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Summit Moving & Storage, Inc.

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We are not going to engage in a he said, she said conversation with MsC*** Not at anytime did I tell *** that we would not be willing to turn her claim into our insurance companyYes, I did tell her that we have NEVER had anything like this ever occur before All of our employees make over $an hour...we are one of the highest paying moving companies in the area Furthermore, our employees are NOT responsible for paying for any damage the occurs during a moveThat is simply UNTRUE!!!!! The facts of the matter is...MsC*** signed her Bill of Lading and released her belongings at the value of cents per pound per article Our insurance company will not settle with her for any more than what she signed for We have offered her a total of $392.00...the outstanding balance of her move...which is more then double our legal obligation to her and would more then repair her items that were damagedOur offer to her is fair and final

Charlie Wilson's has been in business for over 64-yearsOur goal is to take care of our customerSometimes, even with the best intentions, we fall short of this goalI believe this to be the case with Ms***'s challengeI have spoken to *** ***, sales manager as well as ***, sales
associate about Ms***'s complaintWhat I have found are some communication issues with both customers speaking to one another, *** and ***, as well as our staff interacting with both customers*** originally placed the order over the phone for a new refrigerator with *** had a few specific requests that were accommodated by the chosen refrigeratorUnfortunately, the original refrigerator delivered Friday August 25th had damage and was refusedIn the name of timeliness, *** made an exception and rather than order another refrigerator and deliver it the next week, he offered to take the store's floor model and deliver it right away on Saturday, which was the next dayCustomer was made aware that refrigerator was a floor modelCustomer agreed to accept the delivery of the floor model*** inspected the floor model and deemed it to be free of dentsThis refrigerator was transferred from the store to our stock truck, to our warehouse and then onto the delivery truckUnfortunately, even after *** inspected the refrigerator, the second refrigerator was also delivered damagedUnderstandably, Ms*** is again upset by our failing to deliver a dent-free refrigeratorShe contacts *** and explains her concernsThat information is passed to ***This occurred on Saturday the 26th*** chose to wait until Monday to speak with Ms***Ms*** chose to call *** early Monday and according to ***, Ms*** demanded her money backI agree that this is the best conclusion to this interaction and therefore, we will pick up the damaged refrigerator and refund Ms*** the amount of $

I am rejecting this response because:Please refer to the attached document:

Response:First of all, our company would like to apologize for the inconvenience this issue has causedIt is our ultimate goal to provide the best service that we canIn this instance, parts for the refrigerator were order in late August of We are still waiting on a couple of parts due to
availability issues from the manufacturerThe unit purchased was a closeout because KitchenAid was completely redesigning their lineThis has been the hold up with the partsMy KitchenAid sales rep will be in my office tomorrow to discuss a resolutionI spoke directly to *** *** today and explained what I would be requesting to take care of this issueSincerely yours, *** *** General Manager*** *** *** *** **

From: sales manager, *** *** who received original complaint and contacted the Conciliation Department"I would like to mention that I mailed a response after I spoke to someone at the and I assume it never was received? I contacted LG and they will be scheduling a service technician
with her (*** ***) within the next 2-days according to *** from LG to both the range and microwave."Thank you
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below
I will wait to hear from LG but I did contact them myself and was told that my fridge is not under warranty because the company sold me a defective fridge that Charlie *** has been given a refund forThey also can't seem to find my oven in warranty eitherI was also told that since I have contacted Charlie Wilsons since the time of install on the over (which I have phone records of) I should have been given a replacement immediately and not sent to warranty because I was sold a non-working applianceThere still has been no contact from the company by phone or mail since I filed the complaint and attempted to contact them.
*** ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
[redacted] is not being truthful. [redacted] was told the refrigerator was NEW and had been removed from the box only 2 - 3 days prior. He did NOT say it was a 'floor model'. The item delivered had clearly been out of the box more than 2 - 3 days and did not work at all. While there were dents and scratches, the refrigerator DID NOT COOL after being plugged in for 48 hours. We were led to believe this was a new refrigerator that had been taken out of the box 2 - 3 days before but there was dust on the top and top of the door and a substance on the underside of the freezer door. The unit DID NOT COOL. When I told [redacted] the refrigerator did not work, he wanted to know what I wanted to do. He did not offer to reconcile my problem and he refused to allow me to speak to anyone else so I had no choice but to ask for my money back because the refrigerator DID NOT WORK.  

