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User Virginia Stacy time Aug 13, 2019

The store on Sibley in Hammond Indiana has the rudest employee in the deli Dept.Her name is Kayla M .she talks to the customers ignorantly and rude.She doesn't want to do her job in the deli by taking care of the customers.She was very rude when we waited 20 minutes at the hot meal area waiting to be served as she kept taking new customers at the deli side?! When we asked politely is there another line for the hot food area she yelled rudlely in not the only one working back here I'm not breaking my back?! I was appalled? Her Manager Galvan walked pasted us standing there and didn't even see if we needed help? Please corporate you need to train your employees how to take care of customers and if they don't want there job or are unhappy they need to stay home! This is so discusting in the customer service area just discusting!

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User Turkey

Here's my review.
This is the second week in a row I've purchased turkey for the deli. Again within a day it smells like something's dead in the icebox.
I noticed the date in it. It said sell by the day after I purchased it.
This is seven dollars a pound. I even told the deli girl last weeks turkey stunk and I had to throw it away in fear of poisoning my child.
Same as last week- she said she was out of the display case turkey and had to go to the back and get more. This sounds intentional to me. And then I noticed again same as last week, the sell by date was the day after I purchased it. That's 3 pounds in two weeks (21.00). I'll be feeding the raccoons again tonight. Did they turn the refrigeration t-stat up to make more profit or what.
Just how much profit is enough for this place. They got a monopoly on the whole region.
It's not about the money. It's about trust and safety.

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