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Storm Guard of East Louisville

2540 Ridgemar Ct Suite 102, Louisville, Kentucky, United States, 40299

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Storm Guard did a great job putting on our roof and gutters. They were easy to work with. Our contractor Wes *** did a great job. He got our insurance to pay for every thing except our deductible.

Storm Guard of East Louisville Response time Jul 25, 2019

Thank you for allowing us to perform this project for you. We appreciate your confidence in us to get your home back in shape! Please reach out to us for any future needs you might have!

1. Didn't paint entire room plus ceiling after leak repair,just the one patch. Paint didn't match.
Had to argued with them to do what the contract stated which was to paint the entire room plus the
ceiling. I call the the insurance agency before they would do their job.
2. No advanced notice when coming. Alarm set off. Project manager not present enough during
installation of roof.
3. Loud music playing, cat calling female homeowner by installers when project manager not around.
4. Ruined landscaping then made excuses about it later. No commitment to fix. No tarp used to cover
landscaping. Drop package of shingles on bushes and split them open. Branches broken. Also,
dropped something on bushes causing them to turn brown.

Storm Guard of East Louisville Response time May 22, 2019

We are well aware of the scope of work that needs to be performed. We have the gutters being scheduled this week and the painter came out previously but overlooked the painting of the wall section. My production manager spoke to homeowner yesterday informing that we are scheduling the same painter to come out on Friday to finish this section of the scope. We started this job last week and every part of these trades are being performed in the order they should be. We are still under construction at this property and will evaluate any damages that a crew may have caused. We are very aware of the bush that has been field manager has already been out and taken photos of said damage. We understand that a bush is damaged, a portion of paint still needs to be done and the gutters still need to be hung per the statement of loss which we have contracted with homeowner. We have communicated with homeowner on different aspects of the job and scheduling it out. We will do a final walk through at end of construction and agree on how we want to handle the damaged bush, but we must finish the job before getting to that point. We are good on our end and have not asked for any monies from homeowner. Once we complete the work, we will reimburse/replace for any damage and then final payment will be expected as per our contract so that a warranty can be issued for the property. We thank the homeowner for this opportunity to create good will in the neighborhood as we continue to work on multiple neighbors' properties.

Customer Response time May 24, 2019

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.


Customer Response time May 30, 2019

Complaint #*** was closed prematurely. So far the painter has not shown up. He has cancelled three times since last Friday. He was in the hospital but now back to work. We have rushed home this week with the anticipation of him coming and he has cancelled again and again. Also, he still does not want to adhere to the stipulations within the contract. Yesterday, after all the rain here in the Louisville area I noticed that one of the gutters that was installed is leaking. In addition, I had a tear in one of my window screens from the gutter installer. It was torn in the shape of the gutter. The Project Manager did come out last week to look at my damaged bushes (3) but only said that he viewed one bush. I have heard nothing regarding this since. It was a larger boxwood and I don't want a small substitute. I also do not want a patch on my screen. I want the whole thing replaced. Considering all of these issues that have not been resolved, I would like my case reopened. They are not communicating with me regarding a plan of action. There response was simply not true.

Storm Guard of East Louisville Response time Jun 03, 2019

I am not sure why the homeowner feels the need to communicate via We have addressed all of her concerns in a timely manner. The individual contracted to do the paint portion of the scope suffered a slight heart attack a couple days before he was to come out and finish his portion of the job. This was communicated to homeowner as he needed a couple more days to build up strength. The painter and homeowner have been in touch multiple times with each other and a new date has been established for him to come out and finish a couple hours of work. Regarding the gutter issue, I was only made aware of this from the response of homeowner....we can't address something we aren't aware of. The gutter technician went out the next day to look over gutter concerns. A minor adjustment was made to the gutter and the window screen was re-screened although it looked to be a tear unrelated to the work performed on site. We have looked over the damaged bush that has now become three bushes. We are in the process of resolving that. To say we have been non-responsive is not true. The job has gone as planned, and as with construction, some minor concerns have been addressed. We do have documentation that tarps were used, although, we were told by homeowner that they were not which is inaccurate. We will wrap up the paint in a couple days and resolve how we want to handle the bushes. We will expect final payment to be made immediately upon completion.