Charlie Wilson's would like to apologize for the challenges our customer has had with these appliances and the lack of follow-up correspondence. I have spoken to the sales associate, sales manager, our installer and our warehouse manager. I have contacted our Whirlpool representative and am awaiting...

her response. As I understand it, the customer came to us to purchase the appliances including the trim kit. At time of sale, sales associate contacted our only installer who said he was unable to install the trim kit. This was due to the way the appliances had to be positioned on their back and then stood up. It was too much for him to handle. This response from our installer was passed along to the customer at which time customer stated they would take care of it themselves.Appliances were ordered, arrived and delivered to customer. Neither customer nor sales associate were aware appliances did not come with factory-installed icemaker, therefore, ice maker was purchased, delivered and installed. While warehouse manager was at home, customer and manager determined what would be needed to install trim kit. Conclusion was plastic legs for trim kit application were missing from trim kit packaging. Appliances were left in same position as they were found. Warehouse manager let sales associate know of findings who alerted sales manager who contacted manufacturer's representative.This is where challenge stands. I have sent correspondence to representative for update as to options. It appears we have been acting as an agent for our customer as opposed to the customer dealing directly with the manufacturer. I will provide an update once I receive a response from our representative.Thank you.

We performed a local move for Ms. C[redacted] on 10/4/16.  During the even of her move a fire occurred in the truck.  We do not know exactly how this happened.  An occurrence of this type has NEVER happened in all the 50+ years we have been in business.  Our employees are not...

permitted in our customer's homes, around their belongings or our truck. If so, they would be terminated our facility is the only government approved storage facility in Summit County and smoking is strictly prohibited and our employees are trained follow these guidelines without fail. Nevertheless, during the course of her move, she did call to speak to Bill to inform him of what happened.  Bill tried to assure her that we would take care of the damage and investigate what happened.  Never, at any time did he suggest that she handle it with her insurance company or that she was in anyway responsible.  She seemed more interested in continuing to discuss the issue, rather then allowing the men to complete the move.  Bill did remind her that the men were on her clock and suggested allowing to let them finish and that we could work out the rest later.  In the end, she wrote us a check for LESS than half of the total cost of her move in the form of a check...which she stopped payment of immediately...not even allowing us to make arrangements to view or make an attempt to settle with or make proper repairs.  Once we received her complaint through the, I, Debbie C[redacted] called her to try and discuss with her what happened.  She returned my call.  I listened to her complaint.  She indicated that she didn't know how the fire started...whether it was started by one of our men smoking or someone living in the complex walking by and flicking a lit cigarette in the truck..which there was no evidence of a cigarette of any kind.  It was my turn to speak...she barely let me get a word in edge wise.  I tried to explain to her that it was irrelevant how the fire started...she went crazy...I said, please let me finish!  I proceeded to tell her that her belongings were in our possession; therefore we are responsible.  I did proceed to tell her that we have an excellent furniture repair man that we would be happy to send him out to inspect the damage.  Which she responded by saying that all the pieces (3 in question) are all priceless antiques and that their value will be diminished if repaired.  I did discuss the fact that she did not pay for her move and that payment in full would be expected.  At that point she started yelling at me and said that she was not going to pay us a dime..and threatened me that she as going to contact every agency available to tarnish our reputation and then proceeded to hang up on me.  She was VERY irrational and difficult to communicate with.  The facts of the matter are these:  Yes, we did move her on 10/4/16, yes the truck caught on fire, she signed her bill of lading releasing her belongings at the standard rate in our industry and required by law of 60 cents per pound per article. For example, all three of her items weighed 100 pounds each (which they don't)...our total, legal responsibility to her would be $180.00.  At this point, she has not paid anything for her move.  The total amount she owes for her move is $392.00.  We are willing to forgo payment of her move ($392.00) as settlement in FULL for her claim...which is well above what we are legally obligated to her.

From: Date: Thu, Dec 21, 2017 at 4:44 PMSubject: [redacted] Complaint to the Revdex.comTo: Scott – I received a notice that we got a complaint from [redacted] – unfortunately the emails keep going to an old email that we do not regularly monitor.  We have asked twice to have it...

updated.  Anyway, I’ve reached out to Mrs. [redacted] and will get this issue resolved asap. Any questions please call me.  Jim Summit Moving and Storage885 E Tallmadge AvenueAkron, Ohio  44310Agent for Wheaton World Wide MovingCell: 216-314-6159Ph:    330-633-3633Fax:  330-633-2849www.summitmo...
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me.  I will wait for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved.

Update from [redacted], sales manager: "I contacted LG Customer Service again to follow up on the service call I reported previously. LG Customer Service has record of my call and dispatched it to [redacted] & Appliance on January 23. [redacted]  is the authorized servicer for LG in the area. I then contacted [redacted] with [redacted], who has previously been in contact with Mrs. [redacted], to be certain he had the newest call for Mrs. [redacted] which he said he did. He said he also contacted Mrs. [redacted] and told me he has the part on order for her range and refrigerator. Finally, he mentioned that when the parts came in he would set the service call and check her microwave too."

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