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Tamber Contracting, Inc.

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For this case, the unit in question was not professionally installed and therefore any repairs are likely to be temporarily satisfactory at bestI have no problem waiving the $and agreeing to part waysAll charges have been removed and we will no longer work for this customer
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me


Business Bureau:
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

Our pricing is straightforward. We have an $89 diagnostic fee. For that, we diagnose the problem and provide a guaranteed repair cost. If you choose to go forward with the repair, we waive that diagnostic fee. In this case, the repair cost given was $586 which was accepted so we waived the...

$89 diagnostic fee. I'm sorry the customer believes that he is due another discount of $89 but that is not correct. We do not lie, rob, treat people carelessly or change our policies after the fact. Again, I'm sorry the customer feels that way but we haven't been able to reach an understanding.

We own a vacation home in DE. I went to the house the end of July. When I got there, there was no hot water. I called Sevice Today and someone came out. They said the heating element would need to be replaced. It was a $400+ part. I was told it would need to be ordered and I would here back from them later that day. I never heard back and we needed to go home 2 days later. I called their office before I left to check on the part and it was not there. We received a call a few days after I returned to our permanent residence. My husband called them and explained that we don't live there and would it be possible to call them in a few weeks when were back down there. Spoke with [redacted], a very nice lady, who said not a problem. Just call me when your heading down and I will set the appointment for you. I called her on Monday 8/3 and we set an appointment for the morning of Thursday 8/6. Their technician showed up at 8:30. I left him to do his work and told him if he needed me I would be in the kitchen. At 10:45 he asked me to come down to the utility closet. He than informed me that the on and off switch had been snapped off. He said someone has tried to work on this since I was here and has broken the switch and the whole blower on top of the hot water heater needs to be replaced. I told him he was the only one that has touched it, and his reply was "I don't know what to tell you". He said he would call the office and let me know what they said. An hour later, he still had not told me anything. I went back down stairs and asked him what was going on. He said he had spoken to the office and that he had not broken it. That we broke it between the time he was first there until the day he came back. Again I explained that he was the only one to touch it. We hadn't even been there in the time between his visits. He pretty much called me a liar and said he would call the office and I told him not to bother. I would call them myself. I spoke with the receptionist who said a manager would get back with me. In the meantime, I hear him putting things back together and cursing. I had 2 small children with me at the house. I went down and told him to leave. I gave him the rest of his tools and escorted him to the door. The manager called me back and I explained everything to him. He asked what I expected them to do. I told them I expected them to replace the part that his technician broke. He said he would send someone else out after lunch. Two gentleman showed up, walked in, looked at the hot water heater and said "yep, it's broke." They said the on/off switch was snapped off the circuit board and the ears securing the board assembly to the heater was snapped off. They were there a total of 10 min. Said someone from the office would call me. I received a call from someone from their parts department who told me the whole blower assembly would need to be replaced and they would give it to me at cost. I told him I was not paying for a part that their technician broke. Than he said he would give me $100 of the part, so it would be an additional $350. I told him that was not acceptable. He said someone else would call me back. At this point it's 2 in the afternoon. I've been dealing with this since 8:30 in the morning. I receive another call from the company and retell the whole story again. I'm told that one of his technicians would never do something like that and that it had been 2 weeks since the part came in. How are they not sure it wasn't broken in those 2 weeks. I again informed him that no one had been in the house for 2 weeks. And why would we have someone work on it when we knew that we were waiting on a part. I also mentioned that when I was there in July, I was with my grandmother. Neither one of us touched it. And this time I was there with my son (he's 11), my sister and my nephew (he's 7). None of us touched it. And why was his technician there for over 2 hours before he told me another part was broken? As far as he was concerned, they were right, I was wrong and they would not replace the part unless I paid them. I refused. So needless to say, we left to come home with no hot water. Their technicians are rude, not qualified and their customer service is horrible.

[redacted] does need a new HVAC system. He needed it in September of 2012 when these issues began. We recommended he replace the system at that time....

Compressor repairs are expensive and often there are additional problems that caused the failure or result from the failure. You can quickly end up throwing good money after bad. [redacted] did not go with our recommendation but chose to repair. My recollection is the unit was struck by lightning and insurance was involved. Regardless of his reasoning for choosing repair, we did as he requested. Other problems did emerge and [redacted] paid for a major one and we went on several other repairs without billing as well so we both experienced some pain. On our last visit we did not bill for our labor but did bill for the part. [redacted] refused to pay. We did not send him to a collection agency. He was frustrated. I get it. We just wrote off the debt and agreed to part ways. It’s not surprising to me that now he has another issue. No doubt some company is giving him the same recommendation we did nearly a year and a half ago. He needs a new system and it’s not because Service Today has done anything wrong. He made a choice that has led us to this point. While I feel bad for him, I cannot offer to buy him a new system. I’d offer a discount to help him out but that’s it. He’s certainly welcome to contact me to discuss

Response attached. I'm available at [redacted] to discuss any resolution.

I asked for a call when they had a game plan and they agreed but never called me, spent 6 hours, accomplished nothing, denanded $600 from my tenants. They should be ashamed of this kind of abuse. The manager said "that's not right" but offered no reduction to my tenants. Good luck using this company.

This company went to my property to fix a leaky outdoor faucet that ended up being a washer within the faucet. The plumber gave me a bid of $500 because he said he had to move all of the plumbing because the faucet was outside of and above the home electrical box in the basement. That faucet and electrical box have both been there since electricity and water came to the home, likely in the 20's. He said he couldn't perform the work because it isn't code. I called the city inspector and verified this was UNTRUE. They charged me a $79 service call and wouldn't fix the leak. This is a rotten company and are not to be trusted.

I purschased my home in 2013. My unit was brand new installed by service today in 2008. No one lived in my home after that it was simply maintained until we moved in. In 2013 my fan motor had to be replaced 780$ out of pocket. Bc warranty was up in 5 years. In 2014 freon leak had to be repaired 950$ out of pocket. 2015 compressor went up at least 1100$ and 2 months running emergency heat over 500$ a month electric bill hmmm. Funny system should never have this many issues with minimal use and being so young. I've had 5 companies look and all walk away bc it needs to be gutted the Install is so sloppy and many imperfections. Sad bc I refuse to use them again. The manager John stafford has terrible customer service doesn't return calls nor offer to assist the customer also after speaking with trane they are not a recommended installer of trane equipment. Sad bc so much money was spent and could of been saved.

[redacted], Thank you for bringing your concern to our attention. I appreciate your business and certainly want to address your concern. It's difficult to assess all the who said what since neither you or I was there. However, according to your statement, the technician left a $0 invoice for the work...

performed. If you would mail that to me, I'll honor it regardless. Please send it to following to be sure I receive it and take the appropriate action.

I had a service contract with this vendor for the past 3 years, they came out for a PM in May, my unit was running hot and the technician did nothing to address the issue nor did he inform me of the issue. The unit failed in August, at that time the responding technician told me that the running hot issue should have been addressed in May. I contacted the supervisor to share my concerns and was treated rudely. I cancelled my contract and will be notifying my HOA so that others are not provided with poor service and/or treated rudely.

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