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Review: On Feb 22.2014 I called so I thought ** Help Desk, Somehow I got a [redacted] and I believe the name was [redacted] He logged into my system and told me that people from other countries we

trying to access my system and I needed internet security. Told him I had [redacted] and he stated that was not what I needed. He then started telling me that he would fix the system and install the

warranty for $450.00 but had to pay right then. I panicked (72 yrs old widow) so I gave him the info to get the money. As soon as hung up, I felt I had done something stupid He called back again

in April and wanted into my system to check if warranty was working. I could never find where anything was installed. I have since gotten a copy of the back of the check and it is signed by a [redacted], believe the is last name. Teccure has not endorsed this at all that I can see. I have been on the phone with ** all afternoon today and they have cleaned my computer. Upon googling

this phone # I find that someone trying to reach [redacted] and also [redacted] had to same issue. I believe this TECCURE is scamming people and think you should be aware of it

I would love to get my money back but guess that is impossible.Desired Settlement: --I called them about 2 weeks ago and talked to someone name [redacted] at [redacted] and told him the problem. He did not answer as TECCURE and

told me they could not do anything about it. Finally told me they would refund $200.00 of my money and I told him NO that I wanted all my money back

He said they did not ever refund $450.00 back

My desired outcome is to get at least 80% of my money back. this is supposed to be lifetime warranty and I supposedly used from Feb22-present

Review: This company stated they would provide protection for my computer so that it would be secure. They claimed someone hacked into my computer fromoutside the USA.I recently had my computer serviced by a local company. The company stated that they could find no protection being provided by TECCUREDesired Settlement: I paid them $449.99 twice in 2013 (September and November) As they provided no protection I would like my money back

Review: I contacted Teccure to see if they could help me with my computer. They were able to go into my computer by remote and I was told that it had 19,000 junk files and that four people were trying to obtain my personal info. They told me that they could fix the problem for me to protect my info for $279.99. I was told I was purchasing the best Microsoft Security I could get, and no one would ever be able to corrupt my computer or retrieve any info. I sent them a money order for $279.99 to Teccure LLC [redacted], NJ 07724. Approximately one month later I found my computer completely corrupted and I could not even log in the Admin password. I called Teccure at ###-###-####, and I was told to be patient, that they would fix the problem in about 20 minutes. I called back several hours later only to find out that no one had even tried to fix the problem. I called back 12 tomes after that and no one answered the phone. I called the following morning and was told if I couldn't get into the computer, they can't either and I was instructed to take it somewhere were I live to see if they could fix it. I took it back to Best Buy in [redacted]. and they said it was completely corrupted and probably by Teccure themselves. Best Buy was able to wash the computer and reset to factory settings. I called Teccure back to get my money back and no one will return my calls. Now miraculously they don't have ANY info about me in their system. I was told again that they would look for my info and call me back. No one has called back. I also told them I wanted a refund of my money order and they said they don't except money orders, only checks and I should be able to get a refund because no on has cashed it. I called the money order phone number and it said the money order was redeemed on Nov 8, 2013. This whole company is a scam. I can't find a phone number for them in NJ. I did find that they formed the company on Jan 19, 2013, and their corp file number is [redacted]Desired Settlement: I want this company researched and I want my money back. They are a complete scam. There techs are actually in India at ###-###-####. I can't find a phone number for the [redacted] NJ. I was able to email them regarding my complaint at [redacted], and of course, no reply.


Review: Below is the confirmation of my purchase in February 2014

TECCURE LLC [redacted]


1 computer 1 year warranty + network security

Check # : [redacted]Desired Settlement: My laptop was infected with a trojan virus. I called [redacted]. They could not resolve the issue and said it needed immediate attention. They recommended his company who took 220.00 for one years service. They never notified anyone they were going out of business. Their phone is disconnected and emails to their "support" people remain unanswered. I want to recover the money I paid them for the services I am not receiving.

Review: I was having a problem with he speed of my wifi service so I called [redacted] my internet provider. I was informed by a rep at [redacted] after giving him permission to check my wifi usage that my IP addressed had been hacked. I asked what was the solution to this problem and he told me the only remedy in this situation was to have my computer cleaned and be given a new IP address (He told me turning off my computer or buying a new one would not solve the problem) He said I could take it to a [redacted] store or he could transfer me to a certified [redacted] engineer there that could clean my computer and also give me a new IP address for $400. I opted to have it done over the phone by someone I believed to be a certified [redacted] engineer) I paid the $400 by e-check and had my computer cleaned via phone. This all transpired Feb. of this year. I called Teccure LLC about 30 days later for follow up to check my system as instructed by them. They checked my system and advised they found no problems. I called them again for the usual 30 day check and there phone was not in service. After cogitating the fact that I had to $400 for a new IP address I felt [redacted] should bear the responsibility for this happening, I then called [redacted] to inquiry why I had to pay $400 to get my computer cleaned because the IP address they provided me was hacked. [redacted] then informed me they do not have a [redacted] division that provides a service to clean and issue new IP addresses. My concern with this situation is I'm out of $400; [redacted] seems unconcerned that they may have an individual(s) that may be running a scam under their nose while employed by them. I have called the [redacted], left a message, and have yet to receive a response.Desired Settlement: Full refund... I feel my computer is being shadowed and I fear information on my computer my be compromised due to the fact that [redacted] has informed me they are not familiar with Teccure LLC.

Review: History/Back ground: On Feb. 17, 2014, I notice on my online bank account that there was a charge(with a computer/gas station store!!!!) I didn't make. After contacting my bank I decided to switch my email address back to an old Verizon.

I went on line to contact Verizon, which I assumed I did. Now, I believe TECCURE LLC intercept that email and miss rep themselves as a

tech spt w/Verizon.

I spoke with a VERIZON TECH support represent, today from the actual VERIZON and they had no record of my call.

I not sure if I can get my money back, but, I would like to put the company (TECCURE) on notice. The phone number I have for

them is [redacted]Desired Settlement: To be reimburse.




We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. We do provide support for all types of wireless and email issues including verizon but we donot misrepresent ourselves as any of the companies representatives but as an independent technical support company. We are initiating a full refund by a check of the amount you have paid to us for the services which you will be receiving within next 7-10 working days at the address you provided while the time of billing.



[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


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