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Sunset Computer Works

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I took my computer to sunset computers on Sept 14,2013 and have yet to receive it. Today is Jan. 16, 2014on September 14th 2013 I drop my computer off to sunset computers. I was told that my computer will be ready in 2 months because it took a month to send for the parts in China and to get back in the needed about a good month to fix my computer. What happened with the USB ports came off and they were supposed to be in soldering two more USB ports back on. I've called numerous times since September 14th until today January 16th 2014 I'm asking about my computer I was reassured I was promised that my computer would be ready on the 1st week of January.I've waited for call I haven't received one yet so I called this morning to ask about it and they told me that they needed to check on it because they don't remember me, they don't remember my computer they don't remember me calling and talking to the owner about my computer not being returned to me so that's why I'm making this complaint this morning. every time I've spoken with the owner about my computer he always has an excuse about being just being released from the hospital I'm not doubting his words but its just a little fishy to me and I would love to have my computer back.Desired Settlementupon speaking to Mr[redacted] in December he assured me that my computer would be free of charge. they will not charge me for repairs or anything. He said just give him to the first week of January to have my computer fixed and I want him to hold to his promise.If I could I would love to be refunded for the parts just waiting in an inconvenience I haven't been able to go to school, I haven't been able to apply for jobs, or anything because he has my computer. It's like my life has been at a stand still.

I took my computer in for repair then I was told to pay $160 but when I Went to pick up my computer I had to pay another $69.99 on sept 18 2013 we took our comp to SUNSET COMP WORKS. tHEN ON SEPT 28 2013 WE WENT IN AND PAYED THE $160, WE were told 5 to 10 business days it be ready; WE KEEP BEING TOLD IT WASN'T READY.on nov 1,2013 ,,but it needed a key board and memory stick;;; so my wife went to pick it up with out having the keyboard and memory repaired ;;; but were told we had to pay a $69.99 to get computer!! We were never told about this $69.99 fee;; the business was very rude not willing to give any discount at ALL and YES I was rude back I felt like we were getting a run around!!!! the service tech wouldn't even call the manager;;; the tech told me the guy talked to fast for us to understand him and we just did'nt hear the $69.99 fee but that fee wasn't even written on repair order until I got there to pick comp up!!! I really feel I should get my $69.99 back;;; due to miss informed buy the owner of business!!!Desired Settlementi'd like to receive my $69.99 back!!!!Business Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted] - OwnerContact Phone: [redacted]Contact Email: [redacted]Customer dropped off laptop on Sept. 18. The customer was contacted on Sept. 21 about paying required deposit for the required special order part (motherboard). The customer didn't come in to pay for this part until Sept. 28. This is the first reason it took so long to get this laptop fixed was waiting on customer to pay for the part. When they did come on to pay for the part on Sept. 28. The customer was informed that after paying the $160.11 for the motherboard that the remaining balance on pick up would be the flat rate labor charge of $69.99. The customer and Sunset Computer Works both have a signed copy stating this. The motherboard arrived via [redacted] on Oct. 31, 2013. We installed the part on Nov. 1, 2013, the computer would then turn on and boot up successfully. However it was then discovered that the initial liquid damage had extended to the keyboard as well as one of the RAM slots. This would have been only evident only after installing the new motherboard. Being that those parts are specific to this model laptop we could have not tested these parts without the new motherboard to verify functionality. We explained this to the customer over the phone Nov. 1, 2013. They stated that they would call back. The next interaction was later that day [redacted] came to pick the laptop as is. [redacted] communicated with her that there was still a $69.99 labor fee to be paid before she could take the laptop. She refused to pay and said "you are full of [redacted]." I tried to explain to her that she and her husband had only paid for her motherboard to be repaired as they agreed to in the signed document. She told me that no one communicated to her that there was a $69.99 labor charge ever, but when my manager [redacted] called them on September, 21st about the price of the repair, they wanted a few days to decide whether or not to get it repaired. They called back on September 28th and paid for the part. On September 28th [redacted] also told them of the $69.99. These charges are clearly detailed on the signed documents. After she told me she refused to pay, I told her I'd call my manager and make sure that there was a labor charge and that there wasn't a mistake in the work order. He confirmed that they still owed for the labor. At this time she went outside while I called my manager and called her husband and told him the issue. When she came back in, I told her that my manager said there was no mistake and that they did indeed owe $69.99 for labor however that should could speak to the manager to in an attempt to resolve the issue, and make her happy. She then stated "You're full of [redacted] and I'm not paying." I offered to call my manager back and she refused to let me do so and didn't want to speak to the manager. She then stated "I'm going to call my husband and he's going to come down here and it's not going to be pretty at all" I told her then I would let him speak to my manager and she said "He wouldn't do that, he's going to get my laptop back one way or another and he's gonna handle you." She told me she had an errand to run and I told her if she finished her errand she was more than welcome to comeback while her husband was here so we could all discuss the situation and come to a satisfactory resolution. She then left the shop. At or around 3:15pm [redacted] arrived at the shop. I walked to the front and asked if he was [redacted], he confirmed and I asked if his wife had told him of the situation at hand. I had grabbed his laptop off the shelf and started to the register with it. In a shop full of customers he yelled "My wife told me what happened. I'm not gonna pay a [redacted] thing!". I went to set the laptop down on the counter and before it even touched the counter he proceeded to snatch it directly from my hands getting his laptop and the work order but not his charger since my fingers were closed on the chargers cord to keep it from falling off the laptop. He snatched the laptop from my hands, and proceeded to pry my fingers off, physically assaulting me. The tips of my fingers causing them to turn a deep red color and swell slightly. He proceeded to tell me again "he wasn't going to pay a [redacted] thing." I kept calm and tried to explain to him that he had only paid for the part to be repaired and not the labor of putting the part into the laptop and reassembling it. I had another customer come in at this time to retrieve a charger and he came in while [redacted] was yelling at me and was shocked to witness this. [redacted] knew this customer and told him to never bring a [redacted] thing into this shop because we would [redacted] him over and not tell them anything. I proceeded to help the other customer quickly to give [redacted] a moment to cool down. After I finished helping the other customer, I went back to talk to [redacted], he was still infuriated with having to pay the labor charge. He yelled at me that he should get a discount or not have to pay all together. I told him that I wasn't able to do that and only my manager was and I would call him but he didn't want me to. He told me that all he was going to give me was $40 and that I was going to take that and I was going to like it. I then tried to explain that the reason he owed $69.99 was because he had only paid for the part and not the labor which isn't included in the parts. While I tried to show him, he reached across the counter and snatched the charger from my hand hurting my hand again and also breaking his charger in process. He told me again that he was going to pay $40 and that was all. I told him alright, and to let me get the work order to make a copy. While I was in the back making his copy, he said if it took the $69.99 to get his computer out of the shop he would pay it. I turned around and told him that it would only take that and he could leave with his computer and there would be no more hassles. He agreed very angrily and handed me $70 in cash. If [redacted] had took the time to talk to the Manager or the Owner all this could've been handled in a more mature manner. In fact the owner would have waived all further chargersFinal Consumer Response My only question for this company is this: If I signed a paper saying that we owed $69.99 (after I paid the 149.99 plus tax), why didn't he present it that day? If I had seen that paper, it would have proven to me that I did sign something and I would not have had a leg to stand on. And when my husband asked to talk to the manager, he was "all of a sudden" on a service call and could not speak to him. So, produce the paper that I signed saying there was another $69.99 charge after the computer was fixed and I will be satisfied.

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Description: Computer Repair Stores

Address: 2527 Sunset Ave, Rocky Mount, North Carolina, United States, 27804-2534


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