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Summit Pre-Owned of Raleigh

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have been dealing with [redacted] since I moved to [redacted] Honest, trustworthy, efficient, knows cars! A great mechanic who you can trustHighly recommendedI have moved [redacted] away but still take my car to Byron AutomotiveYou should too! I have reviewed the offer and/or response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.Three weeksIt took three weeks for Martin's to move and get their third party to credit my daughters account for their error They continued to try to claim that it was the responsibility of the third partyWe did not shop at the third party retail outletwe shopped at Martins, and they should not be permitted to hold a customers money for that length of time We will not shop at Martin's in the future, or it's affiliated ahold stores Customers beware of shopping at this store Regards, [redacted] ***

I called and spoke to the customer The stores did have signage up in the meat department (near the turkey displays) with the exceptions to the $purchase I apologized to the customer for the confusion and offered her a $gift card for the confusion She will pick the gift
card up Friday 11/21/from the *** store She was happy with this resolution
Thank you,
*** ***

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's offer. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]
I have reviewed the offer
made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to meI will wait for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolvedIf the company does not perform as promised I can get back to you at: ***
*** ***

have been dealing with [redacted] since I moved to [redacted]. Honest, trustworthy, efficient, knows cars! A great mechanic who you can trust. Highly recommended. I have moved [redacted] away but still take my car to Byron Automotive. You should too!
I have reviewed the...

offer and/or response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.Three weeks. It took three weeks for Martin's to move and get their third party to credit my daughters account for their error.  They continued to try to claim that it was the responsibility of the third party. We did not shop at the third party retail outlet. we shopped at Martins, and they should not be permitted to hold a customers money for that length of time.  We will not shop at Martin's in the future, or it's affiliated ahold stores.  Customers beware of shopping at this store. 

We apologize that the customer was double billed due to a systems issue with our credit card processing company, [redacted], who has since reached out to the customer and assured him that this issue is being resolved expeditiously.

Unreliable Car, with incomplete service spending hundreds of dollars just to remain stranded. In February of 2013 I took my saving and tax refund to Summit Preown of [redacted] in hopes of find a vehicle transport me to snd from work. After several hours of working with a traveling salesmen, I was able to get approved for a [redacted]. It was not my dream car, but it was a reliable car... so I thought! After having the vehicle for little over a week it began to malfunction on my way to work. At 4:30 in the morning I preceed to crake the vehicle, like normal, and head to work; instead of craking, the vehicle begins to rattle and make this loud humming sound. I immediately turn the vehicle off and get out to check and see if there are any issues under the hood ( I checked the fluids). Seeing that all fluids were full, I preceed to crake the vehicle again with success, so I proceed to leave my home. I get about 10 feet away from the parking stop it was in and the vehicle begins to rattle and hum louder; Ithem stop the car, turn it off, and find other means of getting to work. I called Summit during my lunch break, explained to them what happened, told them I nolonger wanted that vehicle and to come get it. The vehicle was picked up by them and then proceedings to get me into another vehicle began.On March 14, 2013, after a little extra work and a little more down ($2000 total), they were able to get me into a [redacted]. This vehicle came with 88, 203 miles, priced at $11, 514, finance fees at $5, 475.36, and a 20% total time balance. Now me being a first time car buyer I am unaware of what is good or bad, I'm just excited that I now have a running vehicle. This vehicle runs great for several months until sometime in November 2013 when I proceed to crake and would not start. This was kind of a repeat of what happened with the first vehicle I was given; instead of craking and making a rattle noise, if just refused to turn over. This makes me late for work and very unhappy seeing as how this is now the second vehicle I have gotten from them that is causing me issues. I call Summit, explain this situation and was told to have it towed there and they will take a look at it. Luckly, I have [redacted] at this so towing was not an issue. The [redacted] was at Summit for hours and I had not gotten a phone call from anyone. When I call, that afternoon, I am finally told that the vehicle needs a new fuel pump which was not covered under warrenty and will cost me $500+ for parts and labor. I attempted to fight this due to the fact I had only purchase this vehicle 9 months prior, but I caved and paid the funds, was told I have a brand new fuel pump which would be under warranty for a year. Less then a month later my fuel pump goes out again leaving me stranded at work. I have it towed to Summit, they "fix it" and I pick it up that evening. This happens a few more things, now costing me towing fees and inconveniencing me multiple times; not to mention being accused of running my gas low, which I do not do. The last time the vehicle stalls on me was June 10th, 2014 and this time I'm told its not the fuel pump, even though it behaves the same way it has in the past. This is much more of an inconvenience then is has been in the past because I am now preparing to move. After paying another $80 to have the vehicle towed I am then told it would cost me $474.20 to have a new fuse box put into the [redacted]. This eats into my moving budget and causes me much more stress then in the past dealing with this vehicle. I had no option fees which caused others issues for my move. After my move I feel confident that I will have no futher issues, but I was wrong; one evening traveling down [redacted] during 5 o'clock traffic the [redacted] shuts off on me in the middle of the highway. Being that I now live 2.5 hours away from [redacted] I feel stranded. I have called and left messages for the owner with no response. This has not been a pleasant car buying experience. Desired SettlementAt this point I do not feel as if Summit Preown Automotive has my best interest at heart. I feel entitled to a refund of some of the funds I paid to have the [redacted] fixed and a new vehicle thar is reliable. This time I want to pick out the vehicle of choice and do not feel I should have to pay anymore then I paid in the beginning. The goal is not to have any legal proceedings with this matter and to have a newer vehicle of my choosing that is reliable and will transport me to and from work. Business Response My name is [redacted] the General Manager of Summit Pre-owned Of Raliegh. The customer bought the vehicle 3/14/2013 and did not purchase an extended warranty.the miles at delivery where [redacted].the vehicle was towed in to us 11/20/2013 with [redacted] miles because the car would start and after diagnosis found the fuel pump had failed. The customer originally declined the repairs but after six days and to help out with a good customer we reduced the price of the repairs. On 3/03/2014 the car was towed in because it would start and found the fuel pump had failed and was repaired under the manufacturer parts warranty at no cost to the customer.6/12/14 the car was towed in because it would start and found the fuse block under the rear seat had shorted out it was paid for by the customer at a cost of $474.05.These above are the only times the customer has been in since delivery. I understand the customers concerns with the repairs but these unfortunate break downs on pre-owned autos are not something anyone can predict especailly when you approach these kind of miles. I would do everything I can to trade the customer out of the vehicle into another of course pending financial approval from a lending institution. My service manager has tried several times to reach the customer with no contact or return call to try to help with the current mechanical issue.Respectfully [redacted] GM Summit Pre-owned Of Raliegh

