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Tadlock Roofing, Inc.

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I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.  Luis did a great job and I appreciate all he did to resolve the issues. He was very good at keeping us informed on his progress and was diligent in his efforts.

Complaint: [redacted]I am rejecting this response because: Mr. [redacted] came to my house 7-01-16 and told me that the delivery company say its not they responsbility to fix my driveway and that Tadlock will not fix it because everyone in my street driveway is had crack and was repaired before. I explain to him that I don't care about what the neighborhood have I care about what I have mine was not like my neighbors I took care of mine and maintain it he say they will not repair it. I told him I'll let my [redacted] know that they don't want to fix it and we will decide if we will get a lawyer and take it from there. Before [redacted] came to my house I have call the office in [redacted] to speak to someone in the office to hear what they decide about the driveway I had speak to a man extension [redacted] he was very rude he told me that he will not talk to me about the driveway and that they trying to do me a favor to help me and he have noting to say about it I ask why he saying that they trying to help  me that they not helping me they have to fix the damage they workers make on my property. I told him [redacted] had called me and ask me to lie to the that Tadlock fix my driveway and he will see to it that its fix and now todlock don't want to fix it. P.s I try to attach a video of the driveway crack but it's not attaching.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:
The replacement of the roof by Tadlock was a replacement of the original roof.  The only time the pipe could have been damaged was during the work performed by Tadlock.  If the pipe had been damaged before or after the work performed by Tadlock, there would have been a hole in the roof.  If the pipe never connected through the roof, it would have been discovered during the original building inspection and during the inspection of the home when we purchased it in 1996.  A copy of the home inspection is available and can be provided upon request.  It notes that the vent pipes were inspected and does not note any abnormalities.This complaint was brought to Tadlock''s attention three months after it was repaired because we were under a time constraint to sell the house and could not wait to resolve payment.  We were also in the process of moving.  Immediately following the repair work performed by Tadlock, we also discovered that they had damaged our air conditioning unit which cost us approximately $600 to repair.  Tadlock admitted that their roofing nail had caused the damage at that time, but blamed the location of the air conditioning lines.  It is apparent by the damage to the a/c line and to the plumbing pipe that Tadlock's work was substandard and that their commitment to stand behind their work is non-existent.Regards,

A signed check was delivered to [redacted]. The lawn has also been repaired to the customers satisfaction by a landscapre company. Tadlock Roofing is currently reviewing estimates from concrete companies and are in the process of scheduling the driveway repair. We will schedule with one and coordinate with Mr. [redacted].

Tadlock Roofing has made the adjustments possible to resolve this issue so that this will work properly for her.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because: on Friday 6-17-16 when I received the email the guy from Tadlock call me and say someone will come by my home to collect the cheque for him to sign. Then I mention to him that I had someone came out to my house and give me an estimated for the lawn repair he ask me to send him the invoice  ( which I did by email/ text) he said he will send the cheque with the guy when he will return my cheque.Which he did in the nite so my lawn is taken care of.( I notice in the report Tadlock claimed that they try to fix my lawn twice and I was unhappy I am sending some pics to show how they try to fix it). Regarding my driveway I had call two companies for them to send out someone to give me an estimate am still waiting for the guys to come look at the driveway and give me an estimate. Regards,

We are working with the homeowner to satisfy these complaints.

In response to Mr. [redacted]'s letter I would like to state that the picture that has been provided is not of a broken pipe but one that was cut off .  If you will notice there are no jagged edges.  The  picture 3.1 that was provided by the home inspector also shows that the pipe was not...

broken but cut. As a result of the conversation that I had with [redacted] of [redacted] Plumbing and the picture that was provided by the home inspector I do not believe that this was negligence on the part of Tadlock Roofing. In good faith Tadlock Roofing worked alongside [redacted] Plumbing to correct the issue without charging Mr. [redacted] for this work. I would like to ask why we are being notified three months later rather than at the time of the inspection or repair that Mr. [redacted] feels we should compensate them for charges incurred by the Plumbing Contractor. Is there any proof showing that Tadlock Roofing caused these damages other than Mr. [redacted]'s assumption? If there is proof that Tadlock Roofing caused these damages we will be more than willing to compensate Mr. [redacted] for expenses incurred.

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