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Spoke to the homeowner regarding the concerns with the amenity delay. Informed them that the amenity will be Grand Opening on Memorial Day weekend, May 23rd with everything complete, with the possible exception of the plays cape. Homeowner was pleased with the update and appreciated the
communication and even offered to update the Facebook page with the latest news to help spread the word

Spoke to the homeowners regarding the concerns with the amenity delay. Informed them that the amenity will be Grand Opening on Memorial Day weekend, May 23rd with everything complete, with the possible exception of the plays cape. Homeowner was pleased with the update and appreciated the
communication and even offered to update the Facebook page with the latest news to help spread the

We have the reportMr*** has received it as wellWe are working through some small items so both parties agree and are on the same page before work gets started

*** *** from Taylor Morrison has been in communication with The ***We will do everything in our control to have them completed by 2/Mario feels like he has made some progress on several of the itemsWe are waiting for a time to schedule the items that are remaining
Thanks!*** ***

Below is Taylor Morrison's response to Mr***.Thanks! *** ***Steve, I wanted to respond to your complaintI have a total number of doors on the interior of your homeWhen I meet you last with *** and *** from ProBuild we all discussed that we would replace any
of the doors that were not mitered or made incorrectly from the shop and we felt we could adjust the othersI don’t recall you showing me or *** that every door had an issueBefore you closed we adjusted several of the doors and replaced the entire jamb and door of bedroom #If this door is still not correct we will fix it as wellWe have on order jambs and doors to be replacedWe will have a different trim carpenter do this work from the one that did it originallyI will repair the edge of your kitchen island countertopThis is a simple repair and does not need to be replacedWe are willing to reimburse you for the master bathroom top that is cracked or replace itTaylor Morrison will not reimburse you for all of your marble tops or kitchen countertopI would be glad to handle the water bill reimbursementIf you could send me your water bills so we can see how much water was used when we pressure washed your sidewalk and drivewayWe cannot issue a check from our office without back up or invoice

I met with Mr*** today and we agreed to have our Survey company schedule a time to shoot the grade on the left side of the homeI explained that I need that information so that I can arrive at the correct solutionWe discussed the levelness of his rear yard and some issues with the gutters also I feel we are moving forward and will be able to resolve the issues. *** *** Taylor Morrison

When they closed the door was not falling off the hingeAll interior doors are uninsulated (hollow) unless otherwise paid to upgrade them. Taylor Morrison feels door was damaged after closing and is not responsible to fix this issueI apologize they feel different

*** *** and *** *** from Taylor Morrison meet with Mrand Mrs*** Tuesday 10/at 8:AMWe are going to top dress their yard and extend the tire stop on the driveway to keep the water from washing out the mulch bedThere are some dead areas of grass that we are going to try and
fertilize and if that doersnt work we will replace those areas. Thanks! *** ***

We will have our Customer Care Representative contact Mr*** and let him know we will have an engineer come out and give us a report on the drainage of the backyardOnce we receive this report we will schedule a meeting to discuss our optionsThank you!
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and hopefully we can find a solution. The Business wants to add a third French drain. However, the first two French drains the Business installed didn't solve the problem and I don't feel a third drain we help either. Apparently their engineer didn't read the information given him showing two drains were already installed. I am waiting on the Business's response to my latest email.Where their engineer wants to install the third drain will probably require one of the existing drains be removed. Seems kind of silly to remove a French drain they installed earlier and then replace it with another drain????

Communicated to the Residents via the HOA on5/16/15............Residents of [redacted] Taylor Morrison is very excited to announce the upcoming openingand celebration of your brand new amenity center.  Our plan is to open thepool this Saturday, May 23rd and from 11:00am – 2:00pm,...

TaylorMorrison will sponsor activities for the whole family to enjoy.  Ifweather does not allow for the opening to occur this Saturday, the pool willopen for use as soon as we are able, and the Taylor Morrison sponsored eventwill be rescheduled the following week.  We appreciate your patience and will update you as the weekprogresses. Communicated to the Residents via the HOA on 5/21/15..............Good Afternoon [redacted] Residents, Taylor Morrison has been diligently working to complete the poolin a fashion that could be opened this weekend and up until the last couple ofdays, it was still on schedule.  Unfortunately the daily rains have forcedunavoidable delays. Even with these delays, Taylor Morrison was stillconsidering a soft opening this weekend, but afteradditional rains last night, there is simply too much to complete in the wetconditions prior to Saturday. Rather than unveil a partially completed amenitycenter, they have decided to postpone the celebration to allow a focused effortby all contractors  to get everything complete and in a condition worthyof the high standards of [redacted].  At this point, with the current weather forecast, I don’t have arescheduled date.  There are a few items that require the pool area to dryoff in order to complete.  I will continue to communicate with TaylorMorrison  on a daily basis and pass on the new opening date andcelebration details as soon as it is available.  I know this is disappointing news, and I only hope the weatherwill turn even just a little to allow this beautiful project to be completedquickly. It rained that week preventing the pool from opening.  As a matter offact, Austin received record rainfall in and around the area that weekendresulting in significant loss of property and lives.From the HOA to the Residents on 6/4/15................Hello Everyone,This morning I have been given the word that the pool willbe opening on Saturday!  Taylor Morrison will be sponsoring some food andactivities from 11am – 2pm.  In order to make sure everyone has accessimmediately,  there will be a temporary key attached to the electroniclock for everyone to use until you receive your permanent key in the mail nextweek.  This temporary key must remain attached to the access box and willonly function during pool operating hours.    Please contact meif you have not received your personal key in the mail by Friday, June 12thor if you would like to purchase additional keys for $20 each.The current hours for the pool will be from 8:00 am – 9:00pm.  I have had a request for earlier hours for adult lap swimming, so ifthis is something you would like to do, please send me an email request and Iwill program your key accordingly.  Early use of the pool from 6:00 am –8:00am will be for adult lap swimming only and must be requested in advance for keyprograming.  The event went off without a hitch and the homeowners all seemed to enjoy thepool and the activities provided by Taylor Morrison.

