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Sunbelt Rentals Inc

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I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to my concern, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.
First of all my name is [redacted] , not [redacted], I'm not denying that I put stop leakage but I would like to remind you because apparently they didn't listen to me right that the only time I put stop leakage was before I ever fixed it the first time I let him know that it had blown head gasket when I bought the car and my father in law helped me repair it and after we repaired it I never put stop leakage again even after we had replace the radiator the first time. When they said they fixed it the first time I never the stop leakage again that was only once and like I've said before I only did that once since I bought that car. I never said I put stop leakage after I put in the radiator. I'm not denying that they helped with a car but that doesn't mean they always lend me the car every time I brought in my car yea they lend me the at after a month I kept taking the car for the same problem and when I would get my car back the next day it would start to over heat little by little because I use my car for work at Entree Express and when the problem would accure I would have to stop working and I would bring the car the next day. The longest I used their car which I appreciated it when I had something for work was a week,  and that was when they were finally fixing my car and this was in December all the other times I would drive it for a day or two and the following day is when I would pick up my car and within a couple a days it would start over heating I took my car more than a few days to the shop. The problem was bad that through out the two months my work started to think I was being a hassle and I was almost fired for this I have my manager that would back me up with this. Towards December my manger didn't want to put me on the schedule for work because of my liability and she didn't want me driving someone's else's car but that week of them fixing my car they didn't know I was driving their car I had to lie to them because I was running short on rent and had to work. I don't see how every time I took it in it had so much stop leakage that couldn't be remove that whole time because that was always the problem and right their they are making it seemed that I did all that and I didn't if anything I would ask my father in law of what would be happening with the car and I wouldn't touch it or him he would simply just say to keep taking it in to the shop and I would even be surprised about their being stop leakage I started to not even believe it anymore. I don't understand why they let it happened that whole time and I feel as if they were just waiting for it to get more damage to charge me more and that's how I feel about. Yes I want this resolve but I'm putting in my two sense because I hate being called a  liar. I would like to mention I was always respectful and honest and gave them the benefit of the doubt.

Response to complaint# 11948028   From Auto-Metrics Mr. [redacted] brought his vehicle into us for a overheating issue. At the time he stated he just bought the car and told me that the previous owner had done some work on it because it was running hot. It was diagnosed as a blown head gasket. We...

also noticed a lot of stop leak was put into the radiator. The customer told me that he had put some stop leak oil in the radiator to help with the over heating. This does not stop over heating. I explained that stop leak plugs up the radiator as well as some other parts of the cooling system. He also stated that he just put in a new radiator in the vehicle, then put the stop leak in it. He was unsure as what kind of ramification that this would have on the cooling system. He agreed to replace the head gasket (which had combustion in the radiator)  We also would try to flush out the radiator of stop leak to help the cost down. We removed the cyl head and saw the gasket was indeed blown. We sent cyl head to the machine shop to be pressure ck’d,  vaccum ck’d and also to be re-surfaced, which I have the receipt for. This is a common practice when we removing any cylinder head from any vehicle, just to be sure the cy. Heads have no other problem. It checked out fine. We installed the head, flush out the shop leak form the radiator & the rest of the cooling system. Test drove the vehicle about 8-10 miles, the vehicle did not run hot nor did it show any signs of over heating. We let the vehicle idle about 15-25 mins. To make sure the cooling fans were cycling. They worked fine at the time. He return a few days later with a over  heating problem. The technician saw that the connector at the radiator cooling fan had been damaged, causing the cooling fan not to work.  He repaired the connector and also flush more of the stop leak out of the radiator. He test drove the vehicle again 8-10 miles. And came back to the shop to be sure everything was operating properly and not overheating. Cooling fans were cycling on & off, and not running hot or overheating . Everything at that time was working fine. The customer did bring the vehicle back again a few days later again for overheating . Again we thought that because of the stop leak that was put into the cooling system this was causing a blockage somewhere in the cooling system.  We again flushed out more stop leak and test drove the vehicle. At that time no over heating was noticed. He again brought back the vehicle a few days later for an overheating problem. This time we noticed bubbles coming from out of the radiator. Which means a combustion leak from the head gasket into the cooling system. It was determined at that time that it again had a blown head gasket . And we also recommended that the radiator be replace to, the stop leak was still in it. I told him that he would only have to pay for the radiator and any parts related to the job. He agreed. He failed to mention that every time he brought his vehicle in that we gave him a loaner car so he could do his job. I don’t think any other shop would do this! We again sent the head to the machine shop just to be sure it was ok, and it was. We assembled the vehicle, replaced the radiator and installed a new thermostat. Test drove the vehicle again, every thing worked fine. I told the customer since he just paid for a head gasket that he could pay me when he could. He agreed and paid $100 and told me he would pay the rest when he could. I felt bad for him because he is very nice person and just wants his car so he can make a living. I think that the fact that so much stop leak was put in the cooling system that it plugged up the cooling system and the radiator to a point that it would allow the engine to get hot during his work route. We NEVER had a problem with it running hot after the 1st head gasket replacement except for the last time when we saw combustion bubbles in the radiator. We are very professional and well est. company with a great reputation for being fair and for going out of our way to make our customers comfortable with their cars repair experience. I think we did everything we could to save Diego money. I would be willing to let him pass on the balance if he agrees to retract this complaint, which I do not think is warranted. We were fair in all aspects of this repair. I want him to think that he was not taken advantage of.  And that he can feel that he bring his car to us for futher repairs without any sort of prejudice at all. He can contact me in person if he wants to discuss this futher.

We rented an ozone machine from SunBelt Rentals on July 17, 2015. We did not agree to the Rental Protection Plan but they billed us anyway.We rented an ozone machine from SunBelt Rentals on July 17, 2015. We did not agree to the Rental Protection Plan but they billed us anyway. We contacted them in August when we got the bill and again in Sept and in Oct and even wrote a letter to their AR dept. The total rental per day was $135 and I am disputing the $60.75 Rental Protection Plan they added and the late fee. I paid the bill I agreed to and they will not correct the account. The SunBelt Rental policy states that this fee is optional. See below... SettlementPlease credit my account and bring my balance to -0-. My acct number on my account is XXXXXXXBusiness Response This matter has been resolved with the customerConsumer Response Matter has been resolved to our satisfaction.Final Consumer Response

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Description: Construction Equipment Rental Companies, Lawn and Garden Equipment Rental Companies

Address: 510 Bourne Ave, Savannah, Georgia, United States, 31408-9708


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