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Street Dreams Collision & Custom

2011 NW Martin Luther King Jr Ave, Ocala, Florida, United States, 34475-5005

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This company failed to complete work as hired to repair and in the process of initial repair caused 4 large dents to top of vehicle and caused marks from over-spray over sides of vehicle. In addition, the caulking they used melted over the top of vehicle causing more damage to paint. They had the vehicle for three days the first time, and three more days the second time and failed to complete repairs from the initial repair and damage they caused. I have lost over 6-days of work and the vehicle will cost in excess of 3,800.00 to repair. This company will not stand by their work and stated I was being to picky that the damage was on the roof and it can't be seen. I asked them for their insurance number and they refused to provide so I am unable to file a claim against them.

This owner was elusive and did not return phone calls and treated me in a horrible manner when I insisted he stand by his work and repair the damages they caused.

Desired Outcome

Refund refund of all monies paid and money to pay for additional damages they created.

Street Dreams Collision & Custom Response time Mar 10, 2020

Regarding this complaint: We did complete all repairs that we were hired to do on this van. There are a couple of small dents on the top of the van, this customer was insistent that we paint underneath her air conditioning/vent that is top mounted on the van, this required one of our men to get on top of her van to get it off. As far as the caulk, the customer was in an extreme hurry to pick the van up, we believe that the caulk didn't have adequate time to dry before it got wet, either from rain, or being washed, we're not sure.
The spots on the side of her van are not from overspray, we advised her of that repeatedly, it looks like something was sprayed on the van, but it is not overspray from work done at our shop. We did refuse to give her our insurance information because we don't feel this is a situation where a claim against our insurance is warranted. We absolutely did not treat this customer in a horrible manner, we did at one point feel like it didn't matter what we did this customer was not going to be happy. This customer has an issue with Ford regarding this van and all of the problems that she has with it, we believe that is partly what is spilling over into this situation. On Wednesday, December 11th we texted the customer to advise that while we would not take responsibility for whatever is on the sides of her vehicle we would be happy to re-caulk the the areas that she was unhappy with and also said that we would be happy to repair the two small dents in the roof of her van. She declined and advised us that she would be taking us to small claims court.

Customer Response time Mar 12, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I reply to Street Dreams response. They alleged they completed all repairs that they were hired to do on this van. The initial job through their negligence was not completed and caused the additional damages to the vehicle. When I brought the vehicle in for them to see the additional damages they told me the marks on the van were from over spray or when the plastic was pulled off and it might have had wet material still on it but would buff right out. These areas were pointed out and they agreed it was from their worker and would repair. This was suppose to have occurred during the second visit. When I came to pick the vehicle up the owner stated he was able to get a most of the marks off by buffing. However I saw that there were still many on the vehicle.

AS regards to the dents in the roof. The dents in the roof was caused by their employee and witnessed by myself the day I picked the vehicle up from the initial visit/repair. When I exited the office I witnessed the employee leaning off a tall ladder in the parking lot putting the vent back on and saw him on the roof and then heard a popping sound. Their allegation that I insisted they paint under the air conditioner is amusing, as the photos clearly show there is no paint under the devise. They were asked to clean the green mildew off the area.

When I initially spoke to the owner he described how the vehicle would be prepared for paint, this included them removing the vent cover and wrapping in plastic so they could gain access to the areas they needed to repair that ran through that area. They also told me that they were setup to handle high profile vehicles and had the appropriate scaffolding in their shop. This was told to me the day I first called to see if they could work on this type of vehicle and agreed to bring the vehicle in for them to see. I had no idea nor would I approve them to physically be on top of the vehicle. I would naturally assume that they would be above the vehicle to spay the paint. Furthermore, the attempt to shift the blame on the vehicle's owner is preposterous, as I have in my possession a complete phone log record and photos, and numerous witnesses. Regarding the caulking the owner failed to repair the rust coming through the drain plugs, the reason the vehicle was brought back in for the second repair. He had the vehicle for three days to complete repairs. When I came to pick the vehicle up I insisted on inspecting the areas and noted the repairs were not done. The owner became annoyed because I called him out on this is hen he stated the his guys must have forgotten and then put caulking around the drain plugs. He did not tell me that the caulking had to dry and then he walked away from me when I was pointing out all the other items that were not completed. Again, he had the vehicle for three days and failed to complete any of the repairs the vehicle was brought in for. The only thing he completed was painting the bulk head which was a add on task separate from the required repairs. When I again asked about the dents he stated I was being picking as you cant see the damage. Both interactions were witnessed and supported by the photos, texting/calling logs. If this is not resolved immediately, I am prepared to go to court and sue for all damages and loss wages.

Street Dreams Collision & Custom Response time Apr 03, 2020 response to the consumers complaint, we stand by what we indicated in our original reply. We have (multiple times now) offered to have the consumer set up an appointment for us to take care of the caulking issue and to take care of the dents in the top of the van. Again...we did not create the issue with whatever is on the sides of her vehicle. This customer is in no way trying to rectify this situation, she simply wants all of her money back, plus additional money to repair whatever is on the sides of her vehicle. Again we as a business are offering to recaulk the top of her vehicle and to repair the dents. We are clearly taking responsibility for what we did/didn't do so why would we not take responsibility for the issue of the sides of her van if in fact those were our issues???? This issue was never going to be worked out through this avenue, unless we handed over a fist full of cash to her. Her van (along with other vans just like hers) is having all kinds of problems, it is a Ford problem, however Ford has paid all the money to her that they are going to, so this is now the avenue that she is taking. One last time, we as a business are more than happy to repair the items that we take responsibility for.

Customer Response time Apr 06, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Street Dreams have not (multiple times now) offered to have the consumer set up an appointment for us to take care of the caulking issue and to take care of the dents in the top of the van. This is why I began this legal process. The sides of the van were created and brought to their attention at the first visit when the vehicle was picked up. I would be happy if they would schedule the entire repair to cover all damages their employee caused. I am not asking for a fist full of money, I want my vehicle repaired properly. If the vehicle is not repaired then I will move forward and obtain money through the court system to have the repairs completed by another vendor. The issue of Ford being responsible for a paint issue is true. They paid 1/2 the repair cost and this was paid to Street Dreams to make the repair. The additional damages were caused by Street Dreams employee and acknowledged by the owner and verified with photos, emails and witnesses. This company can call me at 352-454-2300 to schedule complete repair of all damages, dents roof, rust around plugs, paint runs, side of vehicle where over splash. To resolve issue schedule all repairs in a timely manner.

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Address: 2011 NW Martin Luther King Jr Ave, Ocala, Florida, United States, 34475-5005


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