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Painters flooded my apartment and destroyed my bed.On April 14th after 11 P.M two Super Clean painters were painting in the apartment above mine. They left the bathtub on and left, this flooded that apartment and then mine. My mattress and box springs were stained so I had to throw them out. Super clean agreed to pay me $600 which was less than the cost of my bed. I have invoices from the mattress company for the original bed and the new bed. I also have pictures of the stains. Desired SettlementThey paid me $600 for what they consider the depreciated value of my bed. After taxes and delivery my new bed (which was the exact model from the exact same store) cost me $939.55. I would like the remainder of the replacement cost. Business Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted] PRESIDENTContact Phone: [redacted]Contact Email: [redacted]I am writing in response to Mr [redacted] complaint regarding the issues that had arose from a tub overflowing above his apartment. One of my painters had forgotten to turn off the tub which she was using to wash out her paint brushes in an apartment directly above Mr [redacted] bathroom and bedroom. The water came up over the top of the tub and leaked down into his unit while my painter was working in another unit at that same property. The painter in question returned back to the unit to find water leaking into his apartment and immediately helped the resident in removing his furniture and belongings out of the bedroom. The property maintenance then immediately contacted a carpet water extraction company to come out that same night and they removed the padding from underneath the carpet as well as extracted the water from the carpet itself. The carpet company then installed a dehumidifier in the room to pull out any moisture that was still in the bedroom. The carpet company came out the following day which was the same day I arrived to check on the issue, he installed new padding and carpet and said the unit was in good condition, I in turn covered the expenses that the carpet company had provided in clearing up the water intrusion issue. The resident then wanted my company to reimburse him for his mattress and box spring which was directly over where the water had gained access into his unit. I received an invoice from him dating back over 2 years to when he had purchased the mattresses and used a prorated amount to come up with an amount to pay for the damaged mattresses. The original amount was a little over 900 for both mattress and box spring and the prorated amount came to $600.00 for the deduction due to the years of use. I also had my cleaning division go into his apartment and clean what areas he wanted us to as a nice gesture to help alleviate some of his unhappiness due to this unfortunate situation, all at my companies cost. Even after that he still complained to the manager and wanted his bedroom walls and ceiling painted So I had my company follow up and we repainted his bedroom the bathroom and the ceiling. I also returned the day after we repainted the bedroom and the bathroom located inside the bedroom to see how it turned out, the resident was not at home during these visits that I had made to check on his apartment. During my inspection the unit looked good as there was no signs of water damage or water stains in any area of the bedroom or bathroom. After all this the resident was still not satisfied with that and asked the manager to have a mold test done, the manager contacted me again and told me what the resident was asking for. I contacted a certified mold specialist which I had to pay for his services, to meet me at the property. tests were done only to find out that the unit had mold issues inside the a/c closet which was not located anywhere near the area of the bedroom. Once the property got the mold report they promptly took action and had the resident transferred to another apartment so they could work on the mold issues that were shown to them by the mold technician. I feel without question that my company did everything in its power to correct what had happened due to the water overflowing over the tub. I also feel that it is unjust for him to target my company only because he wanted full reimbursement for the mattress and box spring. If an insurance company would have been used they would have also prorated the mattress and box spring based on years of use and he would not have received a check from an insurance company as quick as he received one from my company. I am sorry that this situation happened to him and I do understand that he was inconvenienced with all this but at the same token I know my company had done everything as quickly as possible so that we could help rectify the situation.Consumer Response There are several things I need to correct in that response.First, the painter who caused the damage did not immediately help me move my items out of my bedroom. The painter did return and mopped up the water from the bathroom as best as she could but my items were moved the next day by myself, the carpet company and apartment maintenance. A carpet company was not called the night the incident happened, they were called the next day. Second, cleaning my apartment was not simply a "nice gesture" that Super Clean performed. The water coming down from the upstairs apartment was dirty. It looked brown and it left a stain. The apartment they were painting was vacant because the previous tenant had died in there and was not found for some time. Given that, I don't think it was unreasonable for me to expect them to clean up after. In fairness, they did clean my kitchen which was not affected by the flooding. Third, the statement "Even after that he still complained to the manager and wanted his bedroom walls and ceiling painted" is simply untrue. I never once asked the manager to have my walls and ceiling painted. When my carpets were replaced the manager told me that once the walls dried they would paint but I didn't request it. Again, since the stains were directly caused by the flooding I don't think that it was unreasonable for me to expect them to paint over the stains. I did complain after I noticed mold growing over a weekend. Super Clean was told to come out first thing Monday morning to correct the problem. I came home from work after 5:00 on Monday and they hadn't done anything. At that point the manager of the complex called them to complain and they sent someone to look at the mold. The next day they painted. This was two weeks after the initial flooding happened.After Super Clean painted there was no visible mold, there were still some visible cosmetic problems that they had not taken care of. I requested a qualified mold company inspect to ensure that my apartment was safe. There had been visible mold previously and I have a history of respiratory problems. I believe that was a perfectly reasonable precaution. The mold inspection found elevated levels of mold. The reason mold was in the AC closet was likely because water had gotten in there during the initial flooding. The night that the incident happened water was leaking out of a vent in my living room which was not directly under the flooded bedroom. The mattress they ruined was just three years old and was perfectly fine before the incident. I believe that they should pay the replacement costs. I don't think that is "unjust". I cannot buy a used mattress at a discounted price. I have not "targeted" Super Clean. I had a number of smaller items that were also damaged from the flooding that I have not tried to get them to replace. I understand that the owner of Super Clean is frustrated with the time and expense that Super Clean has had to spend on this issue. However, this issue was caused by their negligence and I don't feel that it is unjust to expect them to fix it. The fact is that I lost $340 due to Super Clean. They have not done everything in their power to fix it.

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Description: Janitors, Home Improvement Builders

Address: 1201 Raleigh Rd Ste 203, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States, 27517-4047


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