Taylor Morrison has denied Mr. [redacted]'s request to fix or replace the master bedroom carpet. Their home closed in December of 2015. We received a warranty request that their carpet was damaged 6 months after they have lived in the home. We do not feel the carpet is defective or was damaged at the...

time of closing. We apologize they feel different.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:After closing we stayed out of the house for three weeks so that all the door issues could be corrected. Here we are 8 moths later and the work has not been completed. 

[redacted], Community Sales Manager for Taylor Morrison in Reunion Ranch, met [redacted] on 12/12/16.  [redacted] provided the attached base price list, lot premium map, and included features.  [redacted] came out a few times by herself before [redacted] came out with her on a Friday...

afternoon. The first time [redacted] met [redacted] he told her he had just finished a holiday Christmas party with his company and said he was a bit tipsy from drinking all day at work. [redacted] showed them around and they left to go look at home sites.  After that [redacted] emailed with [redacted] to help her with her new home search. She was able to make it to some of Taylor Morrison’s other communities such as Rough Hollow, The Grove, and Travisso to see more of our floorplans. Once they narrowed it down to the Ventura they focused on home sites it would work on (one it would fit on, and one avoiding plan repetition rules in the community). They ended up selecting lot 33 because it had the lowest premium. They spent time with [redacted] reviewing the cost of the options, then [redacted] emailed [redacted] on 12/28 that they wanted to meet and move forward with a contract. The appointment was set for 12/30 at 3:30 with prior warning that [redacted] had to attend a wedding and would need to leave by closing time of 6pm.  [redacted] presented an offer to have the $31k lot premium waived, a customized outdoor kitchen for his grill, and a free cabinet upgrade in the utility room.  All these items are items [redacted] does not have the authority to approve and she presented it to management. Since 12/31, Saturday was New Year’s Eve, Sunday New Year’s Day, and Monday was a holiday for the main office management did not respond to the offer until that following week.  Friday, 1/6 [redacted] contacted the [redacted]’s with a counter-offer to extend an additional $5,000 off the incentive of $23,000 already offered to the [redacted]’s.  Saturday, 1/7 they asked [redacted] to send the contract with the terms that were negotiated.  Taylor Morrison requires exterior colors to be chosen prior to signing a contract on a home to-be-built, so [redacted] sent the [redacted]’s to Travisso, a closer community to their home, to pick out exterior colors. Monday, 1/9 [redacted] and [redacted] discussed they would need a payment plan.  Once [redacted] obtained approval for that through management [redacted] was able to send the contract out to them on Tuesday, 1/10. The [redacted]’s then emailed with frustrations and questions on the contract.  [redacted] offered help via email and phone call but did not hear back from them.  Mr. [redacted] placed a call and on Friday, January 13 to Taylor Morrison main office and spoke with VP of Ops to express concerns.  [redacted], Area Sales Manager, contacted Mr. [redacted] on Monday, January 16.  Mr. [redacted] requested to work with a different sales agent.  [redacted] told Mr. [redacted] that she would be happy to help resolve issues, but [redacted] needed to be the agent going forward.  [redacted] explained this was in the best interest of the [redacted]’s not to start all over again with another agent.  (See text message attached between Mr. [redacted] (###-###-####) and [redacted] (###-###-####)). [redacted] offered to conference call with [redacted] and the [redacted]’s.  Mr. [redacted] said that he would consider this and return a call to [redacted].  Mr. [redacted] then expressed his desire to report the complaint.  [redacted] asked why and he explained that he wanted the base price of the home and did not wish to pay a lot premium.  [redacted] explained that the base price list is only the base price of the floorplan and referenced the disclaimer at the bottom of each page (This states “All information is not guaranteed and is subject to change.”) [redacted] also explained that most home builders use this same practice to list their base prices of their homes on one hand out, and have their lot premiums listed separately on another handout.  The [redacted]’s were provided both handouts as were the many satisfied buyers that live in Reunion Ranch as well.  Taylor Morrison has over a 90% average customer satisfaction rating in the Austin market, and nationally Taylor Morrison was awarded America's Most Trusted Home Builder for the second year in a row by Lifestory Research,.  We pride ourselves on treating our customers with the respect they desire, and spend as much time preparing and educating the buyer as necessary before presenting them with a contract.  There is no agreement signed between the [redacted]’s and Taylor Morrison at this time.  Taylor Morrison does not wish to further negotiate on the home or lot premium that the [redacted]’s are requesting.  Taylor Morrison is consulting their legal department to propose an update to the marketing materials handed out in the sales offices in Austin to help consumers better understand the home buying process of choosing a floorplan, then choosing options, and a lot premium to arrive at a sales price to purchase a home.   Thank you for your consideration.  Please reach out to me if there is any additional information necessary.

