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Sunrise Hospitality, LLC

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Dear [redacted],We have been an authorized Mitsubishi Dealership for last 33 years, not sure where Mrs. [redacted] got her information but we can't possibly sell or service new vehicles if we weren't one, in regards to her complaint regarding the defective exhaust( which she is referring to), it was...

never under warranty even at the time of visit when she brought in her car originally 14 months or approximately 20,000 miles ago in April of 2016, before she purchased the vehicle and had us inspect the vehicle so I'm not sure why she thinks that we didn't inform her in regards to the defects on her car! besides there was nothing wrong with anything else on the vehicle besides what is outlined in the attachment. We had outlined all that were wrong with the vehicle and the exhaust was never an issue otherwise would have been one additional item as it's our ethical and professional obligation to inform her regardless being under warranty or an item that customer pays to fix. Our service advisor has outlined in the attached document to list the series of events that occurred with this client's visits at El Cajon Mitsubishi at the original visit and the consequent visits for the oil changes and not sure what exactly we have missed at any point that we are accused of? But at any rate I will be more than happy to meet with them and rectify.Sincerely,[redacted], President

On Tuesday May 16, 2017 customer came in requesting for an oil change to be performed on her vehicle at that time the vehicle had 49,932 miles. During vehicle’s write up, customer brought up a transmission concern stating that her vehicle had a hesitation when trying to accelerate. Customer...

was asked if the transmission service (drain and refill) had ever been done elsewhere at the due mileage of 30,000 miles or 24 months (as recommended on owner’s manual). Customer stated that her vehicle’s transmission had never been serviced before and requested the services that were due at 30,000 miles. In addition, service writer informed the customer of three open and active safety recalls on her vehicle and explained that performing those recalls on the same day as the 30,000 miles service would take approximately four to five hours. Service advisor went over each of the services and inspections that would be performed on the customer’s vehicle and handed a copy of the approved repair order to the customer.Customer requested to be dropped off at her home and to be picked up the next day (May 17, 2017) at 12:00pm. During tire inspection (part of the 30k service), tech noticed TPMS light was on. Tech inspected all 4 tire sensors and found sensors were not registered (sensors were wiped out / no info). In addition, tech also found Cabin Filter dirty (not included on 30k service).  Service advisor called customer to inform of recommended items to be replaced and or repaired and customer only approved on Cabin Filter at a discounted price. (Phone call took place 05/16/17 at 1:33pm). Customer was picked up from her home and brought to the dealership at 12:00pm on May the 17th. Customer paid for the service that was done on her car with a 10% off discount and left dealership.(Vehicle left with 49,937 miles after road test that is part of 30k service)Approximately 45 minutes after vehicle was delivered, customer called dealership stating her vehicle was vibrating at speeds over 75 mph. Customer also stated vehicle wouldn’t turn on. Service advisor sent a tech to her home to jump start vehicle and bring it back to the dealership. Upon inspection tech found small rock caught between brake pad and rotor possibly causing to make noise. However no vibration was felt when tech drove vehicle back to dealership.  As a third attempt to reassure vehicle was in safe conditions to drive, manager request for tech to go on test drive with customer. Tech and customer went on a road test for 6 miles and found no noise or vibration on vehicle.When we informed her the battery didn’t pass the current test upon second inspection ( it didn’t show any deficiencies before otherwise we would have recommended the replacement the first time around) she then was showing discontent and blaming everyone here at the dealership for her failed battery, which must have happened after the fact. (she even started the vehicle when she took delivery of her vehicle and everything was fine)When she called with her issues we didn’t hesitate to send two people to her place right away and make certain her vehicle was repaired properly and brought her car back with no reservation and reexamined the work that was done, so to make sure the work that we did wasn’t compromised due to human error and so forth!When I spoke to her after she had expressed her discontent and demanding $1000 in damages due to her lost wages( not sure how she had determined that amount) that’s when I ended our meeting and realized she is not neither reasonable nor rational. I never asked why she didn’t speak any other languages to our service advisor, all I said that I can understand why she could have been having a miscommunication problems with my service advisor and I tried to shift the blame on us and express that if there is any communication problems it was because our advisor didn’t communicate effectively with her and that’s when she started mumbling very fast Spanish and saying she could have spoken Spanish! At the end not only she refused to sign the final paperwork for her second visit but abruptly she jumped across the desk and grabbed the paperwork from Advisor’s hand and ran to her car and sped in reverse in our busy driveway!!! I’m just thankful that she didn’t run over anyone that could have been a tragedy!! (she has our hard copy of service order, although we can generate another copy but not sure what she thought she could accomplish by doing that)As a community dealer we always strive to do an honest, ethical and fair business by offering competitive prices and superior service, and I can confidently tell you not only we offered her that but tried to accommodate her despite of her irrational demands and foul language to everyone here even myself, but at the end there isn’t anything more that I can offer!Respectfully [redacted], President

Gift card received but dealership never accepted responsibility for their deceptive tactics.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me.  I will wait for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved.

Please inform Mrs. [redacted] that contact [redacted] if in case she still hasn't received hers yet, we show that her name isn't in the list of recipients that are due gift cards any more ( her name was removed from the list, that only means that she should have received the gift card or they are processing it) by any case when she makes contact with them, she will know the status of the gift card. I again apologize for any inconvenience and please be in touch if there was any obstacles getting the gift card we will do our best for speedy resolution. Sincerely, [redacted], President.

all vehicles can either use regular or synthetic blend, coupon send, was for regular blend and upgraded by customer to synthetic at the time of reception, and we gave the 15% discount for having brought in the coupon! I answered customer on a social site that I would like to offer him...

a complimentary regular blend oil change or as he wishs $25 back, My apologies for misunderstanding! [redacted], President
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
Either this President is clueless to what goes on in his business or the  lying is institutional.  I have attached the email to confirm  the registration for the free gift card  which this Business "President"  denies.   When I clearly asked "[redacted]s" if he needed the gift card registration number, he dodged the issue by placating and saying that I would receive an electronic link after the test drive.  I emailed "[redacted]"  the next day to which I received no reply.  These people would have never honored their advertisement unless a complaint with the  was submitted.  

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