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Sunworks United Inc.

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Review: Long story short. Solar PV system installed 2nd week of February. I've been trying to pin down a inspection date and a confirmation of my enrollment in the net metering program. It's now 5 Apr and the Sunworks team has ignored many of my questions, responded with rudeness, and demanded I be at my home the next day for a inspection, ( keep in mind this is at 430 in the afternoon) only to not show up. Missed a 2nd inspection appointment today. Now I'm expected to miss a 3rd days work for the inspection. And as of this evening, refuses to answer my question. Has Sunworks begune the net metering application process?Desired Settlement: I'd like a statement credit or reimbursement for the total number of missed work days.How ever many that ends up being. Along with a statement credit or reimbursement for a reasonable amount of missed net metering credits. I contacted [redacted] and was told that the application process is typically completed in 5 to 10 business days. Additionally they said I can apply, but typically the contractor will apply on the customers behalf. I'd be happy to, Sunworks refuses to even answer my question.



Sunworks is certainly empathetic to Mr. [redacted]'s frustrations and want to take responsibility for some of the delays he and his wife experienced with their project. Sunworks failed to change a status in our CRM which resulted in approximately a 25 day delay in submitting for permit sign-off. In addition, our first attempt at hosting the city inspection at the [redacted]'s residence had to be rescheduled as our employee failed to recognize the set appointment on his phone (3/31/2016). The rescheduled inspection (4/5/2016) while properly attended by the Sunworks employee, was never allowed to start as the city inspector stated that our ladder was not the correct size. We then rescheduled and re-hosted a third inspection (4/7/2016) which was subsequently passed. Unfortunately, some jurisdictions require that Sunworks physically host their inspections and require access to garages and attics, and as such, require a customers presence. While it is Sunworks policy not to monetarily reimburse clients for time take off work for these inspections, all of Sunwork's appointment confirmations were with Mr. [redacted]'s wife as she is a stay at home homemaker/self employed. Our understanding was that, while Mr. [redacted] may have wanted to attend the inspections, Ms. [redacted] was to be the responsible homeowner in attendance. We do feel Mr. [redacted]'s request for reimbursement for possible missed energy credits due to the delay in achieving operational status is valid. Sunworks is more than willing to reimburse the [redacted]'s a sum equal to his electric charges for the month's of March and April of this year. Mr. [redacted]'s system is fully operational as of 4/12/2016 and we are aware of no other outstanding issues. Thank you. Best Regards, [redacted] VP Residential Operations Sunworks Inc.



I am rejecting this response becauseWhile it's true that at the beginning of our business relationship with Sunworks my wife was 100% at home. But since then she had begun to work part time. Sunworks always insisted that there inspection appointments were nin negotiable. Unfortunately these dates always seemed to fall on the few days if the week she worked. So unfortunately she did take time off. While we would have no quarrel taking a day off for the required inspection, we do have issues with multiple days due to Sunworks incompetents. That's not really the biggest issue. Our number one problem is the lack of communication. I'd attempted to nail down a inspection date several times with little or vary vauge response from Sunworks. When they did finally get around to responding, we were confronted with rudeness and a lack of flexibility. A lack of planning by Sunworks should not constitute a emergency for me. Especially considering the $20k we spent with them.



Based on the customer's responses, Sunworks feels there is a basic misconception the customer has as it relates to the [redacted] inspection process. Customer states that Sunworks insisted that that inspections are non-negotiable, but it is the utility provider that sets the inspection dates/times to which both the client and the solar integrator are equally bound and held to accept. Sunworks believes the client would be better served to share their experience of imposition with [redacted] so that other down the road, other may enjoy a better experience when it comes to the inspection process. I am very confident that our company has correctly self-assessed Mr. [redacted]'s complaint and that both a qualitative and quantitative monetary reimbursement has been offered. Unfortunately, due to SEC rules and regulations in which we are governed, our company can only reimburse for actual expenses incurred. Sunworks is not allowed to set an arbitrary precedent by reimbursing for unverified and non-tangible costs associated with our services. We would however, be willing to review any subsequent claims Mr. [redacted] feels he has had to overcome and in which he and/or his family experienced a tangible loss over and above the additional 45-day delay with regards to their initial inspection set-up. Best Regards, [redacted] SunworksSent on: 5/3/2016 4:59:36 PM



I am rejecting this response because: while I do accept Sunworks offer for reimbursement for the lost net metering credits I am still unhappy with Sunworks customer service after they received there check. Sunworks was always vary responsive until the system was installed. After that responses became slower, and slower until they stopped communicating altogether. That is until I posted a negative review on [redacted]. Boom next day we had our 1st call at last. It subsequently took three attempts for Sunworks to show up at the right time, with a tall enough ladder. Now keep in mind each contact with Sunworks was rude and uncooperative. This is not the 1st time I've had a inspection from the city of Stockton. Ive always been given a couple of days to choose from. Yes it's a be at your house from 9 to 5 situation. I understand that. With Sunworks they always insisted the date stated was the only possible option. I'm not even sure why Sunworks mentioned [redacted] in there response. [redacted] was Vary prompt. There end went exactly as they said it would. 7 to 10/business days after the NEM application was finally submitted we were approved and running. As far as I see it Sunworks cares only about making the sale. After the sale I received poor service, and felt I was no longer any priority. I still feel as though they see us as a inconvenience. The job in not done just because you have received a check. I can only hope at this point our system performs properly and we won't need repairs. I can only imagine that I'll be inconveniencing them.

