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Sullivan Roofing & Home Improvements

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Had roof replaced in July of 2013. In October of 2013 business was notified that new roof was leaking. Sullivan said someone was coming out, no one ever came. It would rain again and the new roof would leak...called, texted and ignored. This was November/December time frame. Finally called the business that recommended him to us and got a response from SUllivan. They said it was my skylight and they would need to replace it. Never saw anyone and the skylight was never replaced. This was January timeframe...Emailed again and someone finally came out and said they caulked the skylight and it should be fixed. Did not fix, still leaking. The leak is elsewhere too as it is leaking in the house causing my hardwoods to buckle. I am tired of being ignored and I think 5 months is ample time to repair the issue. I am hiring another contractor to come fix the issue and charging the bill to Sullivan's. Will probably end up filing a lawsuit to be reimburse for repair to roof and damaged flooring.Product_Or_Service: July 2014Desired SettlementAt the present, I do not trust Sullivan's to fix my roof as they have shown to be incompetent. I want to be reimbursed for the money spent on another contractor to repair the problem once and for all.Business Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted]Contact Phone: [redacted]Contact Email: [redacted]Hi I am the owner of this company and yes I replaced the roof back in July of 2013. She emailed me I never got a phone call from her. I got a email from her in never with her stating that she had a leak so I emailed her back and we went back and forth so I understood her to be talking about a skylight to be leaking we went out sealed around the skylight I thought she was talking about. Everytime we went out there no one was home or they wouldnt come outside to talk to us. She has a total of 3 skylights in this area it is a outside porch area with a concrete pad as the floor. Any way I sealed and sealed around the glass tell I told her that I would replace it with a new have pictures to prove it. After we replace the skylight she emailed me again and said still leaking so I ask her when she was going to be home. So we finally got there with her being there and come to find out we were on the wrong skylight. So we started the process over again sealing around the glass of the skylight. I told her it needed a new seal the same as the other one we replaced these skylights 15 plus years old and my warranty does not cover the fram or glass of the skylight it only covers the flashing around it. AndI told her if this ddidn't fix it she was going to have to replace it well I think maybe she got mad because it continue to leak. That's when I got this letter from the b.b.b. so we went over there and took the skylight fram off sealed under it on the curb placed it back down and sealed the top around the glass again. I have emailed her 3 or 4 times no response from her so we have been twice once after the rain no leak and once during the rain no leak. I don't know much about the floors bucking since she has never said anything to me about this when we met her out there. And since she will not return any emails there's not a lot of I can say about it. (FYI -1 he was told the skylights needed to be replace with the roof she stated she didn't have the money) I have picks of the new skylight installed, the one we sealed around to stop her leak, and the old one that has not been touched and also other pics of roof and Chimmy that has mortar joints separating from the brick with 1/4" gaps in them and white streaking coming out of cracks this shows that the Chimmy is taking on water and that would be my guess for the floors on the inside but I don't know cause I have not seen them thank you. Consumer Response It took filing this complaint to get a response from this contractor. Early on I called many times with no calls back. Then I started texting. With no response from texting or phone calls, I called the company that referred them to me to tell them what was going on and only after that did I get a text back. Never did he ever tell me when someone was going out to the house to look at it. In earlier emails and texts I asked for a 30 min notice and I could meet him any time, any day. I work full time and cannot be there 24/7 on the chance that they may or may not show up that day. The whole reason the roof was replaced to begin with was because my floors were buckling inside and Sullivan's knew this. It was only after no calls, texts or emails and being ignored for almost 5 months with my roof constantly leaking, we hired someone else to look at the roof. I was tired of the roof leaking every time it rained and I was tired of dealing with Sullivan's. At this point we deemed his company incompetent on many levels of service and ability and I filed the complaint hoping to recover some of the extra costs. I didn't even want Sullivan's back on my roof trying to fix anything. I did not appreciate the fact that they came over to my house with no one home and do anything to my roof. I do not trust their ability to fix anything. This may or may not have made things worse.As far as warranty, I have seen nothing in writing as to what the warranty covers. I was never told the skylights needed replacing until after one of his guys stepped on one and broke it and then they were forced to replace it. We brought him to replace the roof in the first place because we had a leak. Clearly, he had no idea what the original problem was because we are still leaking in the SAME spot as well as other places that were not leaking prior to his roof replacement. I cannot help they took it upon themselves to come out and fix something that wasn't even a problem without notifying me that they were going to be there. It has been over a week since he supposedly came to fix the "correct" skylight and it is STILL leaking. Just a side note, NONE of the skylight's leaked until the new roof was put on. One more thing I would like to add is that he figured his pricing wrong in the initial quote. We felt bad because it cost him more money to replace my roof, so we paid him more that he asked. If we were willing to compensate for his lack of ability to quote a correct amount of shingles, then I think he should've gone out of the way to help us. It's just hard to find good, honest people these days.And yes, I have not responded to any correspondence from him since filing this complaint. My complaint clearly stated that the only thing I want from Sullivan's at this point is to cover the cost of hiring a new contractor to fix my roof once and for all. If they show up on my property unannounced and uninvited in the future, I will file a trespassing complaint.Final Business Response This lady is blaming me for the the current leaks at her house witch is coming from the masonry from the chimmy. I am not a Mason so I don't think I am to blame whether it is leaking or not she never showed me the leaks on the inside where she says she still has.Also she has had some one else on the roof witch would void all warranty any way. I have tried to be more than helpful to help her and she will not return any emails also she says has not had any response from me but then she says she has if you read what she wrote it says it right there. Also she does not own t his property nor is she the one who paid me. But like what was said in her response some people just want to blame other people and it is hard to fine honest people some people want something for nothing also I her earlier response we didn't replace any skylights but now she says we did like I said I will do anything to help. This house was bought out of for closer witch don't mean is trash but alot of maintains was left undone because It was empty and now it's everyone else's problem but the owner I can not help someone who stuff is out dated an needed to be replace when the roof was (skylights) as I told them. I am truly sorry that the floors are bucking on the inside but I am not a Mason. And I can't beheld resposable for that. Thank you and please let me know if I can be any more help. Ps... I was told your floors was buckling from an ice maker leaked

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