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Owner smack talked me on Twitter for no reason, then blocked me when I called him out on Facebook.

Licensee Agreement was broken after less than 30 days.In early July I agreed to be a licensee for [redacted]. He sold this great idea of being the recruiting expert for SAW in the Midwest. This included NE, IA, KC, etc. In the contract that was signed and paid it was stipulated that I would have the right to refusal for any territory within 500 miles. At the end of July he had already sold the territory of Iowa without my consent. He tried to blame my displeasure on it was tough to sell. He had lost my trust less than 30 days after signing the contract. I would make sure you properly investigate SAW before you join them as a licensee or join their recruiting plan as a student-athlete. It seems to me that [redacted] is more interest in gaining money and licensees than actually caring for them.Desired SettlementI am seeking my investment in full for the broken contract and broken trust.Business Response /[redacted]/Mr. [redacted] was offered the right of refusal for the State of Iowa. He refused it. There is no wrongdoing here. Our team worked tirelessly with him to get his business running in Nebraska. We spent our time and effort and provided him the tools to help him grow his business. We honored our license agreement and stand by our efforts and passion ** help him get started. However, this job is not for everyone. It takes a special set of skills and spirit that Mr. [redacted] might not posses. We cannot hold the entire Midwest for someone with zero clients. When we decided to talk to a guy in Iowa, Mr. [redacted] was notified and even copied on the e-mails to him. He had every option to purchase Iowa or any other State in the Midwest. Since he hadn't made one sale in Nebraska, he refused to purchase other territory. We worked tirelessly with him to try to help him. He quit the business and is not entitled to a refund. Final Consumer Response /[redacted]/Mr. [redacted] has shown he is not factual. I am going to give a timeline of events and emails to just set the record straight. I want to make sure others do not have a poor experience like I have had.TimelineJuly 2nd - Signed Contract for Nebraska TerritoryJuly 15th email sent to me and others with the name of Iowa territory in this email. (I will explain later with the email I had no idea who this man was.)July 15-18th not sure the exact date. Mr. [redacted] called and asked when I was interested in Iowa. I told him Des Moines and he mentioned Sioux Falls first and I told him that was not in Iowa than he mentioned Sioux City. At this point no offer was made to buy Iowa.July 18th - First appointment with a prospective in Gretna.July 20th - 2nd appointment with prospective in Lincoln.July 23rd - To the best of my knowledge it was official that Iowa territory was sold.July 24th - I have a conversation with Mr. [redacted] about my displeasure that I was not given the right to refusal. I mention getting a lawyer. He mentions giving me Kansas City at no charge or having the new Iowa Territory resend and offering to sell me that territory.July 24th - Email from Mr. [redacted] explaining these ideas above.Now we have the timeline I want to share my story in detail. As I have mentioned I sent my contract on July 2nd. Mr. [redacted] knew my children were home for the summer and this was going to take away time from me working full time until the middle of August. In my first 18 days I had two appointments and was working on setting up more and had several leads. When Mr. [redacted] broke my contract I struggled with if I could trust him. I one was not going to ask him to resend Iowa. This to me was unethical and I was not going to have Mr. [redacted]'s ethics affect another person. If I could not trust Mr. [redacted] I was not going to take Kansas City. I do want to make it clear I did not yet have my training. This was going to take place in early August. Here is an email of Mr. [redacted] congratulation a new teammate for selling the first ever agreement before training.SaW Team, Just a few congrats to teammates... [redacted] Our very first licensee in Indiana who took a year off to coach D1 baseball and then rejoined us this month, is off to a nice start with 3 sales in his first 16 days. [redacted]- [redacted], who temporarily moved to Hollywood (unless he finds a single Desperate Housewife of Orange County or something to take him in permanently) this week and made his first on the ground sale in CA last night. [redacted]- Our new Delaware rep who hasn't even been to a training class yet, made his first sale last night as well. This might be the first sale before training and is up there with [redacted] making a sales call in the middle of training class! Ambition is the key! I think I mentioned [redacted] and [redacted] last month who made their first sales as well this summer. Good luck as we finish strong in July and August! This shows that to be expected to sell a package in my first 23 days is not accurate.Let's address that I had the right to refusal. As I mentioned the only time I had the right to refusal was after Mr. [redacted] had a signed contract for Iowa. Mr. [redacted] did call and have a vague conversation with me about what I wanted I might be interested in Iowa. I told him Des Moines and we talked about Sioux City, etc. At no point was I given the right of refusal Iowa. The only time was after it was sold.Below is an email that Mr. [redacted] is apologizing for "miscommunication and what my options were."[redacted] Jul 24 to me Hey [redacted], Sorry again about the situation. I thought we had a deeper conversation about Iowa than we must have had. It was definitely not my intention to deceive you. As I mentioned, I'm willing to, as an act of good faith, draw up a new agreement to give you the rights to Northern Kansas, Northern MO, Southern SD....or whatever territories you would want in addition to the Western counties of Iowa. Hopefully this situation could end up benefiting you as you could triple your territory rights for the future. If you can find a way to move forward, I'd love to buy you some drinks in Madison and try to put it behind us and start a profitable career for you. Again, sorry for the mis-communication. Thanks, [redacted]If he offer me Iowa why would he be so sorry? I would imagine that a right to refusal would be a conversation of how much the territory would be and actually saying no I am not interested. This never happened. Ever, even after he offered to resend the territory. For the record I did not purchase Iowa because I had no chance to do so.Lastly, here is the email he talks about me having about the Iowa territory. Yes he sent me the email but how am I supposed to know who this gentleman was? This first name could be anyone could be anyone? When I questioned Mr. [redacted] on Iowa he said it happened all so quickly. This email shows the Iowa contract had been sent well before this. It was not quickly.