Reliable and easy to work with. They did a great job

Storm Guard was contracted and completed roof replacement 8/2016. Since then, I have had issues with a water leak coming in around the right dormer severe enough to cause damage and staining to my living room ceiling under that dormer on two different occasions. I initially contacted them shortly after the first time the damage was noticed in spring 2017, I was told that it was a new roof & was paid $100 to fix the ceiling. In 8/2018, I contacted them again after noticing a water stain that started out small in the same area as before, but then grew to extend into the middle of the room. They did send their production manager out right away after contacting them but, it took them over two months to get someone back out to my home to work on the problem. This time, they came & said that they found a hole in the shingle that was up against the dormer, and it was replaced. I was not shown the damaged shingle, but they said they fixed the leak. They offered to paint ceiling if needed, but I had already taken care of that. Since then I have noticed a musty smell within my house. I have been trying to determine the source, and decided I would look at that dormer again from the attic side. On 3/9/19, I discovered water entering my attic space where the dormer meets the roof line. As a result of this issue, mold has formed on the backside of the ceiling drywall and probably other areas that I cannot access. In addition the ceiling drywall is showing signs of pulling away from the floor joist, leaving a significant gap, with staining and mold in that same area. Where the dormer meets the roof, the wood wall shows water staining from water running down, & at the bottom, the wood was wet with pools of water evident. Mold was present on the wood & in the insulation surrounding the dormer.

Storm Guard of East Louisville Response time Mar 19, 2019

We appreciate the homeowner allowing us the opportunity to help solve this leak issue. I had hoped a phone call would have been sufficient to respond to a warranty matter versus filing a complaint, but regardless, we have responded to the issue and have corrected an affected area of step flashing located behind siding. We are in the process to see if other potential work may need to be performed due to the water intrusion. As the homeowner stated, we had been out multiple times and had performed small repairs but everything looked sound at that time. Due to the trickiness of leaks and where they may originate (windows and chimney caps), we will ask homeowners to perform a water hose test to detect area of concern. This helps keeps from unwarranted trips out to the property especially if the leak is unrelated to the roof replacement as we have seen on countless other visits to customers. We didnt realize a leak test had not been performed up to this point and had no communication with homeowner since last year stating any different, therefore, would have never known a leak still existed. We came out within a day or two of correspondence and have addressed the leak. Again, there may be some other areas of concern that we are still investigating. We appreciate the business!

Customer Response time Mar 20, 2019

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me as long as the following conditions are met that were previously outlined.

Independent inspection and recommendations from an inspector of my choosing identifying the extent of the damage to the dormer, wood, insulation, ceiling drywall, and recommendations to repair, at Storm Guard expense. Air quality samples and mold testing, and mold remediation from a reputable company of my choosing, at Storm Guard expense. Repair of all damaged areas to include, wood, drywall, insulation removal and replacement, and any other repairs deemed by the inspector, at Storm Guard expense.

I will wait for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved.

Storm Guard replaced my roof recently because of damaging hail we received. They fought with the insurance for months after I was denied replacement coverage and was issued a small check for repairs on a old roof. Had it not been for them I would have probably accepted the payout and been out thousands of dollars of my own money. The work they did was excellent and the clean up job seemed as if no one was even here. They even brought out their own trailer to remove the debris. After looking at a dumpster in my neighbors yard for the last month in a half I am relieved I choose Storm Guard and will recommend them from here out

I enjoyed working with Storm Guard and was very pleased when my roof was finished. Wesley was very attentive and cooperative. The roofers did a great job and cleaned up well. I am very pleased with my roof!

Storm Guard Roofing and Construction is being paid to replace my Roof (including drip edge, and other items dealing with roof replacement), Gutter Guards, and wrap my garage entrance with aluminum. Problem started with project starting 4 weeks later than stated. I assumed someone would come out and let me know that they were finished (but no one did). It rained 2 days after the gutter guards were installed, and on the back of the house where a valley of the roof drains to the gutter, there was a water fall (this was not happening before the gutter guards were replace). Upon taking a closer look at the gutter at this junction, I discovered that the deverter (splash guard) had been lifted up and the gutter guards force under it, and that the gutter guards were not properly installed, this prompted me to take a closer look at all their work. I discovered the drip edge improperly install in different places, Gutter guards improperly installed (gaps between pieces, and damage to my gutters. I received an invoice for the rest of the payment, I called and said job is not finished. Storm Guard was paid 70% of the cost, they want the other 30% to finish the job. They say that to do the job correct is a warranty issue and will be done after final payment.

Storm Guard of East Louisville Response time Sep 19, 2018

We have attempted to reach out to the homeowner in order to schedule a time to make the minor repairs he speaks of (email attached from a week ago plus multiple calls). We have not heard from the customer until this complaint. Customer has put down 50% and owes the balance at end of project. Build out has been complete for over a month and customer requests some minor issues to be looked into. We have no problem with this, but homeowner must communicate with us to get this scheduled and resolved. The homeowner has a deductible and has mentioned to us on multiple occasions that he isn't supposed to pay anything out of pocket. This is false and also against the law as it is insurance fraud. Once we made that clear, there is now an issue with his gutters that came out of nowhere with "supporting" photos taken from a couple hundred feet away showing ladders propped up along the gutter line for access, which is normal. He initially was asking us to replace all of his gutters for free but now he states in his complaint that he wants compensation for gutters (to offset his deductible?). Again, my letter is clear that we will go down to investigate and see if any damage to gutters has been done, as well as, address the minor issues and resolve all of this in one trip. As I write this, we have attempted to call the customer again and, as usual, it has gone to voicemail. We look forward to his response.

