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Sunshine Carpet Services & Sales, Inc.

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We did a conference call with *** *** and our customer and confirmed the amount, date, and address of the Bill Pay Rebate check It is possible it got lost in the mail or misplaced by the customer, but the check was definitely sent and cofirmed by our bank I offered to send another rebate check but the customer declined The account has already been cancelled for non-payment and is in default We can do an electronic transfer directly to the customer's checking account for the remaining two months and the customer's account would have to be reinstated and brought current Otherwise this account will be referred to our collection agency

To Whom it May Concern:
Mr*** called in to cancel his services on 8/1/2013, and our notes show he spoke with *** in our Billing Department According to the notes on the account, ***calculated the payoff figure for the customer with the assumption that the system
removal would be completed on 8/6/2013, which she scheduled. Mr*** declined to make a payment at that time for the balance due, which included a 25% discount of the balance due on the contract. It was explained that payment was due immediately upon cancellation; however, it was agreed that *** would mail an invoice to the customer for the balance and as long as payment was received within days this discount would still be applied and the account would not be sent for collections. Erin mailed an invoice that day to his service address of *** *** *** *** ** *** (where he said he would have access until 8/10/2013), as well as to the new address of ** *** *** *** ** ***. This invoice gave until 8/31/to pay the balance or the account would be sent to our collection agency. Neither of these invoices was returned to our office by the postal service, so we can only assume that they were both delivered. However, no payments were received and no further correspondence was received from Mr*** until now.
This account will not be removed from our collection agency as this is a valid debt and no response was received after two invoices were sent from our office back in August. The collection agency will accept payment on our behalf to settle the matter

Hello Mrs***,I am showing in our system that your monitoring rebate check of $100 was processed and paid on 04/30/2014. The sales rep should have explained that it could take up to weeks from the day of installation to process the rebate check. We also would like
to apologize for our sales rep discussing your security system features and personal information with your neighbor. We have reprimanded the sales rep and are sincerely sorry for any problems this may have caused. I believe the sales rep was simply trying to establish credibility with the neighbor in mentioning that he had done the alarm systems for the majority of the people in your neighborhood. He gave specifics trying to sound more credible.Sincerely,Alliance Management
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below
I agreed to three years of coverage through Alliance provided by ***, not a third-party wholesale provider I have no direct relationship with Criticom, nor do I receive statements or communications from them I must rely upon Alliance for all servicer contact and they do not appear to be in business at this time beyond a cell phone call from their President I visited their suite of offices during business hours shortly after filing my complaint and they were empty I have corrected the telephone issues at my residence through *** but these were never a hindrance to monitoring my home I want to be returned to *** or my unused prepayment amount refunded
*** ***

I am sorry you are not satisfied with our explanation.  Per our agreement we reserve the right to transfer the monitoring of your account to another monitoring center.  A letter was sent out as a courtesy notifying of the change of monitoring centers from [redacted] to [redacted]'s [redacted] on 08/12/2013 and again on 09/26/2013.  We understand you feel more comfortable with [redacted]'s monitoring center and we will transfer the monitoring of your account back to [redacted].  We are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused and we value your business.  I will have someone from our team reach out to you when the transfer of your monitoring to [redacted] is complete.

I am not happy with this service at all. In fact I don't know who I am dealing with. I did not want the system at all I was called and felt pressured. The signs said Honeywell as well as literature I was given and a phone number. When I called because of a problem, the number was not correct. They had no record of my account. Only when I pulled out my contract and got the number of metrotronics. I have had to call 4 times 3 days later in order to get to talk to someone. I expected 24/7 response time. If an emergency, what do you do? I just do not trust this company and want to cancel. I also discontinued my Landline Phone and my Cable because of financial problems

We are sorry that you are experiencing difficulties with your alarm system.  You are a valued customer and we appreciate your business.  Your account is active and has continued to be monitored.  Per our alarm contract and [redacted]’s contract the monitoring is subject to the limitations of...

your telephone lines.  If you are concerned about your telephone lines going down from time to time and affecting your monitoring, you have the option to add a cellular communicator which will not be affected if you are having phone troubles.  We will assist in giving you a discounted rate for the additional services.  Your account is monitored by [redacted]’s [redacted] Monitoring Center and is the second largest monitoring center in the country and is very reputable.  I apologize for you receiving our voicemail, we however called you back within a couple of hours of receiving your voicemail and addressed your concerns.
Thank You,
Alliance Management

Staff is never available to take or return phone calls. Keep getting a run around when I'm trying to terminate my alarm service.

To Whom it May Concern:
As per the signed Alarm Monitoring Agreement, any early termination fees are due in full immediately from the customer. When Mr. [redacted] spoke with [redacted] on 8/1/2013 and declined to make payment over the phone, she extended him a courtesy by mailing the final invoice and giving him 30 days to pay these termination fees; she did not need to extend that courtesy.  However, Mr. [redacted] was made aware of the balance due and was expecting an invoice in the mail.  Not only was an invoice mailed to the address on file, but a second one was sent as well to Mr. [redacted]’s new address as discussed with Erin.  If Mr. [redacted] had not received an invoice within about 10 days of their conversation, it was his responsibility to follow-up and to inquire as to the status. With neither invoice being returned to our office, we would not know if the invoice was not received or if it was simply ignored; however, Mr. [redacted] should have realized if the invoice he was expecting had not yet been received and called our office. 
The collection agency has been hired to handle all issues on this account going forward, and we are unable to accept payment directly from Mr. [redacted].  There was not a “collection service” added to the account balance; his balance reflects the remaining fees due on the contract and applicable interest.
Alliance Protection Systems, Inc.

only the first payment was received. I will not be accused of throwing something away I never received so the other two payments were not received. And the staff member who signed us up said after we made the payment it would be out back into my account for the first three months not that I wold...

receive a check two months later. That is making fraudulent statements. This is ridiculous. A company making false statments and then want toplace blame on the customer. A bank confirmation of receipt of a check is not confirmation of payment.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. 
I never saw the details this company is claiming to have provided. I was never offer a discount if paid at time of disconnect. The claims made by this company are not correct and I reject the explanation. I have offered to pay the company directly and decline to pay a collections service.

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Address: 21277 Elm Ave, Reed City, Michigan, United States, 49677-8608


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