Received scratch mailer with winning code and numbers for $20000. They took the mailer from us and disappeared then said we won $2. We came in with a mailer that had winning scratch off for 20000 or new 2014 ford fusion. Once we got there they took the mailer from us and disappeared for about 5 minutes. Then the manager came and said they were sorry we weren't looking for a new car and that we had won $2. They did not return the mailer or anything. Desired SettlementOur correct prize and guarantee they will not do this to others Business Response My name is [redacted] the General Manager of Summit Pre-owned Of Raleigh.The company that did the mailer for us handles all the prizes and proper disclaimers to our customers.This is the first time I have used this particular mail company and they have done several mailers for stores in the triangle and came highly recommended.I apologize because the intent is certainly not to have any of my guests that come into my store to feel like thy were not treated fairly.I pay for all the prizes in the mailer and my wish is that someone wins them all. We sent out 35k mailers approximately and the odds are really good of winning the top prize. I will make sure that if I do any other mailers of this type that I will remove her from the mailing list and make sure that they make where it is easier for a customer to understand the mailer.Respectfully[redacted]General MangerConsumer Response The disclosures on the mailer, which you took from us and disappeared with and did not return, indicated odds of winning, that our id must match the address on the mailer and that we would have to be 18. It did not indicate that a meager $2 prize was even an option or explain how you can get away with not providing a prize your mailer promised. Final Business Response The disclaimer on her peice as I am sure the sales consultant covered with her showed her correct prize which in this case I am sure was the $2.0 prize. The mail company has done the mail peice before in our area and has to make sure of the legality prior to sending.We were a [redacted] store prior to GM dropping the franchise and won many corporate awards for service excellence.The mailer was simply an attempt to let folks in the area know we are here and still as business as a used car center. Certainly it was not intended to cause anyone heartache.Based on the consumers feedback I will certainly not do mailers of this type in the future but the consumer did not win the top prize as much as I wish they would have.

