure, so you send someone to collections?!” He advised me that he would get this taken care of and get it off of my credit. I have no problem paying the $150 that was not covered by insurance but again, I feel that this is Stone Hill Optical’s fault and it needs to be taken off of my credit.

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Address: 1512 Town Center Dr Ste 500, Pflugerville, Texas, United States, 78660


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