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User Reviewer9826074 time 06.07.2018

Complaint 10 # [redacted]ROMANO CHRYSLER JEEP215 W GENESEE STFAYETIEVILLE, NY 13066{3 15} 637 - 3101Ms [redacted] had her 2008 Chrysler Sebring towed in to our shop on September 7, 2015. Her initial complaint was that both front windows would not go up or down and that the vehicle was not starting....

Upon diagnosis on September 8, 2015, we found that the alternator had seized, resulting in the serpentine belt to shred and causing damage to the a/c compressor. The battery also was not charging properly, the idler and tensioner pulleys were both loose, and the regu lators had seized, not allowing the glass to move. When we contacted Ms. [redacted] to review what we had found, she only approved the repairs to the a/c compressor, pulleys, and alternator. Service advisor, Michael B[redacted] told Ms. [redacted] that we would clean off the duct tape residue from the tape job she did to her windows prior to the vehicle arriving in our shop, and re-tape the windows for her ride home, to prevent any further damage related to the weather. Since Ms. [redacted] did not approve the repairs to the window regulators, we were unable to move the windows one way or another. All approved repa irs were completed on September 18, 2015. She was notified, via voice mail that same day that the vehicle was competed and ready for pick-up. We made repeated attempts to reach the customer after the initial notification of completed repairs, to no avail. After finally reaching the client, on November 11th, 2015 she paid $1000.00 of her total of $1986.29. She finally paid the remaining balance of $986.29 on January 8th, 2016. After another week, with the vehicle still sitting in our parking lot and no communication f rom Ms. [redacted], we were able to get in touch with her and offer to drive her vehicle to her. She agreed to our offer and was grateful that we had not charged her the $35.00 per day storage charge. At 122 days resulting in an additional charge of $4270.00. Arrangements were made to drop her vehicle off to a relative. Upon arrival, the only person in residence to take receipt of the vehicle was her niece. We advised her that the vehicle had to be jump started in order for it to be driven there, having sat for 122 days, and that the plastic on the windows did not hold up during the 17 mile drive to the agreed upon drop-off. We completed all approved repairs, and did so in a t imely fashion. Had it not taken 122 days for Ms. [redacted] to arrange to have her vehicle removed from out lot, it would not have had to endure the harsh CNY wint er, with no windows. We do not feel that there was any wrong doing on our part and that we were more thanaccommodating to Ms. [redacted] and her inability to pay for the approved repairs in a timely fashion. Fu rthermore, the only other time Ms. [redacted] has ever had this, or any other vehicle in our shop was on July 1st, 2015 for a New York State Inspection and to have a mirror installed. The vehicle had 134280 miles on it when it came in fo r repairs in July and with the repairs in question, it came to us with an odometer reading of 134381.Sincerely,Nicholas C[redacted]Service Director

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User Reviewer9853081 time 24.06.2018

Revdex.com:I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
This is a major complaint that I have with Romano Chrysler Jeep, they have been dishonest and their integrity has been anything but impeccable.  There is no way, as a customer that I would take time to complain against this company and demand a refund - have I not been highly dissatisfied with the level of service and honesty received by this establishment.
During the initial diagnosis of my vehicle, there was NO mention of an issue with my car's battery - Although my car was towed in September - [I've contacted my insurance company for the exact dates] the repairs did not begin until October - as per Mike, a service engineer, the parts had to be ordered - I approved the repairs and was given a total of $1698.00 -- The initial estimate of my car repairs was approximately $300 less than I was actually charged I was quite upset, and I spoke with Mike and another service rep - [I believe his name was Matt] - to find that my final bill was considerably more than initially agreed upon -- I express my disappointment of the charges to Mike.  However, because I did not insist on obtaining an estimate in writing - and the repairs were already completed - I counted it as a loss
I explained to Mike that I had to obtain the monies from my 401K account - when I ran into an issue and it was going to take longer than originally anticipated to get the money from my account and stayed in constant communication with Mike - in an effort of good faith - due to the delay - I called Mike and asked if a payment of $1000.00 would be sufficient - he agreed - I let him know that I would make the remaining payment as soon as I can -
I last spoke with Mike early in the week of December 14th - a few days later Nick called in reference to the remaining balance I explained to Nick that I needed more time to get the money - I told him I would pay the remaining balance on January 8th -
The matter of storage fees was NEVER discussed until that day  -- Nick then notified me that if the payment was not received on January 8th - that Romano Chrysler Jeep would immediately began charges storage fees - when I inquired about the cost - Nick stated $35 per day
I explained to Nick that I would be in Syracuse on January 10th and could pick up my car - I was notified they were not opened for business on Sundays
Romano Chrysler Jeep, would like to have me believe that they were doing me a favor by delivering my car to my brothers home -- in fact, it appears that they were simply covering up the fact that the repairs were not done correctly - and I believe this is a cover up - for something else with my car -
The bottom line is my car DOES NOT WORK - there was NEVER any mention of my battery - or I would have gotten it replaced ---- Nick claims that there is nothing wrong with my car - they ran a complete diagnosis and repaired the mechanical issues -- however the car still doesn't work -- I am demanding a refund --I've paid them almost $2000 and I want my money back -- or Romano Chrysler Jeep can pay for another certified auto repair shop to fix my car -- they have proven that I can NOT trust this company - as they have NOT been honest - -
My next communication will be to the State Attorney General's office

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