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Swanson & Sons Lock & Safe Company, Inc.

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My name is *** ***I am the owner of Swanson & Sons Lock & Safe co..The Lady in question called my shop and stated she was not able to put her key into her ignition and it would not turn.We quoted her to come out and see what the problem isMy Technician (a
Certified locksmith for years) promptly showed up at the agreed upon time Upon Inspection of her ignition cylinder she informed the customer that the first wafer in the lock was broken, and the second wafer and third wafers in the lock were bentThe wafers are the pieces inside the lock cylinder that interact with the key to determine if the right key is being usedIf the correct key is inserted into the cylinder the tumbler will turnAs her wafers are both bent and one broken the key will not go in and the cylinder will not turn.This was explained to the customer in question. The customer was informed that we could possibly tap I repeat TAP the key in with either a hammer or a screwdriver buttThe technician asked the lady if she wanted us to try that approach to get the cylinder to turn.Customer agreed to try thatKey is tapped into cylinder and still doesn't turn.The customer is given a price to replace her damaged ignition for the labor only because we have to look up a price for the lock.Customer agrees to call us backcustomer is not charged a dime for our time on the job, as the technician feels sorry for the lady for her situationA situation we did not cause, Lock didn't work before we showed up .That was the reason for her calling us out in the first place.As to the Napa Auto counter employees opinion I don't put any stock in that persons unskilled opinionNot trained in our field.As to Me not being responsive to her or rude it just isn't soI called her immediately upon hearing about her complaint.l Also answered both of her phone calls from the customer were I was supposed to listen and not apperantly respond to the customer. After going round and round with no progress I informed her that we were not getting anywere and she should follow thru with her plan to sue or call you as I did not feel we damaged her ignition that was already brokenTHE REASON SHE CALLED US.I have a question for you alsoOne of my vans broke down on Friday while the employee was getting on the freeway and would not startWe had said van towed to an auto shop so they could see why it won't startUpon THERE DIAGNOSTICS were they tried different things to fix the issue, they informed me the motor is blown and will need replacing.My question to you is who should I blame and make pay for the new motorThe tow truck driver or the auto shopThey both touched my broken vehicle and I did call both of them for service so clearly someone other than me is to blameIf you think I am making this up I can send you the repair invoice we payed.I am truly sorry her car ignition is brokenI know how hard it is to come up with repair moneyThat being said we did not damage her ignition and have not asked for a dime from this lady. I have also been cordage with her. I am disturbed that she doesn't understand we took the proper steps to diagnose her problemWe did not take a screwdriver and hammer it into the ignition and try to turn itWe tapped the key that is fitted to that ignition in an effort to get her on the roadignition already damaged You cannot fix the problem she has without replacing the ignition or removing and replacing the internal partsthey are not fixable without disassembly. We replace the part, apposed to fixing something that is probably worn out and the reason for the issue.Been in business since at the same location in North SacramentoLiving in and servicing the community ever since.*** *** SwansonSwanson & Sons Lock & Safe Co.,Inc.2101 Del Paso Blvd.Sacramento, CA 95815*** *** ***

I have nothing to add to my first letter to you. It Was laid out as clearly as possible in that letter.Thank you for your time.

First I must say I never talk to the owner until this problem happen. On his cell phone which is [redacted] at [redacted]. I never call him at the company saying my key was stuck in my ignition. As I said before. I call Swanson Lock Company, I talk to a lady, the lady that came out to my car and to see if she can get my key into my ignition. When she came she said she could not get it in. Then also I never was told a price. Until she hit my key into the ignition, got out the car and said your ignition is broke. Then said $225 for labor, don't know the price. When she hit my key inside my ignition that's where she broke stuff up. I said before that's when I call the owner he did not hear my side. When I said she hit my key into my ignition. He yelled and said no she didn't. The manager of my apts. were right there. Mt. [redacted] his number is [redacted]. and two other. Tenants were right there. They all said she should not have did that. I don't know why the owner in such busy would lie like that I never was told $68.00 for a price. I never call and said my key is stuck. Please help me.

Review: I am the owner of AM/PM Arco located at 450 County Rd 102, Woodland CA 95776. I made a call to Swanson & Sons Inc. because my cash validator went bad. [redacted] a worker or owner told me that it would cost $510.00 for a cash validator and about $150.00 labor to install. They told me I cannot install the part because the warranty would be voided. They came out to replace the cash code validator on 10/11/2013. A day later the cash validator stopped working. I called [redacted] and told him and he sent the service guy out and he couldn't get it to work. He then took the validator with him so he can send it back. Almost a 1 and 1/2 months later the part arrived and they came back to install it. He installed it and in 1 1/2 weeks it stopped taking bills. I called [redacted] today 01/02/2014 he told me that he will not come back out that he will call the company he got the part from FIREKING and they will get back to me. He also said that he fulfilled his duties with the labor of installing and also made a $100 on the part. After paying Swansons $660.00 I absolutely got nothing for it. He told me that I should understand the issue at hand and its not their fault its the manufactures fault (FIREKING). He also went on to tell me he is losing money and will not deal with me as a customer no more. I have been providing excellent customer service for 20 years and this behavior is unacceptable in any business. We hired them as professionals in the lock smith repair business. They took the job and then when the parts they ordered are malfunctioning they bail on you with full payment. Hopefully we can get this resolved before it gets elevated to small claims court. Thank you Desired Settlement: I either want my money refunded ($660.00) so I can call FIREKING directly and pay them to come out and fix my cash validator or for Swansons to come fix what they started and I already paid for. When the situation is not benefiting them they drop customers and we are left with an unfinished service. They have a responsibility to deliver service and products that work. I went thru Swansons not FIREKING therefore, I am not responsible for dealing with FIREKING, Swanson's is responsible.

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Description: Locksmiths Equipment & Supplies

Address: 2101 Del Paso Blvd, Sacramento, California, United States, 95815-3001


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