Complaint: [redacted]I am rejecting this response because:
Nothing has changed, we've received promises about scheduling someone to come out and check on our problems for 7 months and all have failed to include any action. Seven months with a substandard yard is long enough. Not only is the response from Mr. [redacted] another promise, it is exactly the same promise we have been getting for 7 months. The response also does not include the full scope of repairs discussed. Mr. [redacted] did not acknowledge the poor customer service we received, [redacted] denied that that we had received poor customer service, and no one took responsibility for the poor customer service, or the fact that our lawn is still in disrepair. No one assured us that we would be getting any better treatment than what we have gotten. I have no more peace of mind about my home getting repaired than I did before I made the claim. We still feel that Taylor Morrison simply does not care about our defective backyard or actually living up to its promise of giving us a backyard like the one we thought we were buying. Not to mention, after learning that the promised fix (top dressing) is different than what was previously told to me by Taylor Morrison (B.Blanton), I have no faith that it will actually fix the issue. Certainly not in a timely manner. The promised piecemeal attempt to make level my backyard and side yard, by the same actors that failed to do anything previously, is to fill each depression with sand to make everything even. They have tried this attempt before, and as the attached pictures show, the depressions with sand still have sand and no grass. This is a repair that does not have an exacting standard that I believe will ever fix the problem, and instead will make my yard look like a sand trap at a golf course. We were sold a house with what appeared to be a lawn that was level and had grass throughout. From the time of our 30 day walkthrough we have insisted that our lawn is not level and has many spaces with no grass. Now the attempt to fix the issue is putting sand in the grassless depressions instead of potting or top soil, and is a fix that will take a considerable amount of time before it looks like a normal lawn, if it ever does. I want a lawn that is actually a level and complete lawn like the one that Taylor Morrison represented to me that I was in fact purchasing. A lawn that not only looks level and has grass throughout but is actually level with grass throughout. Regards,[redacted]

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:Still waiting on Taylor Morrison to decide what they want to do.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID 11939165, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


I am rejecting this response because:First of all, I am not claiming that the door hinge came out immediately after closing. We did not do deep down inspection during closing on every door hinges and try to predict that some door hinge might come out in few months. This is the only door we saw serious issue which we feel that door hinge was not placed on correct spot as screw started became loose over the period and which lead to eventual breakdown. I have attached detail snapshot in PDF document to describe the issue. 

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:
I was trying to give TM more time to correct these issues but again I was told things and we still have a lot of problems with this new house.  I am only complaining about the promises made to me back on June 2015. Other things were dealing with are, water leaking in from 3 windows, outside stucco cracking and falling off the house, touch up paint on the outside that doesn't even come close to matching, garage floor cracking and pieces coming off, outlets not working, ETC. [redacted], You canned response to my complaint is just that, a form letter/canned response.  This is the same thing you have been saying for months, "We'll fix it".  Well its going on 8 months now and things that were promised to be fixed back in June/July haven't. I know replacement door casings were ordered and painted, but they were never installed.  Two guys came out on 28th and worked 5 hrs and came back again a week later on 2/3 and worked most of the day but did not finish and don't know when they will be back to finish.  They are still 6 more doors needing adjusting.  Painters showed up today to paint, didn't have paint or know the paint colors, also didn't bring any traps to put down for their tool boxes.  When I told them to put a trap down to protect the floors he used a trash bag, RALLY?Also, you seem to think all these repairs to the counter tops are simple, I wish I could attach a photo so everyone can see the repair they just did to the kitchen island top, it's now worse, like I know it would be.  While this is an inconvenient having all these contractors in the house and making a mess, my 93 father in-law lives with us and every time someone comes here to work, it disrupts his routine, he just would like to watch TV or work on his puzzles. So basically the house isn't finished even after 8 months past closing, thank you [redacted] for keeping your promise.

We are working with Mr. [redacted] and will continue to do so. As long as there are issues brought to our attention like the stucco cracks, leaking windows, and outlets not working we will address them. these items I was not aware of. Thanks!

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