Customer Response time Sep 19, 2018

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
The business know that I work (6:30 am-4:30 pm), but they call during my work hours, I have provided my cell number, but they continue to call my home, when I get home and return the call, no one picks up. I do want my gutters repaired, replaced or compenstated, they damaged them and I have photos showing so. They can call my work (which they are sure to get me) to set a time to come view the problem. And the job was not finished, how can a job be finished if items was installed improperly, and then call the correction warrenty issue? I want the job done right.


Storm Guard of East Louisville Response time Oct 01, 2018

We have reached out to the homeowner to look at the minor warranty items. He is on leave for the time being, so, this is being pushed back for my crew to investigate. The photos that the homeowner supplied show ladders propped up along the eave, as they should be, but nothing signifying damage with the exception of some scraping which we pointed out and have already tried to compensate for. As the previous letter sent to the homeowner states, we are happy to address these small issues (drip edge, gutter screens, diverter) and compensate for the gutters in an amount of $250 which would cover any paint/supplies to mask the scrapes. We could do that ourselves, but it is apparent that money will have to be the answer in resolving this matter versus th approach of making the warranty repairs ourselves...this has been made apparent throughout the process. We hope to speak with the homeowner this week in order to receive the last half of his invoice (over $9,000) and get his warranty activated. It is not in good faith to hold such a large amount of money over an issue worth a few hundred dollars...we have offered a solution to this situation with the holdback of $1412.41 until repairs are complete, as stated in my previous letter, but it has been refused. We will continue to work with the homeowner in hopes of getting this resolved in a timely manner as to not have to pursue further legal action in this matter.

Customer Response time Oct 04, 2018

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me. I will wait for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved.



I'm currently on leave till evening of 9 Oct, I can meet with your crew on 10-12 Oct. I reject your statement that "these are small issues", maybe they are to you, but when a homeowner is paying for a job, they expect it to be done correctly the first time. It is a poor business practice to call poor workmanship warranty work, first the job has to be completed correctly, then if something goes wrong then it's warranty work. I look forward to resolving this issue once I return.

Great experience with this company. They made the insurance process easier to get through. Did a great job on our roof, knocking the majority of it out in a single day!! Cleaned up so well I can’t even tell they were here, other than the beautiful roof of course! I’ll be bringing them more business as I continue home improvements.

I signed a contract with StormGuard/Bluegrass Sunrooms on 01/31/18 to install a Pergola and to lay tile on My existing patio . As of 3/9/18 My contract has not been fulfilled. There is tile that still needs to be laid , grouted, and sealed.
I have texted,called, and emailed *** and the owner *** with no response.
I was told on several occasions at the beginning of the project that they would be on sight but they never came or called . There had been a couple of delays due to weather I understand, but there was no communication I had to constantly reach out , I have addressed the lack of communication on several occasions but had no luck or changes made . *** continues to give Me excuses. As of 3/9/18 it has been over two weeks since I have heard from *** . My project has been paid for in full , I want the project I paid for completed . I would assume there is additional associates that can complete the project, not just *** , I’m requesting that He does not come onto My property. I don’t care who completes the project I just want it completed. This is My last resort before I have to take legal action.

Storm Guard of East Louisville Response time Mar 16, 2018

Spoke to Homeowner on 3-15-18. We had a good conversation and I explained to her about the weather being an issue. Unfortunately, when we grout tile, we must have 24-48 hours of dry weather, as well as, no below freezing temperatures. In the month of February, we had the wettest month on record for here in Louisville. The weather broke for a few days in early March which coincided with the Louisville Home and Garden show which we were a vendor and were operating our booth each day all day long. I have given Homeowner my word that it will get done and that she is a priority on our list...we must have cooperation with Mother Nature. I am frustrated, as well, but it will get done as there is very little work left to complete. I am watching the weather closely and will schedule the work in due time. I just don't want to finish the project only to have to go back out and redo when the grout doesn't adhere to the surface properly when installing during adverse conditions.

Customer Response time Mar 16, 2018

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

[Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution. Please respond here ONLY]



Thanks for your quick turnaround on this on going matter .

Yes I did receive a call from the owner finally , he didn’t return My call claiming he never received it .

