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December 16, 2015We are sincerely sorry that [redacted] was not satisfied with his rove, which we expressed to him by email on December 10, (see attached)When our customer's book with us, we verbally tell them that the arrival time is an estimate and when we send them the estimate it clearly states that the arrival time is an estimate only as we cannot predict traffic patterns (see attached)We also ask them to read over the Order and send us an email stating they agree to and confirm the move, which he did (see attached)Our terms state that damages need to be noted on the delivery receipt (see attached) and even though the receipt was signed that everything was received in good condition (see attached), we were going to take care of the damages that [redacted] mentioned in his email (see attached) as a gesture of goodwill.The email from [redacted] came on December and Valerie J [redacted] responded on December informing him someone would get back to him by the end of the week, so it's a little unfair to state "she doesn't care" since she got back to him the very next dayWe also got back to him before the end of the week, on December and he responded by email on that same day (see attached)We arranged for the technician to contact [redacted] and they have tried several times to reach him but his voicemail is not set up, so they couldn't leave a messageI emailed [redacted] on December 15th and informed him of the technician trying to set up a service call and he responded that afternoon providing us with an alternate numberUnfortunately, the complaint was overlooked and just given to me this afternoon, December 15th and we were quite surprised since we had been communicating with him, even as late as this morningWe are now just waiting on [redacted] to confirm a dare and time to take care of any repairs that we canAgain, according to the terms, we would not be liable since everything was signed off as received in good condition but we are going above and beyond for [redacted] ***, Sincerely, Steve J

October 1, 2015In response to the first paragraph•We do not give exact times for arrival, we give all customers a hour window which is an estimated time only and we inform them at the time of booking with us.Response to second paragraph•The item list that was provided by the customer would have only taken up half of any of our trucks.•If all the items didn't fit on the truck it's because the customer had a lot more items than they thought they had or told us about,•Despite that fact, the move was done in the estimated time, it was not hours more than the estimateIt was estimated at hours and it took them hours (see attached), even though there were more items than anticipated.Response to third paragraph•When the crew stop for a break or lunch it is not charged to the customer.Response to fourth paragraph•If the situation was as described by the customer, we would think at some point that would have been mentioned since it appears it was intolerable to the customer, yet he only wanted to flood social media with the additional alleged complaintsThe only mention was of the TV being broken, (see attached)Response to fifth & sixth paragraphs•Unfortunately, it's difficult to determine if the movers caused the damage or if it was caused after they left, which of course has happened many times with others when setting up and rearranging items after a moveWe were willing to allow the Terms of Agreement to be utilized, even though the receipt was signed off that everything was received in good condition by [redacted] ***.•Our records show that we received a call on July 6, and also received the pictures of the TV on July 6th also, not the day after the move as [redacted] states, but days later.•We spoke with [redacted] several times and also corresponded by email, (see attached)• [redacted] sent a fax on July 7th and we responded by email the same day reiterating the policy.•The claim form was sent out on July 8th (see attached email), not weeks later as claimed by *** ***.• We have received several threatening emails from the customer referring to his plans to not stop until he "bankrupts" us.Response to paragraph seven•We mailed the check to [redacted] and he was aware of what the terms of agreement stated, which he signed off on agreeing to the terms (see attached), so the amount received should have been no surprise and it was also mentioned in a previous email sent to him(see attached)Response to last paragraph•We do not agree with [redacted] ***'s assessment of Valerie J [redacted] having a "nasty attitude" and sad to say, also disagree that [redacted] was "polite"Please note the following information:Our Terms of Agreement state the following:"If you sustain a loss or damage to your goods, you are protected only up to but not exceeding cents per pound, per articleIf you desire protection greater than cents per pound, per article, you may secure increased coverage by paying a higher tariff rate applicable to the coverage you desireYou may also protect yourself to the full valuation of your goods by taking out a policy of transit insurance with an insurance agent." [redacted] did neither of those options, he agreed to the terms and he also signed off that everything was received in good condition.Even though there was no damage notes written on the receipt, we were willing to compensate him according to our termsThere was no visible damage to the TV when the movers left and we are not responsible for the internal workings.Even if [redacted] had purchased additional insurance coverage, which is $per pound instead of the standard moving rate insurance of cents per pound, it would still not be enough to satisfy him, unless he had secured additional insurance from an insurance agentPlease know that we sincerely regret that he is unhappy and even though no one is perfect, we get countless written positive responses from our customersSincerely, Steven J Owner

Our family was extremely satisfied with the moving servicesOur moving estimate had been very accurate and reasonableThe work was done in a timely manner, they did not leave a scratch on the walls or a footstep on the carpets (it was a rainy day)

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