Review: Sunworks is in violation of several code of ethics outlined by the SEIA. I have emails and text to backup everything stated

1. Accurately and honestly represent the cost - 3 different quotes for the same 35 panel system all being their best offer... the last being the highest

2. Design, build, install - Surveyors could not accurately take measurements and design team would not provide details

3. Employ or engage well-trained personnel - Sales reps are not trained in products or pricing

5. Treat consumers in a professional and timely manner - Took [redacted] 6 days to reply to my email and lied to me about only selling systems. Then one of the sales reps were observed and reprimanded for rolling his eyes to a paying customer over the phone

6. Accurately and honestly represent any financing - I was given 10, 12 & 15 year options all different rates and prices

8. Accurately and honestly represent ourselves and our products - [redacted] refused to provide an itemized list of components in it's proposal

9. Accurately and honestly represent our primary business - I was lied to about their impeccable reviews. Sunworks is using gift cards, trips and even free cars to entice customers

10. Support the mission and goals of SEIA - Sunworks is quickly becoming the poster child of what not to do and why consumers are leery of going solar

I did not consent to this termination and tried to work with Sunworks

Below was provided by [redacted].


Dear John Herald,

The purpose of this letter is to inform you that Sunworks has respectfully terminated the Home Improvement Contract dated 4/30/16. It was determined that Sunworks would not be able to contractually honor or deliver the goods, services and obligations as they related to your specific requests, expectations & needs.

Enclosed is your $5,000 Contract deposit refund. We apologize Sunworks was not able to satisfy the Contract as initially agreed, we anticipate you will find a contractor better suited for your project.


**Desired Settlement: Unfortunately, there is a limit on characters within my complaint... I couldn't articulate everything...

I was lured into their design center on a promise of saving money and a trip to Disneyland. I am asking Sunworks to honor this trip as the contract was not terminated by me. The trip consists of four 2-day hopper tickets along with $1,000 prepaid [redacted] gift card.

I would also request that Sunworks outline what the specific request, expectations and needs were that prompted the termination.



1) The multiple proposals being issued was a direct result of the client requesting system size modifications and variations to the original contracted scope of work & pricing. Many of the proposals issued the sales team clearly stated to the client, were fictitious and/or arbitrary in nature as the scope of work was not feasible based on the results of the Site Survey & Design analysis. Each proposal had a consistent price per watt quoted but the gross price varied due to proposal scope of work changes (i.e. PV Module quantity/type etc.). The method of all-encompassing pricing via “Price per watt” calculations is common practice in the solar industry. 2) Sunworks employs trained Site Survey Technicians and skilled Design Engineers. These team members gather and interpret data as it pertains to the proper installation of a solar system. They account for local building department jurisdictions requirements, State Fire Marshal codes, utility specific code requirements, NEC code compliance, client requested aesthetics and solar system production values (i.e. shading, tilt, azimuth etc.). All solar system designs encompass these variables and are used as the baseline for permit procurement, installation, inspection, warranty and solar system production guarantees. Designs are created using a host of technically advanced software (i.e. [redacted] etc.). On multiple occasions the client expressed doubt regarding these designs and the competence of Sunworks, doubt was expressed by utilizing a rudimentary process of cutting out solar panels from cardboard and manually placing them on blueprints of the home. 3) The solar industry is a constantly changing environment of new technology, building codes, equipment & pricing. Sunworks has a competitive & comprehensive solar sales training program and successfully recruits/attracts industry experts for our sales teams. We don't claim to know everything nor do we claim to be perfect we simply try to do whats best for our clients within the project specific constraints & code compliance. 4) Sunworks strives to encourage professional, dynamic & mutually respectful interactions with our clients. It is our goal to recognize areas of improvement & continually tailor our practices to accommodate those goals. 5) Loan options are a third party function in which Sunworks can only act as an adviser to the client. These products are managed, controlled & regulated by the independent finance company. We can only provide the options that are made available by those companies. 6) Itemized lists of all materials are insignificant to the client as they are inclusive of various materials. The client proposals indicate the scope of work & specifies the PV Solar Panels, Inverters & Racking, these are the major components of a solar system. 7) Promotions, rebates, gifts & incentives are common practices for lead generation. The majority of our leads are generated from Client Referrals hence the reference to positive reviews. 8) Sunworks is an active & good standing member of CAL SEIA, however we are always striving to learn & grow in a constantly evolving/changing industry. It is Sunworks goal to save our clients money by making an investment for their home and gaining energy independence from Utility company's continually increasing electrical rates. Mr. Herald is a competent & informed consumer, however he was not willing to accept our recommendations for the solar system Sunworks could provide him. The client indicated in multiple conversations with our sales staff he was unsatisfied & had lost faith in Sunworks. The approach for expressing doubt or concern was handled abrasively, and not in the theme of mutual respect to garner a desired result. The client also indicated his desire to procure opinions of other solar companies and potentially pursue cancellation of his contract in order to hire another solar company for his solar investment. Sunworks allowed the client out of his contract as it was deemed we would be unlikely to satisfy all of the clients requests within the required constraints, reassure him of his doubts and net a positive outcome for both parties. Our sales team notified the client of this decision and subsequently issued a complete deposit reimbursement along with a formal notice of cancellation of his project (as referenced in the client’s complaint). Although we strive to encourage a mutually beneficial working relationship unfortunately at times it becomes apparent that a company is not best suited for the client, that was unfortunately the case with this project.



