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T&A Carpentry and Home Restorations, Inc.

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Our company was hired in August of 2013 to restore the staircase (from 1st-2nd floor) under his direction immediately. He had a contractor working on the 1st floor at the time. Arthur suggested on them waiting till the construction on 2nd floor was completed. There was no subcontractors on this job,...

these men actually worked for T&A Carpentry. We did our work accordingly but could not finish the top few risers and treads due to the fact there was going to be construction going on at the 2nd floor and they could not tell us the floor height that it would end up to be. They called us back in April of 2015 (1 1/2 years later) and said they were ready to complete the work. Arthur went out to the site and the floor height was much higher then what it should have been, which means that top few risers on the steps would have been much higher than the others (which is inproper) causing a safety hazard and a liability to T&A. Meanwhile in that 1 1/2 years that passed they were doing construction on the 2nd floor which means lugging tools, equipment and material up and down the staircase. In that time span we do not know what they did to that staircase so how can we be responsible. In our signed contract we are responsible for one year and in that time we did not hear from [redacted]. In fact they have only paid $4,923.60 not the alleged $5,000.00. How are they entitled to a full refund when we actually did quite a bit of work there till the situation arose with top few stairs due to there unfinished construction on the 2nd floor. We have been in business since 1998 and we have plenty of very satisfied clients and have never had a complaint. We do not want to return to his project due to the risks there that we are not willing to take.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:T & A Carpentry was contacted to assess the status of astaircase from the 2nd to the 3rd floor of the townhouseI live in. After the initial assessment, I was provided with two options;restoration, or new staircase. I opted for restoration to preserve the historiccharacter of the house. It was also determined that the restoration was morecost effective. The initial meeting went well with Arthur the owner of T &A Carpentry. At the time they were based in Red Hook, Brooklyn, and was alreadyworking in the neighborhood. Two referrals were provided but unfortunately theowners of the homes were unavailable to allow entry to their respective homes.After a meeting with the team of contractors at this house, we reviewed thearchitectural plans filed, and the scope of the work that Arthur would need tobe aware of, that would impact his restoration work. We accepted the proposaland he provided a time line for the restoration. Unfortunately, not too longafter the problems began and have continued since. While the company was quickto take an initial deposit, they were not eager to fulfill their contract.Start dates were agreed upon, which entailed I take off work to accommodate hisworkers. Not one but two start dates were completely missed without any explanation.My likely assumption is that he had been working another job at the same time,and I was pushed to the bottom of the list. Interactions with his receptionist,his wife was less than helpful. She provided little information, and abundanceof excuses, was unprofessional and abrasive.  Eventually Arthur resurfaced, and anotherstart date was agreed upon. Again I took off work to accommodate his workers.The workers who did show up appeared to be unaware of the scope of the work.Something seemed off. They had many questions and seemed a bit dumbfounded. Iinsisted the reach Arthur at once who did not accompany them. Arthur neverresponded, and after a short time later, they confessed that they weresubcontracted by T & A Carpentry to start the job. I immediately asked themto leave the premises. I reached out to Arthur, who again offered noexplanation, and again redirected the dialogue to getting back on track tostart the project at hand. Weary but persistent, I agreed to proceed forwardwith the understanding that any worker who sowed up at this house wereemployees of his company and would in fact be supervised. What followed weretwo workers showing up for yet another start date, and another day I took offof work. These workers were unsupervised, and unprepared for the job., They didnot have enough supplies or tools, primarily Czech speaking, and, barely spokeany English. They were not here long, and left after a few hours with not muchwork done. I contacted Arthur, and he assured me he would in fact be on thesite tommorrow. What followed was a disorganized mess.  The scope of the work was to replace treadsand risers, support the staircase, and accommodate an elevation though a newstringer, as the floors were being redone. Well his workers were fast, butsloppy; treads were cut crooked, and there did not seem to be any support forthe staircase. I snapped a few photos before they closed up the staircase, andthe lowered steps were propped up by a series of wood scraps. When Arthurshowed up at some point for an inspection he suggested we hold off work at thistime, while the floors were worked on, and that any issues with the staircasewould be addressed at that time. “Don’t worry, we’ll make it work, thestaircase will be beautiful”. Holidays rolled in followed by inclement weather,which led to delays in the work. In the spring, work seemed to move forwardagain, and Arthur was in fact contacted to coordinate. He was busy on otherjobs and there did not seem to be a time we could agree on for him to restartthe project. He agreed to restart the project by the end of the year but beforethe holidays rolled in, but this did not happen. He did though insist thatanother payment be made at that time “to keep the job open”. I felt pressured,and he’s a good salesman. I reluctantly provided another third towards thetotal balance. We eventually agreed to restart after the holidays and winterseason. I am accommodating. As the New Year rolled in, back to getting everyoneon a time line was a challenge. His office manager was again unhelpful. FinallyArthur agreed to a site visit, and I took off work for the meeting. When heshowed up, he appeared evasive and irritated. He appeared uninterested in beinghere and said very little. He was provided with a punch list of issues. One wouldthink he had shown up at the job site for the first time. He looked at thestaircase as it had already been there before the job started. By this time, Ipointed out that it was clear the elevation of the staircase was off; the twonewel posts were not even raised to accommodate the banister, and the treadscracked in half, interestingly enough over the two steps supported by the woodscraps. He had no constructive answers, and said at this point I would need awhole new staircase. I attempted to get clarification but he did not provideany. So I am thinking, whatever it takes to complete the job, this is hiscompany, and if he ends to start over so, be it, but it needs to be doneimmediately. What he did say was that he was presently working in theneighborhood, on “two big jobs” so he couldn’t start right away. We agreed Iwould have my contractor reach out to him later to discuss further. Whathappened at this point was unacceptable. He stated that after review, he feltthat the staircase would absolutely need to be redone, and he simply did nothave the time or interest for this. He made it clear that he would not comeback to the job site, and that it was not cost effective it for him to finishthe job. He further stated, “There’s nothing you can do about it”. He dared meto take legal action and shouted profanity then hung up. Emails back and forthonly did not accomplish and positive intervention.  What I am left with his a hot mess. Thecontract was never fulfilled, material was to be guaranteed, and standards ofconduct were not followed. It is likely I will in fact require a new staircase.Putting in a new staircase at this point means not only a time delay, but thatfinished work (the underside of the staircase would likely be damaged) wouldneed to be redone as well.Regards,

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