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Review: TeamLogicIT failed to provide contracted services to implement and manage an IT system in my new business. We communicated our concerns to the owners of the company over a three (3) month period. TeamLogicIt was fired, and we were forced to contract with another IT business to install hardware and services to achieve desired functionality in our new office. TeamLogicIT has submitted invoices to us for services provided that did not fulfill their contract. TeamLogicIT has threatened to send us to collections.Desired Settlement: Adjust billing to zero balance.



Hello [redacted], Dr. [redacted]’ s complaint is quite unfair and inaccurate. We have tried very hard to work with him but no matter what we’ve done to work through this with him, he is intent on filing complaints to avoid paying legitimate, approved project costs. Any service issues or inefficiency with the office setup were addressed and we made significant goodwill offerings to make things right. Timeline / Background: 6/21/2013Met with Dr. [redacted] in his new office suite, discussed ongoing services and his requirements for setting up the new office (hardware/software)6/25/2013Created a proposal for Dr. [redacted] that included the hardware, software and cost for labor for setting up these items 6/29/2013Dr. [redacted] approved the proposal for hardware/software and labor and ongoing managed IT services and Help Desk support.7/09/2013Once we received all of the initial hardware we scheduled installation for 7/11During the installation of the equipment we ran into our first unexpected challenge: The new Dell SonicWall router that was purchased had a problem with its firmware. It was corrupted at the factory. We had to engage SonicWall support to get it reloaded. It was reloaded the next day and we resumed the project 7/10/2013During the installation we encountered several other challenges that were not within our control. We communicated these issues and the impacts they would have on our timeline. I know he was frustrated about the delay but has blamed us for everything.1. Cox did not correctly provision his new static IP address. We had to contact Cox technical support to open a case. Its documented as Cox case # [redacted] and we worked with Cox’s engineer, [redacted]. It took Cox nearly half a day (over 4 hour) to fix the internet connectivity. 2. While we were waiting for Cox to fix the network problem we attempted to install his new QNAP network accessible storage device (NAS). It would freeze at “loading firmware” so we had to contact QNAP support. After hours of troubleshooting, QNAP asked us to return the NAS and they rushed a new one. 7/13/2013We got a replacement NAS and it had almost the same problem. So, it too was returned and we bought another brand.7/15/2013We configured a new Buffalo NAS and set it up for Dr. [redacted] on 7/15. (we refunded the difference in price between the original QNAP and the less expensive Buffalo drive)7/15/2013While visiting his office to finish the NAS install, Dr. [redacted] asked that we upgrade his new desktop computer to windows 8 professional. The computer was quoted with Windows 7 Professional specifically because windows 8 was having lots of problems. He demanded the upgrade while our tech was onsite. He wanted all three of his computers to be Windows 8. The tablets he selected were only offered in Windows 8 but there is no technical reason why all three computers need to be same. He later claimed it was a requirement of their electronic health record system, but that assertion is not correct. Their provider, Aprima actually preferred Windows 7 Pro. So, we purchased the upgrade and spent nearly 2 hours installing it and basically reloading his new computer.7/15-7/23/2013Dr. [redacted]’ s office called the help desk about various issue with the network.. and wireless access. Our team responded each time to troubleshoot the issues.8/8/2013Dr. [redacted]’ s partner, [redacted] asked for an in-person meeting to discuss the project issues and delays. [redacted] and I met with Mr. [redacted] and went through his list of open items and to share feedback with us about the installation. We went through the list of items all of which were pretty minor (concerns about the battery in his Vaio, lack of Windows 8 Pro in his tablets, wireless network drops. We tried to explain that much of the delays and challenges were created by issues out of our control (e.g. hardware defects and Cox) however, we certainly acknowledged that it didn’t go smoothly and that we would do what was necessary to resolve the minor issues that were remaining. During that meeting, we agreed as a way of showing goodwill for the issues to pay for additional cabling that Dr. [redacted] wanted as a way of making up for any project short comings. We paid nearly $300 out of our pocket to a sub-contractor for this work. In addition, the two tablets we purchased for him should’ve had Windows 8 Pro. I didn’t realize they came with the non-pro version. He wasn’t charged originally for the Pro version but I did feel very badly I didn’t catch that. So, we also paid for two upgrades (+$100 each) and the labor to reconfigure them. I collected a check to pay for the initial hardware/software that was ordered and that we paid for back in early July. Because there was still open items in the client’s eyes, we did not include the labor charges. The meeting ended cordially and we had several follow-ups in the preceding days to be sure Mr. [redacted] knew we were following up on his issues. 