[redacted] Jul 15 to [redacted], [redacted], me, [redacted], [redacted], [redacted] Just wanted to check in with you this week. I am trying to finalize the plans to train in Madison, WI on Monday, Aug 12th. Tentatively looking at starting at like 9am and finishing in late afternoon/ early evening. I figured we'd do a few hours in the AM....go get lunch together and finish up after lunch. I will likely rent out a hotel meeting room or something.[redacted] and [redacted]- just get me your license agreements back as soon as possible and I can get you the info and materials you may need to prepare for the training class.[redacted] not sure if you wanted to come, but you are certainly welcome. If not, I'll probably be driving through Indy on the morning of Aug 8th and then sometime between the 12th-15th.Looking forward to meeting you all soon! It should be a very productive training session for all. [redacted] Mr. [redacted] has shown to not be factual. I am sure he will say I doctored these emails which I have not. I have cut and paste. I imagine he might even doctor a few emails to make his case.The fact is I was not given enough time to sell these packages. Yes, I imagine it is hard to sell these products but I did not want to sell these products after Mr. [redacted] broke our contract. Instead of admitting his faults he wants to attack me. That is okay I have big shoulders. I just want to make sure he does not affect other people. He has a good product but he has shown to not be factual when he makes a mistake. My advice would be to make sure you fully make sure Mr. [redacted] is who he says he is.Final Business Response /[redacted]/I'm not quite certain what this gentleman's issue is. As he outlined above the facts are...1. He purchased Nebraska.2. We put in his contract a 'right of refusal' for Iowa.3. We had a conversation about another gentleman purchasing Iowa. 4. He did not comment about that and thereby 'refused' to buy Iowa.5. The other guy did purchase Iowa.6. He let me know he was upset by that.7. I offered to give him Kansas City or other areas as a compromise to keep him happy.8. He didn't come to training and decided to quit.At worst it's a miscommunication that could have been easily solved.As Mr. [redacted] has quit, likewise, I no longer want him representing STUDENTathleteWorld.


Student Athlete World was paid for a service that was not provided. Student athlete World contacted me and my son about playing on their international basketball team. This team was to be traveling to Germany in June 2015. The cost of this trip was $4,200.00. After paying an initial payment of $1,000 on 9-10-14, I was then scheduled on a payment plan. I then paid an additional $2,000 on 11-5-14. The remainder was to be paid before May 2015. After paying these installments, I then requested a contract for the second time. That is why the remaining balance was not paid. My son was very nervous and scared about this trip. So, on 12-17-2014, I immediately contacted Mr. [redacted] President) and expressed my concerns and asked for a refund. He then told me that I would have to contact Mr. [redacted](President) at the home office. No one answered my calls or voice mails. On 1-10-15, Mr. [redacted] finally decided to call me back. I explained the situation to him and he told me that he could not give me the money back now, because he had to pay vendors. He then stated that he could use the money paid already as a down payment toward the next year's trip. I agreed to the terms and asked for a contract for a third time and stated that that is why the remaining amount has not yet been paid. He stated that he would be emailing it to me right away. After the 2015 trip, I contacted Mr. [redacted] about our agreement. He told me that everything was going to remain the same, and I only owed $1,200. I then asked him to send me a contract for a fourth time. He the sent the contract to me immediately. This was in August of 2015. After reading this contract, I called him back and told him that my son did not want to go on this trip and I would need a refund of monies paid to him. He then stated that we had a signed contract and I could have received a refund, minus their processing fee(398.00), if I would have requested it before 1-1-15. I asked Mr. [redacted], how can we have a signed contract when I've never seen, signed, or emailed him with my signature or electronic signature. He stated that, that was in the contract. I then reminded him that I had asked him for a contract on several occasions, and he is just now sending it to me. After going back and forth with Mr. [redacted] for a period of about two months, we came to an agreement that he would enroll my son into their basketball recruiting program and refund me $1,000. I was satisfied with this verbal agreement, because it still gave my son a chance to be recruited.Mr. [redacted] sent me a contract, and attached a note that said that I had to sign the contract within the next 3 days. After reviewing the contract, I called him and told him that I received the contract and I would have to look it over. Now, he is insinuating that enrollment into their recruiting program was just a favor and I would not be receiving any kind of refund. I then requested a full refund($3,000, minus their processing fees)for a second time. In return, I received an email stating that my they could do nothing for my son and he is NOT a good fit for their program. Student Athlete World did nothing for my child. They took money for a service that was not rendered. They never tried to research my child's height, weight, GPA, grades, or even reach out to his AAU and high school coaches about his playing abilities.It is so strange that my child was a GREAT fit for their program, as long as I was paying installments.I never signed ANY