Since we puchase the [redacted] we have had nothing but repair issues for a [redacted] used is rediculous. We paid about $12,000 and more. And repairsWe purchase car in April and have been getting repairs now here it is august.Desired SettlementWe would like to change car or get our money refunded.Business Response The only item we have done to the customers car is an oil change since the date of sale. The repair in question was done at a ** facility near where the customer attends school. The repair was performed and the extended warranty the customer bought paid for the repair minus any ded uctible if it applied. Once the vehicle broke down again we suggested it be towed to my facility so we could analyze the issue. We contacted the extenses warranty company and they suggested taking it to the local ** dealer. They repaired the vehicle which was a different diagnosis and this repair was not covered under the warranty. The customer agreed to pay for the repair. The customer brought the car back to our store and we bought the vehice from them at market value plus approximately $400 extra to help cover thier out of pocket expense for the latest repair.Consumer Response I will not do any more business with that company and the situation is resolvedFinal Consumer Response

I went into Summit Pre-owned to purchase a vehicle. Got approved for the car ([redacted])with [redacted] in [redacted] on 4/7/14. Drove the car for about two weeks and received a call telling me that I could not keep that car because the financial company wanted me to get a new model car with less mileages. They found me a [redacted] received the car on April 22 2014. On 5/1/14, I received a call for [redacted] at Summit Pre-owned stating that the [redacted] in [redacted] was going out of business and they insured me that he had a finance company that would finance me for the car. I told him that I spoke with someone at [redacted] and they did say they were having problems however if I had a loan with them they will notify me. I spoke with [redacted] and told him that I was not sign another loan because I had sign one with [redacted]. [redacted] and the Man for [redacted] company ensured me they the had me a loan and would finance me for the car. They ask me to come in on 5/5/14 to sign the loan and they would sign the loan for [redacted] Corp stating that I do not owe on two loans. [redacted] at Summit Pre-owned ensured over and over that [redacted] company had a approved me for a loan. I asked him was everything ready for me to sign and approved. [redacted] stated the [redacted] had a approved and everything was fine and I would not have another problems.Product_Or_Service: carDesired SettlementI do not have any more problems with a loan company and my car is finance. [redacted] at Summit Pre-owned and everyone at Summit Pre-owned keep their word.Business Response We optioned financing for the customer through [redacted] .The company before the loan could be completely processed they came under investigation by the Government and ceased operation without any notice to my company. [redacted] has stepped in and is handling any outstanding deals such as this purchase and we have finalized the deal for the customer and they will bot have any further issues.

Promised to repair front bumper on newly purchased [redacted]. RE: Front BumperI purchased a [redacted] from Summit Pre-Owned of Raleigh, NC on November 1, 2014. One week later I noticed that the passenger side from bumper was not affixed to the car. I called and left several messages for someone to call me back concerning the bumper repair. On Saturday November 15, 2014 my husband and I drove to Summit Pre-owned and spoke with [redacted] and "[redacted]" about the repair of the bumper. We were advised by "[redacted]" that "clips" were missing that secure the bumper to the car. He stated, "We would order the clips and call me when they arrive so that I could bring the car in". I waited an additional two weeks and no one called me. My temporary tag expired on Monday December 1, 2014 so I drove to Summit to pick up my permanent tag. During this time I spoke face to face with [redacted] who advised me that "he knew who I was because I had left several messages. He told me "[redacted]" wasn't there and he would consult with him tomorrow on the status of the parts. Also during this visit [redacted] sat in the driver seat of my car and proceeded to adjust my radio so that he could connect me to [redacted] so that I could answer the phone handsfree. I had already connected my [redacted] and it was working. Before I could stop him from trying to reconnect me he had already deleted my connection. He said he could restore what he had deleted if I had my cell phone with me. Unfortunately, I did not have my cell phone with me at the time. When I got home that evening I was unable to restore the [redacted]. I am really upset at this point. Still no phone call from "[redacted]" Husband called Summit on Friday December 5, 2014 and was told to bring the car in Wednesday December 10, 2014. They stated that they were going to give me loaner car until my car was repaired.My husband and I drove to Summit Pre-Owned on Wednesday, December 10, 2014 only to find a note taped to the from door which read " Business Closed effective 12/10/14. By this time my factor warranty had reached 36,017 miles, 36, 000 is the limit. However, Summit was aware of the mileage and told me it was ok and that they were more than likely going to have to replace the front bumper. The business is now closed and I was unable to get my car repaired. I immediately drove to the [redacted] Dealership in Durham, NC to see if I could trade the car from Summit in. When I told the sales representative how much I paid for the car and how much I put down on the car. He told me " You were not treated very kindly by the dealership". "They overcharged you, this type of car is about $6,000.00 less than what you paid for it". "We offer this car at or around $15,000.00". I feel mistreated and mislead by Summit and it's personel and I am asking for the retune of the down payment of $4000.00.Desired SettlementI was excessively overcharged for this car and I put a $4,000.00 down payment on the car. The car was never repaired and they were put out of business on the day they told me to bring the car in for repair. I feel cheated, mislead and used