I am rejecting this response because:I am rejecting this response because: Sunworks continues to mislead the consumer and deceive the various agencies. 1) Unfortunately I can only attach 4 items so I'll have to pick and choose which ones to upload but I have all supporting documentation. There were multiple quotes but the before mentioned bids are all for the same 35 panel system. The proposals were NOT consistent per watt. Please see attachments 3a, 3b and 3c. All 3 are for an 12.075 kW DC system. Two of them call for 18,033 kWh of solar electricity and the other is 17,588. The strange thing, is the fact that the lowest output was the most expensive and had a lower resale value. Attachment 3d is from [redacted]. I questioned the pricing and was told that there were additional inverters needed and a great cash price was given previously. 2) Please see attachments 4a & 4b and ask yourself. Does this look like trained and skilled team members? Both were completed after the site survey. The dimensions of my roof are different and the number of PV modules just doesn’t make sense. How can the square footage go up and the number of panels go down? I did cut and paste these panels on the blueprint to assist the design team as I have before when explaining to the sales team that my $5,000 down is not part of the Federal Tax Credit. Tino was taking my 5k off of the system cost before applying the tax impact costing me 2k in rebates in the proposals. After several attempts to get answers and being lied to I did express my doubt in the ability of Sunworks. 3) I agree Sunworks is not perfect as it is apparent in the numerous mistakes made. This is why I questioned how some panels that encroached on Cal-Fire setbacks were okay and others were not. Both of these were okay... by a hair as stated per Sunworks. See attachment 5c. 4) Mutual respect was lost when my wife was disrespected by Trevor as she observed him rolling his eyes to a client over the phone and especially when I found out [redacted] lied to me about only selling solar panels. I was also lied to several times by sales team. Please let me know if more detail is needed. 5) I planned on paying cash but was willing to look at all options. It is understandable that rates vary on the length of each loan but the figures just don't add up. Please keep in mind that both the 10 and 12 year offers are at 2.99%. 10y $505, 12y $532 and 15y $417. 6) This may be insignificant to Sunworks but the states on their website under Educational Consumer Tips to "Be sure to request that every component is itemized". I also have emails stating that the quantity of inverters makes no difference in the pricing. 7) Please see attachment 1a. I signed up during the promotional period and eligible for the additional special in-store bonus promotion as I visited the new design center and choose to go solar. The promotion consists of four 2-day park hopper passes and a total of $1,000 of spending money in the form of an Visa gift card(s) upon final payment. This final payment would’ve been paid if the contract was not terminated by Mrs. Locken. If Sunworks is unable to fulfill their obligation due to an 3rd party entity cash equivalent will suffice. There are plenty of negative reviews on [redacted]. Attachment 1b is a complaint where Sunworks refused to honor their referral bonus promotion. Attachment 1c is a similar complaint about not receiving the promotional gift card. 8) Sunworks has misled the CASEIA and is currently being looked at. I have forwarded a voicemail and several documents to the chairman of the CALSEIA Ethics Committee. Sunworks would not answer questions pertaining to their recommendations and my request to speak with [redacted]'s manager, as his inexperience was apparent went unheeded. Even though many mistakes were made I never asked for a refund and the hint of me potentially cancelling is just another lie by Sunworks. I never stated that and to this day I have not sought out another contractor. As previously stated mutual respect is "mutual" and was lost after it was not given. Sunworks has made several references to mutual respect, mutual beneficial working relationship, etc... but if Mrs. Locken had taken the time to speak with me I’m positive we would not be where we are today. How she can pretend to know what transpired is beyond me as she did not speak with me before carelessly terminating our contract. I did not sign a $41,000 contract to smear Sunworks. I signed it, because I wanted to save money, get the tax credit and I had the cash. I had legitimate reasons to question the ability of Sunworks and believe it or not I have more…



I am rejecting this response because: Sunworks refuses to answer my questions. I will list below

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