contract with Student Athlete World on paper or via email. They took money for services that they did not deliver. This is why I am requesting a refund of money paid to the company, minus their $398 processing fee.Desired SettlementI would like a refund of money paid to the company($3,000), minus their processing fee($398)Business Response None of this complaint is factual. Honestly, I had a hard time even understand what this individual was trying to say. We run a travel business and this guy signed his son up for a trip. We have a very clear refund policy. Of course we have to as we do things like buy plane tickets and reserve hotel rooms for travelers. So, if a client decides not to go on the trip at the last minute we would be out the money we paid our vendors. Myself and my partner are ALWAYS prompt with returning phone calls and talking with our customers. So, to make a statement like, "he didn't call me back" is a lie. The reality is that this kid decided Europe was too scary and didn't want to go. His dad contacted us, after the deadline where a refund was possible. We didn't make any money off him, we had already booked the trip for him. We bent over backwards offering to put him in our recruiting program for free AS A FAVOR. The guy said yes. Of course, knowing that he missed the deadline, something free is better than nothing. Now, two years later he writes a message on the for some reason? I guess he's the type of guy who likes to blame others for his own shortcomings. I stand 100% by our communication, process, and customer service in this situation.Consumer Response The company's response is very untrue and absolutely humiliating. First, I would like to say that I am a very educated individual. I have been coaching little league baseball, football and basketball for the past 15 years. I even started my own non-profit organization for underprivileged youth. I am a positive role model in my community as well. For this company to attack my integrity is just not right. I have been extremely patient with this company. I will not go into a war of words, but what I will do is repeat the facts. I have email proof that states the first time that I had ever seen the contract is on August 24, 2015. Their refund policy is on this contract. How would I ever know their refund policy, if I had never seen this contract. The same contract that I supposedly signed. This is the exact same contract that I have been asking for, for months. Everything that I have stated is true and correct. This company taken money for a service and did not deliver. And after they had taken my deposit, contacted me saying that my son was not a good fit for their program. If my son is not a good fit for their program, why not return my money. I am very disappointed how things turned out. I had even talked with Mr. [redacted] about sending other kids to his company. Just as I stated before, I have verification and copies of emails, receipts and correspondence with Student Athlete World, that will back up everything that I am saying. Final Business Response I'm not sure why this individual would need to tell the or any one else that he is intelligent or a role model? How is that relevant? How is his record as a little league coach relevant? So, his argument is that he never saw a contract but paid in $3000 to go on a trip to Europe? Not seeing a contract and paying $3,000 might not be the most intelligent thing, but who am I to judge? He is saying that he wasn't able to see the contract? That is a lie. Our contract is on our website in the public domain. Anyone can easily view our contract and terms at any time. Is a positive role model someone who lies?Regardless, he paid money for a trip to Europe and cancelled after our deadline. Our refund policy is all over our website, on the application page, the FAQ page, and on our contracts. We are not trying to trick anyone with a refund policy. We HAVE to have a refund policy because we take the money from the customer and do things like buy a plane ticket in their name and make reservations for hotels and meals etc. It doesn't take a successful little league coaching record or extreme intelligence to understand that many of those things require money up front to our vendors that we can't get back. We can't tell the airlines, well can you please give us our money back for that ticket we bought because this guy coaches little league baseball. It won't work with our vendors, unfortunately we are the middle man in the situation. We are not selling a "service" here... we are selling a trip to Europe. This guy paid for a trip to Europe and then decided after the refund deadline he didn't want to go. How can we deliver our promise to send him to Europe if he didn't want to go? If this guy has "verification and copies of emails, receipts and correspondence with Student Athlete World, that will back up everything that he is saying" then why not provide them here? Isn't that what this forum is for? You can't just say "everything I am saying is true and correct" and that automatically means it is. It's sort of like saying you are smart. It sort of defeats the purpose of the statement if you have to say it.I also want to address the statement he made about us telling him his son was not a good fit for our program. That is a separate issue, not for the trip to Europe. AFTER he missed the deadline for a refund we offered to take the kid in our recruiting program out of the kindness of our hearts in order to help a kid. (of course, in hindsight, had we known this kid's dad was a disaster we would not have done that). Anyway, I went out of pocket and into the red to offer services to him in our recruiting program, asking this guy to simply go to our website and log in. After he couldn't even do that we told him that the kid wasn't a good fit. Why? Because we can't help someone who can't help themselves. This has nothing to do with the refund he is asking for or his issue.The reality is this guy is really hard to communicate with and terribly hard to understand. He says he's an intelligent guy who is not lying. It can't be both. The deadline he missed was 14 months ago. I've been telling him for 14 months that there is nothing I can do. He keeps harassing me every few months with a random phone call with correspondence that doesn't make sense to me. I would like this guy to stop harassing me.

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