Services invoiced were not performedSince I bought my [redacted] ([redacted]) car I have taken it for service and inspection to Summit Pre-Owned of Raleigh on Capital Blvd. Each invoice has the line item:"LUBE OIL FILTER - INSPECT BRAKES/TIRESBELTS/AIR FILTER/WIPER BLADES - TOP OFFFLUIDS/LOOK FOR LEAKS/CHECK TIRE PRESSUR"Issue:I was stopped at a light and when the light turned green, I tried to drive and 1st gear was slipping. So I kicked it and over-drive was slipping as well. I limped it to the side of the road and opened the cap to the transmission and smelled very burnt fluid. So I had the car towed to my house and took my wife's car to the auto parts store for new filter, seal, fluid and stop slip.When I drained the transmission, less than 1 quart of fluid came out. To put this into perspective, my car takes 9.5 quarts. My last service was on 05-24-2014; how could I lose over 8.5 quarts when there are no leaks and my parking space at work and at home are both clean.The fluid that did come out was black and was burnt. I called to ask them and they stated that if there is no dipstick then they do not check the fluids and therefore do not top them off or change them. Any qualified mechanic would know that for the [redacted], you just need to remove the check plug and (with the car turned off) stick a finger or a skewer, dipstick or other object that will not put debris in the fluid into the check opening and the fluid should be up to the bottom of the hole. It is really that easy.Now I am stuck with a transmission related problem that will cost anywhere between $300 to thousands of dollars depending on the issue.If you take your car here the be aware that if something is not easy then it is not done.I also got my inspection at this location on 05/24/2014 and told them that my check engine light was on and that it needed to be checked out. They seemed unconcerned since the car passed inspection and the oil got changed. I have no idea how the car passed inspection with the check engine light on; this seems shady.Question and confirm EVERYTHING on your invoice. Just because it is on the invoice does not mean that they actually performed the task.Beware; they are just another shady mechanic giving a bad name to the good, honest, hard working mechanics.Desired SettlementI would like for Summit to find the problem and fix it, free of charge; regardless of the fix needed. If the transmission is shot then they need to replace it. It is their negligence that caused this issue and it should be up to them to fix it. I was living at an apartment at the time so I was unable to check/change my fluids if there was ANY chance that there would be leakage. Not the mention that the parking spot was inclined and I would need level ground for that.Business Response The customer called the dealership today and talked with my service advisor.She consulted with my service manager and my lead tech regarding the complaint.She informed the customer that we would need to look at the car to analyze and he stated he didnt want us to look at his car and would take it elsewhere and hung up on her.. Before hanging up he stated after he started having the problem he changed the transmission filter but we are not sure if this was done prior to bringing it to us us or not. We check all fluids and top off fluids when needed but unfortunately some cars the manufacture doesnt give you a way to check the transmission on this model unless you use a scan tool.The customer was in on 05/24/2014 and the mileage.The customer stated the car now has around 86000. So it had been 7000 miles since the vehicle was in our shop and over five months.Lastly the customer stated that the car passed the state inspection in May with the check ebgine light on. The system will not allow us to pass a car with the SES light on so this could not have happened. I certainly want to look at his car and see if we can help analyze whats going on with the car but I cant do if he will not bring it to us.I would be more than happy in order to satisfy this customer to discount any repair that may be required afterward but I dont see where we are responsible for any issues that may have surfaced.Business Response There is two issues here.1.State Inspection: North Carolina DMV State Inspection Machines that are connected to the automobile WILL NOT let you PASS the vehicle with a check engine light on. Its not like it used to be when you could go to a friend at a gas station and they would slap a sticker on your car.2.Transmission: to my knowledge all we have ever done to the customers car has been sporadic oil changes at intervals beyond normal reccomandations. Its unfortunate the transmission is not working properly. That is why when we sell our pre-owned vehicles we offer the opportunity for customers to purchase coverage in cases like this. Like I stated before I would perform any repair at an employee rate whether it was here or most likely we would have to send it to a transmission shop that does those repairs for us.We still havent seen the vehicle and if the customer decides to seek legal counsel it certainly is his right but I see nothing Summit has done wrong. The burden is on the customer to maintain their vehicle and know what services must be performed.Respectfully GM

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Description: Used Car Dealerships, Auto Repair Services

Address: 91 Mackenan Dr, Cary, North Carolina, United States, 27511-7910


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