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Manager and salesman promised the the vehicle only needed spark plugsOn April 26, 2014 I purchased a 1999 Jeep Grand Laredo from this dealer. I drove it around the block and there seemed to be no problems. I purchased three money orders in amount of $2900 and gave to them and received $200 back. I drove 20 miles away from the the dealer and the car starts smoking and shaking. I called the dealer to let him know and he told me that it was just old oil burning off where they had changed the gasket. Keep driving and have a mechanic change the spark plugs. Another 20 miles the vehicle was still smoking and finally cut off and would not start. I called the dealer again and he told me that it was not his problem and find a mechanic because all it needed was spark plugs. I was still 60 miles away from home and had to leave the the vehicle in a vacant parking lot. The next day I got my mother and her friend to bring me back and he changed the spark plugs. The vehicle still would not start. On Monday, I had a mechanic tow it back to his shop and he checked the motor out and told me the motor is no good and who ever sold you this car knew it. To replace the engine will cost me over $2000.Desired SettlementI would like the business to pay for the replacement of an engine or refund me my money and come pick up the vehicle.

I purchased the automobile from super auto sales of Carrie. Upon realizing immediately after purchase, deficiencies, I received no assistance On November 29, 2015 I purchased a 2006 Subaru legacy limited. I purchased this vehicle from super auto sales of Cary, which is affiliated with super auto sales a Fuquay Varina , and super auto sales LLC North Carolina. I test drove the vehicle for approximately half an hour. Upon return I asked mechanic/owner, [redacted] whether there was any issues with the automobile to be noted. [redacted] replied, stating that you have the Carfax for the vehicle, and that there was not one issue with the car. I then purchased the vehicle For $4,300.00using my MasterCard. I immediately went to the closest gasoline station, which was a block away from the dealership. Within minutes I had returned to the dealership, because upon filling up my gas tank, check engine light came on. Almost immediately, the owners demeanor changed. He quickly ran the machine on the vehicle, reset at the light, and told me it was not a big deal. I asked him for the trouble code, he give me the incorrect code for my vehicle. I drove the vehicle home, and I felt light headed, and had a headache. I knows this over a period of 3 to 4 days. The smell of gasoline was extremely strong in the vehicle. I call the owner back three times, and told him again, and again,that I believed there was some sort of leak inside the cab of the vehicle. He argued with me, stating that fuel lines do not run inside of the vehicle. Eventually, I took it to a mechanic the next day. The mechanic located the leak inside the vehicle, underneath the backseat. He also showed me with a few lines ran along the inside of the cabin towards the gas tank top underneath the seat. The mechanic stated if either one that if I had lit a match inside the vehicle, my life would've ended. Moreover, the mechanic also found the catalytic converters of which there are three for this model vehicle, are all badly damaged, and will need replacement. The mechanics stated that there was no way any inspection would've missed the smell of fuel from this vehicle, and that the previous owners of this vehicle had to of known at least this life-threatening deficiency. I immediately notified super auto sales, and the response I received was extremely rude and unfavorable. The owner refused to pay for any repairs, and that I should've should look at the vehicle will thoroughly. When I informed him that I would be notifying the, and litigation if necessary, [redacted] and the other owner of the business, ( who refused to give me his name) told me that they sell cars every day, and they could care less.Desired SettlementI'm currently seeking reimbursement for $5742.77. This will be cost of the vehicle, and all associated repairs. ( obivously I would return the car.) I have all receipts for the repairs. While I amiable and open towards solutions, I certainly do not see too much room for negotiation. I have already attempted to contact him about paying purely for repair cost, however again, they have been extremely difficult To locate and converse, and unpleasant when talked to.Business Response They came in and they test drove the car they didn't smell or complain about anything then. I wasn't aware of any issue when I had the car. When any of our customers come to purchase a car they are free to take it to their mechanic of choice, and the buyers guide clearly states, car sold AS IS once you agree to purchase the carConsumer Response I actually asked to return the vehicle, which was in my legal right within the first three days. The owner of this business refused. Moreover, the noted deficiencies turned on with the engine light the same hour I signed the papers for the vehicle. We went back to the auto lot, and the owner showed me the engine light, so it is a blatant lie if he states he was not aware. Lastly, I live far from this dealership, and it was a sunday. They are well aware that I did not have immediate access to a mechanic. The owner of the dealership told me he was a mechanic. At the time, with the statement, I took his own claim as a mechanic that he was qualified to determine the readiness of the vehicle. I have looked into possible legal action, as I have actually have a lawyer that works for my company. I have three years after purchase to file a claim for a fraudulent sale, and "as-is" does not protect an automotive sales business from selling a dangerous vehicle. If I am not properly compensated, I will be formally turning in towards litigation. Final Business Response The day the customer came for the test drive. He drove it no one pressured or did anything to force the purchase on the customer. He didn't mention any gas smell or I was aware of any gas leak. In NC there is no 3 day law, or "lemon" law, Another option can be is to pursue Subaru on the issue as I had no relation to the leak or was aware of it. That's not how we do business, and when buying from a used car dealership you assume all responsibility after the car is purchased.

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