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Swansboro Port Realty, Inc.

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Great product that delivers big bang for the buck Good customer support and god pricing Highly recommend

Thanks to the excellent installation videos on your website, I was able to install AtticFoil in my hip-roof attic although I had no helper and I'm years oldIt took me a little longer, but I got it done!
Because of the joist in my attic, I used your 26-inch product and stapled it vertically to the raftersI took the measurements, cut the pieces, and rolled them up individually and placed them under the rafter to which they would later be attached
I didn't have help cutting the pieces either, so I made a stand for the foil rolls out of two cinder blocks and a broom stickThen I measured out the correct distance from my cutting board and marked it with a strip of duct tape
I would roll out each piece to the edge of the tape, place the duct tape roll on top to hold it in place, go back and cut the piece along the edge of the board, and then roll up the strip
I was able to get about half of the east side of my attic done the first dayThe next day, when we had unseasonably warm temperatures here, I noticed a huge difference in the temperatures between the section of the attic I had completed and the section that I was working on
You are right! Going into the finished section of the attic was like going into the shade out of the direct sunThis should make a big difference

There is a lot of sun in New Mexico My house was built in when they may have started thinking about energy efficiency but certainly not in the garage It has an open truss clear up to the underside of the roof decking I enjoy working in my garage but in the heat of the day with the garage door open my garage was like an oven well over degrees Local insulation contractors wanted me to install a ceiling that they would insulate Surprisingly none offered any sort of simple radiant barrierFor the cost of a roll of attic foil and weekend to install it I had nothing to lose I have an inexpensive hand held pyrometer As soon as I started installing the attic foil inline with the trusses I measured a degree difference between the covered and uncovered decking With the job done the temperatures are lowered enough so I can use the garage in the heat of the summer with having a heat stroke This product performs as advertised!

Product as describedYoutube videos are very helpfulMaterial is easy to work withI know it was a good investment in my man-caveI could feel the difference once it was installed on the roof and wallsThe contractor I used reported on the difference in temperature in the hot south Georgia sun A++++++++++

Received great advice on which foil to purchase for my project very pleased! Fast shipping highly recommend

My 2nd floor is hot Typically around when it's outside, even though the AC is set to I tried to reduce the heat for years It's SW-facing, above a garage, is directly adjacent to partial attic spaces, and insulation wasn't properly buibetween the floors I've added more insulation around the side - no help I've added tint to the window - little to no help I researched radiative shielding and decided to go with atticfoil due to their videos and physical strength of the product After the wife and I installed just roll to the SW attic space (i bought rolls, but I hate being in the attic to install...), there's been a degree decrease! After multiple days of 95-103, the 2nd floor hasn't gotten above I plan to install the 2nd roll to a SE attic space come winter time To some, the money savings would have been worth the tiny cost of this product To me, the comfort makes atticfoil the best thing I've done to the house in years - ever really Would recommend to anyone

The product performs as advertised Shipping on time with no issues I would recommend this product to homeowners and to commercial builders Using this product in a all steel structure has improved the interior temperatures

Everything about this transaction was great shipping,product, to saving money because it did make my second floor cooler in the summertime thank you atticfoil

Easy to install, (even in my low pitch attic)It made a quick difference in the summer and I'm anxious to see how well it does this winter with the blown in insulationI gave away the extra and they noticed a difference in cooling costs as well

I installed attic foil in my house in early summer The joke in my house was the air conditioning comes on in the spring and goes off in the fall, literally it would come on around or in the morning and run constant til midnight then intermittently til in the morning and stopSince attic foil was installed now it comes on average around two to three in the afternoon and intermittently til about at night I would estimate my havac system runs less than half Which I assume will increase its life expectancy and I believe I save at least to dollars a monthHard to tell with temperature and kWh increases but very happy with this product