I am hearing different reasons for the completion of My project. One associate says the weather, tile size, and tile dimensions

although We did use FaceTime before I made My selection, He stated it wasn’t in the original budget although I purchased 6 cases Myself ( receipt upon request) . The Associate ( Project Manager ) stated he was doing Me a favor, so why am I complaining ( I have all communication between Us, upon request ) If the reason is the weather, why isn’t this communicated to Me I literally have gone 3+ weeks with ZERO communication. I received a text Monday 03/12/18 stating “If it ok with u I’m gonna come by Thursday to finish ur tile “ no one showed so I sent a text at 2:29 to see if they where still coming , I’ll sum up the reply “ Its going to rain tomorrow so mortar and grout will not hold “ I guess they didn’t check the weather again I sincerely believe this was sent to appease Me. I sent them a text weeks ago stated their materials are outside, and waiting for them , but of course it’s Me the consumer who the fault falls on , because I didn’t text back , once again another excuse I’m losing count of Their excuses .

At this point I’m at their mercy, but they need to understand their practices need to be re-evaluated.

The Project Manager and Owner need to collaborate , I receive borderline unprofessional text messages from the Project Manager which I’m sure are not communicated in their entirety to the Owner.


Waiting for “SUNNY DAYS “

Storm Guard of East Louisville Response time Mar 27, 2018

As has been the trend, rain is still forecasted almost every day. My production manager did make it out to the homeowners residence Sunday afternoon, March 25th, on his day off as that was the only day that would cooperate. Due to the scope of the job being larger than what was initially planned out, my production manager laid the rest of tile that he could while using up the last bit of mortar. Homeowner wants additional tile cut to finish off a 4" area or so. That will get cut this week and we will schedule appropriately. Forecast is calling for decent weather Friday and Saturday. Homeowner seemed satisfied on our last visit and understood weather was a problem that we are continuing to work around. This will get done on Mother Nature's time! I am ready for some sunny days, too!

Customer Response time Mar 28, 2018

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

[Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution. Please respond here ONLY]



Please note the P Manager did come by Sunday after 6:00 pm , however no tile was laid, grout was put down, several areas not done well,

I don’t understand why the P Manager did not bring a saw or more mortar having the knowledge of what needed to be completed.

effort is being made , thanks for that but truthful information is not being communicated to the owner . It’s not a large area that needs to be completed 6 tiles max.

I do thank Ms B for her communication, and for JWs efforts to satisfy Me , but not the P Manager .

I will be happy to send the owner pictures so that he is aware I’m not exaggerating nor being a pain in the ... he just needs to know the REAL DEAL .


Storm Guard of East Louisville Response time May 25, 2018

We have reached out to the homeowner concerning her issue. We are waiting to receive photos and I will send out a tech to look at her floor in the meantime. We will remedy the situation as needed. We appreciate the follow up.

Customer Response time May 25, 2018

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me. I will wait for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved.


I had StormGaurd come out to my house and put a new roof on my home and fix a problem I was having in my garage. The work was great, I love my new roof and they repaired everything as I asked. The field manager, Sage went above an beyond to make certain I was happy and I didn't have any issues. I'd definitely have them do more work in the future and I would recommend them to my own family.

They did a complete roof replacement and attic insulation. The work was great and the staff was wonderful to deal with. All communications were timely, professional and courteous. The crew cleaned up the yard when they were done. I am completely satisfied with the job they did. They performed the work over the summer, and I have waited to see if there would be any problems with leaks. So far, so good!

Storm Guard of East Louisville Response

Thank you very much for your business! We appreciate your trust and hope you have a very prosperous New Year!

Stand Up Company.Al Did everything they were suppose to do.Yard Was Cleaned up The excess supplies were neatly stacked awaiting pick up..I Highly recommend them and have reffered a friend to them..

Storm Guard of East Louisville Response

We appreciate your business! Have a blessed and prosperous New Year!

Storm Guard replaced all of our gutters and downspouts. They did an excellent job. Very professional and courteous. I would give them five stars - all positive comments.

Storm Guard of East Louisville Response

We are thankful for the business and your support of our local company. Thanks for helping us to continue to grow our brand and helping other homeowners in repairing issues in an ethical environment.

I had StormGuard seal by back doors and wrap them. They look awesome and did a great job. Now I don't have to worry about weather damage or maintenance for the doors. I would strongly recommend them.

Storm Guard of East Louisville Response

Thanks for your trust in the company. I'm glad we could get it all worked out with you and hope we can help you or your customers again in the near future.

Very professional team who really knows how to qualify what type of replacement roof is required for your home. Quality installation and follow up. I highly recommend Storm Guard for any size home.

Storm Guard of East Louisville Response

Thank you for your business and trust in our ability to diagnose and repair your issue. We appreciate it and let us know if we can help any of your family or friends in the future!

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Address: 2540 Ridgemar Ct Suite 102, Louisville, Kentucky, United States, 40299


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