8/14/2013Action items we discussed during the meeting on 8/8 were resolved. We completed the upgrades and our sub-contractor completed his additional cable drops.10/22/2013Dr. [redacted] terminated services During the period between Mid-August and our termination at the end of October the office used our help desk services, we patched and maintained his computers, and we were very responsive to their calls and emails. In addition to showing goodwill by paying for upgrades and additional office cabling, we did not charge Dr. [redacted] for any of the extra time spent on the project working through hardware issues, cox issues, etc. In total, we spent over 30 hours on the project. We only charged him for the original quote, which was 8 hours or $800. Dr. [redacted] will not acknowledge any of the issues that were beyond our control, is not appreciative of the goodwill we showed, and has not paid us for even the 8 hours ($800) originally quoted. He has not paid us for the three months of Help Desk and Managed services that he and his staff used and he also has not paid for additional hardware that was purchased for him that were deployed at his office. He waited until the end of October to terminate us and has not paid for anything beyond the initial invoice for the hardware/software. We take great pride in our work and customer service and feel strongly that we went way above and beyond to make up for any deficiencies, customer service issues, etc. We are happy to provide additional documentation covering our interactions with Dr. [redacted]. Our technicians are required to open a ticket for every phone call and project. Every interaction with Dr. [redacted] and his staff are documented on our system. Thank you for your consideration. cid:[email protected] [redacted], Partner TeamLogicIT – Northwest Valley [redacted] - Help Desk[redacted] - Direct[redacted]



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.[redacted], MD, MSRed Mountain Professional Park[redacted]Tel. ###-###-#### Fax: ###-###-#### [redacted] 18 December 2013 RE: Complaint ID # [redacted] Ms. [redacted]: As requested, we have issued the following response to Mr. [redacted]’s most recent correspondence regarding our complaint. We respectfully request that the publish our response in its entirety. First, for the purpose of clarification and in accordance with our established business plan, [redacted] (PPP) has changed its name to [redacted] (SMP). During the time in which our company engaged TeamLogicIT (TL) for professional services, we were PPP. As such, in this response, we will refer to ourselves as PPP. PPP’s complaint was established as a measure to address unresolved and continuing customer service level issues. PPP is frustrated overwhelmingly with the avoidable communication negligence and confusion created by TL; we are not simply frustrated as a result of complications related to project implementation. PPP has taken all reasonable escalation processes in trying to resolve these outstanding issues with TL. A continuous pattern of appeasement and broken promises is the legacy of doing business with TL. The dispute centers on the unwillingness and inconsiderate treatment and actions (and, in some cases, inaction) concerning TL toward PPP. The two main issues with TL are:1. Unprofessional conduct and business practice: · This is a professional complaint that was made to raise awareness to other potential customers of the severe customer service issues we have experienced in doing business with TL, and to save them from this level of frustration. Fact: It is not a personal vendetta. It is professional accountability.· TL portrays a victim’s position—and intimates the client is taking advantage of TL (e.g. “issues were addressed”, “goodwill offerings made”). Fact: TL did not meet the service level that they proposed. This entire project came to TL as a dividend of a relationship with my previous practice at the Arizona Institute of Medicine & Pediatrics (AIMP). In fact, TL has been released from that account as well. Fact: Additional time and cost were spent on “oversight” and communication, which were already included in the original business partnership agreement. · TL was hired solely for their expertise in consultation, system design, implementation, third-party (vendor) interface and equipment acquisition. Fact: The system planned and poorly executed was riddled with faulty equipment and delays deemed “…beyond [their] control”. Fact: The Support group was a revolving door of people with different and often competing values on how to solve each individual issue. It caused confusion, frustration, delays and financial hardship for PPP. Fact: The priority level placed on our relationship was low. Attention to our needs, workflow and convenience was horrible. PPP made constant adjustments and rescheduled appointments for our other vendors—document services and medical specialty software providers—to accommodate TL’s needs. Fact: Partner C. [redacted] was placed into and accepted the role of “Single Point of Contact” in an effort to salvage the relationship. Meetings were scheduled and executed with BOTH partners for TL present to address the existing levels of failure and inadequate communication and leadership but also to eliminate this strained environment in