"I'm very pleased with my AtticFoil radiant barrier installation! I had hoped I would see savings to my electricity bill but I have several other efficiency improvements I need to makeWhy would I be pleased when I haven't had a reduction in savings? It's the same answer that others have offered but I didn't completely understand until now; it comes down to comfort
To unpack what that means, I'll have to explain what cooling my house has been like the previous years since I bought this homeMy single-story, 1100-square-foot, brick home was built in the 50sOriginally, it had a floor furnace and gas heaters in each room and no air conditioningOver years ago, they converted the home to central heat and airIt was this inefficient unit that I inheritedThe attic insulation ranges in depth from to inchesA neighbor assures me there should be insulation in my walls as his house has itMy windows are a mix of single pane only and single-pane with storm windows addedI've since added reflective films to most windows to cut the summer heat gain
Prior to adding AtticFoil, cooling my house meant my AC took several hours to make a one-degree dropTo save on electricity bills, I signed up for my electric company's SmartHours program over the hot summer monthsWhile this is easy on my bills, it wreaks havoc on the comfort of my houseDuring the weekday hours of 2-7, my thermostat was set at a high temp of 85-to prevent the AC from kicking onWithout a radiant barrier keeping the attic temperature at or near the outside air temperature, my AC was having to overcompensate for more than the 20-degree drop I was asking of itIt was also having to fight the 140-160-degree heat radiating into my home from the AC return lines sitting in the attic; My AC ran non-stop from PM to or AM and beyond! I didn't like inviting people over any time of the day because the AC couldn't get my home to a comfortable level, ever
After reading some of the AtticFoil reviews, I realized that my attic story was similar to another person'sMy roof was originally cedar shake and I had gable-end ventsAt some point it was converted to composite roof (asphalt) and sadly, typical of conversions by sloppy roofers, they also closed in the soffit vents eliminating air flowI contacted a roofer with my observations and questions and he said that before a radiant barrier can be installed, I must solve the ventilation issueThis was my home-improvement project
Now that I've had a radiant barrier and experienced its effects for almost months of Oklahoma's summer heat, I am quite astonished at the difference in my, here it comes, comfort levelI'm still on SmartHours with my electric provider and my inside temps still climb over degrees but what's different now is that it no longer takes forever to get at a comfortable tempMy AC can drop several degrees within an hour as it's no longer fighting against the excessive heat buildup in the attic
Since my install, I have monitored my attic temps and the results are most dramatic on the hottest of daysOn the 108-degree day, my attic temp was just 10-degrees hotter at 116! Oddly, on cooler days, the attic temp was more like to 20-degrees warmerNot sure why but I'm deeply thrilled by how much difference this has made on my AC's ability to keep me comfortable
I bet you're asking why my electric bills didn't go downI'm a hot sleeper, so I need my room to be around 67-degrees so I can get a good night's sleepI didn't want to cool my whole house to so I installed small window AC in each bedroom, for a total of unitsI set my home temp to at night and our units to where we need themThese run often throughout the night likely because my windows are inefficient and leaky and more insulation is needed in the atticAlso affecting the bills, I've been so happy to finally have a cool house that I have kept the temperature on either side of SmartHours a bit lower than normal
I think you get the picture hereI am very hopeful that with other major improvements like new windows, new HVAC and more insulation, my bills can be reducedBut until I can afford those improvements, I can finally enjoy my first home purchase, even in the heat of an Oklahoma summer!"

Excellent customer service Spoke to owner prior to purchase Product delivered timely, no damageThe product material is very tough, and of a high quality Installation in my type of attic (many low trusses, with deep, shallow areas) was a difficult endeavor BUT, it turned out to be well worth itThe inland valley area of So Cal is a boiler! Installed during the hottest part of the summer, we noticed an immediate drop in inside temperature during the hottest parts of the day Same with the garage Probably one of the least expensive of all home improvement upgrades we have invested in Recommend to all

Leaks and holes in floor and roof haven't been repaired despite numerous calls to office.I have called about several repairs that need to done for my home and have been told several times that repairs are going to be made. However on 11/6/2015 I've noticed mold growing on furniture and along floors and roof because these repairs haven't been made, an inspection was done on 10/21/2015 by a property manager and nothing has been done to fix any of these problems. Desired SettlementI would like repairs to all leaks and holes as well as a mold testing and removal done. I would also like to request an inspection done for any more repairs that may need to be done that I may not be aware off.Business Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted]Office ManagerContact Phone:[redacted]Contact Email:[redacted]This tenant moved into the rental property on 2/9/2015. The tenant never notified Swansboro Port Realty (SPR) on their move-in inspection on 2/13/2015 of these damages. SPR does at least 3 home inspections a year on each property. Inspection 6/10/2015 damages not reported. Inspection 10/21/2015 SPR noted Roof needs inspected for repairs, hole in kitchen floor and hole in ceiling. These damages were found by SPR property management during inspection. SPR has been in contact with the owners for approval of said repairs, vendors and the tenant. Swansboro Port Realty not only found the damages but has also responded in a timely manner. The tenant complaint is unwarranted. This tenant account is delinquent at this time. When the tenant was notified that his rent was overdue he stated that repairs were needed. SPR informed him that the repairs are scheduled with the vendors to be completed. The same day we received this notice from the

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Address: 626 W Corbett Ave, Swansboro, North Carolina, United States, 28584-8450


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