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Stoneledge Landscapes

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I purchased a tree from the business that included a two year guarantee. The business has failed to replace the tree or refund my money.We were originally concerned about the quality/condition of the tree when planted and the owner said it would be fine for the next growing season. After repeated attempts to have him re-check the tree he finally showed up and agreed the tree needed to be replaced and he would do it in the fall of 2015. When I contacted him in October as he requested, he said he would take care of it. He always had an excuse for not doing the job - his truck broke down, it was too wet, too hot, etc. Most recently, he scheduled the job for a Friday morning but never showed. When he responded to my inquiry a couple of days later (he never notified me he wasn't coming), he said the root ball was too wet and would be damaged if it was moved. He subsequently stated the tree would be planted before Thanksgiving but again he never showed and didn't let me know he wasn't coming. I then sent a follow-up email asking what was going on and for the second time requested a refund so I can get another business to do the job. For the second time he told me he doesn't do refunds and that he had gone to the nursery on the day after Thanksgiving to get a tree but that they were closed and he would get the tree today, 11/30. I advised him by return email that I was done with the back-and-forth messaging and would be reaching out to a third party. I have yet to hear from him regarding whether or not he's going to do anything more. I live in a retirement community where the HOA requires property owners to maintain quality landscaping in accordance with the covenants. I expect to hear from them that my existing tree (that the business planted) does not meet requirements and I would be subjected to fines until the problem is resolved. The business has been totally uncooperative in returning phone messages left and responding to email inquiries. I am also concerned that at this point the business will provide another inferior product without providing the same two year guarantee.Desired SettlementI want a quality Okame Cherry tree properly planted in my front yard and a two year guarantee just as my written agreement with the business states.Business Response I did plant a tree for this client and I was trying to honorthe guarantee. I just could not stop my schedule to installhis tree at the exact time he wanted it done.The tree is ready but he did not want it done when I was available.I do not keep giving guarantees on replacement treesConsumer Response On 10/14 I told him we would be gone 10/21-10/27 and unavailable on 10/30. On 10/15 he said he would have a date by 10/16. On 10/29 I asked him when he could plant the tree and he replied "next week?" I asked for updates on 10/30, 11/2, 11/3. On 11/4 he said his truck had broken down and would let me know. I asked for updates on 11/7 and 11/8. On 11/9 he asked what day that week would work. I responded 11/13 in the afternoon as I was unavailable in the morning. I asked for an update on 11/10. On 11/11 he said he was "shooting for" 11/13 in the am. and asked for my address. I replied that I couldn't be home before 1pm on 11/13. On 11/12 he said since Friday am wouldn't work he could do it the following Thursday or Friday between 8 and 8:30. I replied that Friday 11/20 would work. He replied that I was on the schedule for 11/20. I sent a confirmation. He didn't show or call on 11/20. I requested a refund so I could hire someone else. On 11/21 he replied that they don't give refunds. Also, the root ball was too wet to move it and that they could get it planted before Thanksgiving. I replied OK. He never showed up or contacted me so on 11/27 I again brought up a refund. On 11/28 he told me the nursery was closed when he went to get the tree on 11/27 so he would get it Monday 11/30. I replied that I would go to him for a refund. On 11/29 he said a refund was not possible. I replied that I was done with the going back and forth and would be seeking assistance from a third party. I have heard nothing from him since. I never proposed an "exact time" for him to do the work. The only time I presented a conflict with his "plan" to follow through with his obligation to me was regarding the morning of 11/13. To the contrary, I have repeatedly inquired regarding HIS schedule to do the work, only to have him not show up or advise me he wasn't coming. I have spent an extensive amount of time chasing after him because he's not forthcoming. I understand he has done the same thing to a neighbor and supposedly is going to replace his tree this week. All I ask is that I receive what I have already paid for.

Mr. [redacted] and Stoneledge Landscapes did not complete a job he has been fully paid for and has failed to respond to requests to do so.Received quote for patio extension and fire pit for $3,300. Required 1/3 down payment, 1/3 at midpoint and 1/3 at end of job. Payments were made for $1,100 each on 10/3/14, 11/14/14 and 11/28/14. He was still to have done the finishing acid wash of the completed work and we discussed him also adding to the bid his sealing of the patio. We thought he was waiting for it to be warm enough to seal it and then would do the acid wash immediately before the sealant. On 12/14 we still had not used the patio or firepit, I went out clear the leaves in yard and realized that an edge stone on the patio was chipped off. It appeared to have insufficient cement under the edge, creating a weak spot. I emailed [redacted] on 12/14 with a photo and got no response. I re-sent the same email on 12/19 asking if he received it and he responded on 12/20 saying that "we will take care of it" and "I will come out and look at it soon". We let it go through the winter, again thinking he was waiting for warmer weather. On March 8th emailed him asking to finish job as it was warm enough and to do before before pollen season. On March 9th he replied with "We will beat the pollen. I will check it out this week. Maybe we can do the repairs and clean it. I will be in touch. Thanks, [redacted]" NEVER did hear from him.Forwarded the same March 9th email on April 9th adding in that we did not beat pollen season and it still needs to be done. NO RESPONSE.Re-sent him the same email on May 2nd, asking him to call me as his number was disconnected. NO RESPONSE.Same email chain again sent on May 10th adding that this was my last request as he was not responding to phone calls at any of the numbers I have for him or any emails. I specifically said if I don't hear back by Weds morning (5/13) I would submit to, leave negative feedback on [redacted] and [redacted]. NO RESPONSE again so I am beginning this process. We dealt with Mr. [redacted] professionally and did not withhold final payment even though the job was not complete. He has previously done 2 other projects for us and both times finished to completion, so we didn't think this project would be different. Unfortunately, this time we have an unfinished project. Desired SettlementAt this point, I do not feel comfortable that Mr. [redacted] will complete the job or even do so in a satisfactory manner or time frame. We have not gotten a completed job or satisfaction of the guarantees he provides on his work.I have a quote to repair chipped stone edge and do the final acid wash that is required to remove excess mortar and even out the mortar joints. Although we did not pay him to seal the patio, we cannot move forward with paying someone else to seal it until this underlying work is completed. Further, his proposal clearly states that "Any persons/companies which make additions to, repair, or tamper with, the products installed will void all guarantees". We feel trapped being able to even move forward with having someone else do the finish work and repairs for fear this will jeopardize his guarantee (although if he is out of business, it may be a moot point) The quote to repair the stone and acid wash the patio and firepit is $675. We can provide copies of emails noted above, photo of patio as well as check information to support our claims. We have been more than patient with dealing with Mr. [redacted] and trying to complete the job we have paid for.Business Response I did finish the jobAfter completion of the job he reported to me that he broke off a small piece of stone from the corner of the patio.I was planning on repairing this at no charge but the weather was not good for this week this winter. Now I have gotten very busy and not working in his area. I will be in his area in a month or so and can take care of it then.I did finish the work for which I was paid.[redacted] D [redacted]Consumer Response Stoneledge Landscapes came out on June 1st and finally completed the work. The job was not completed as he had originally stated, but since that response the work is now finished. This job is now complete and the file can be closed now.Thanks,[redacted]

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