during the balance of the project. Apologies were made and accepted but to no avail, the course had been set. Fact: C. [redacted] failed to honor his commitment although he did provide some token concessions to PPP for our hardships.. His goal, by his own admission, was to collect the money TL had outlaid for equipment at the outset of the project. As evidenced by the action and inactions of his company, neither he nor his team, were “all about” customer service. Fact: PPP was forced to engage and manage their EMR provider—Aprima—to manage directly all communication and implementation. TL was given the software system requirements and specs under which to operate and to deliver services. TL was contracted because they claimed to have had expertise with Aprima. In multiple conversations with partner Chris [redacted], he boasted and gave false confidence how well he understood their (Aprima’s) system needs and integration issues. He stated, “It is a very complex process and Aprima’s customer support is poor.” Fact: PPP remained available and adaptable to TL workflow and schedule, and adjusted its own priorities in all circumstances when requested to do so by TL. Solely, TL induced any and all additional cost to this project. This was substantiated by their inability to execute in a timely and professional manner. Fact: The iDrive Back-up system for our computers never worked right. Numerous attempts to rectify this problem were made by TL, both onsite and remotely, during this ordeal. Months of time and energy went into execution of this sub-standard third-party software. A TL sub-project manager, Erica, was assigned to resolve this issue and, with her condescending tone, was found to be rude and unhelpful on many occasions. After separation from TL, we purchased the PRO version of iBack-UP and have not experienced any failures. 2. False Statements:· “Filing complaint to avoid paying a legitimate bill” Fact: As managing partner of AIMP, my company maintained a 3-year relationship with TL, and had never missed a scheduled payment. · “We were very responsive to their calls and emails” Fact: Prior to receiving payment for the hardware associated with our project—roughly equal to 85% of the income generated by TL through this contract—responsiveness to our concerns was average at best. After the payment of this substantial amount, TL’s customer service became horrible. For them, we fell off the face of the earth, and getting basic support was brutal. Finally, in September 2013, while still in practice at AIMP, TL was scheduled to perform a systems upgrade and several of their technicians spent an entire day at the office. The following morning, when I booted up my notebook computer, several medical software programs that are absolutely critical to my responsibility to perform adequate documentation for medical care simply failed. During the systems upgrade, TL had failed to bring my notebook computer back to suitable working order. TL worked remotely on my computer for 4 hours, and I had to request an emergency onsite evaluation for repair and reinstallation of essential software from another third-party vendor. The day was completely lost; I had to cancel my patients and suffered a financial loss of $1,600. In the ensuing weeks, TL, and, specifically, C. [redacted], failed to take full responsibility for this failure as well. We are not satisfied with Mr. [redacted]’s and TL’s response to our complaint. Furthermore, we believe that it reflects once again TL’s inability to appreciate and emulate excellence in customer service. Sincerely, [redacted] MD MS Cc: file, TeamLogicIT [redacted] et al. [redacted]Regards,[redacted]



As we discussed, I’m attaching a copy of the tickets associated with the project so you can see the amount of effort that went into the project and another view of the chronology. Our technicians are responsible for documenting their work into our ticketing system each time they touch a client’s computer. The tickets have a thorough overview of the issues we encountered. We spent a little over 31 hours on the project..much of the extra time was spent dealing with Cox issues and with the Sonicwall and NAS issues. We did not charge Dr. [redacted] for any of that. Although I can understand why he’d be frustrated with the amount of time it took to finish the project, I do not feel he is fairly attributing the fault. Because we understood he was frustrated we offered to accommodate him by doing extra cabling and system upgrades and did not charge for any time other than what was originally proposed and accepted. We are also willing to credit the amount he was charged for the iDrive backup service. He hasn’t paid for any of it, but we will adjust his unpaid balance by the $47.85 he was charged. [redacted], we’re not sure how to proceed from here. We have tried to resolve his complaints, have only charged what he originally approved, and he currently has an open balance of $1516.26 (less $47.85 for iDrive) leaving a total of $1,468.41. This amount includes $800 in labor, but $300 for help desk and managed IT services for August, September and October. He didn’t cancel his monthly service with us until the end of October. Included in the open balance is another $368.41 in hardware/software (2 switches, software, screen protectors, etc.). It seems he’ll only be satisfied by not having to pay for anything else.

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