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Review: This company miss represented themselves to my mother. She opened up her email and a screen popped up with a phone number on it told her that she had a virus and to contact them right away. She was unable to exit the screen. She does not know anything about computers except how to open her email and Facebook. She called the number. They told her that she had opened a virus and was sending out multiple emails overseas. They had her to sign a work order, and at this time she thought she was dealing with her provider. They did work on the computer. She was then given to billing. She was told that she needed to pay for the warranty. She felt bullied by the billing department and was told she need to pay for the lifetime warranty at $599 because it was better than the $299 yearly fee. She told them that she did not want it and was pressured into the warranty which was what she had agreed to when she agreed to the work order but was not told there was a charge. They told her that they did not take credit cards and that they would need her debit card with her pin number. She refused. Then she was told she needed to get a money card, then they wanted a check paid online. She was told that she could not cancel. The billing rep was threating to her. I talked to them (3 different people) I asked them to remove whatever they put on the computer that my mother could not afford that kind of money and that she did not understand everything and that she felt threaten. I was told that we were trying to get out of paying and that "we know how to get our money" more than once. I tried to explain that we didn't their service and that my mother was an older woman who know nothing about computer and did not understand everything and felt like she was being bully. Again I was told we were trying to get out of paying, the systems could not be removed. They refused to give me the name of their company or the address to check them out. They were extremely rude, would not let anyone talk without interrupting.Desired Settlement: We want the to be aware of this company, who has the A+ rating according to their website. How threatening the staff was and did not want to listen to anything, and would not acknowledge that service could be canceled. We also want to cancel the "warranty/service agreement" canceled.


Response:,This seems to be the work of some dismissed and disgruntled employees of the company who have been terminated due to not following the standard procedures of the company. They have hacked into our PBX account and diverted some of the calls to themselves which we found after sometime and fixed it by talking to the PBX people. We really apologize for the inconvenience but it is not really in our best interests to cause problems to customers.Thanks,[redacted]

Review: Thru my internet server [redacted] communication, On [redacted] 28,2014 I was asking for assist with caller I D . I was redirected to another tech which I thought was associated with [redacted] cable. The second tech connected to my computer and showed all the Trojans viruses etc. I needed to install the protection against these issues. ( I talked to [redacted] already It was a third party tech which they do not know where he directed me ) was told the company was Team Viewer Team. They charged $399.99 for service for life of computer. After several months showing no "reports of clearing any problems on computer I contacted Team Viewer they stated they are using remote control such as Team Viewer or AMMYY . They did not collect my $399.99. My bank can not obtain the refund due to number of days until I discovered the problem . eDesired Settlement: Wanting this company to refund money due. false rep and not delivering services.


Response:,The customer called us for a Netflix issue and caller ID issue and we have resolved the issue and added protection to customer's computer to protect it from external threats as well as gave the customer an exclusive offer of a lifetime service subscription with all software tools on the customer's computer.Attached is the agreement that the customer has signed which indicates that the customer clearly knows that he is dealing with Techniday4U, a third party technical support service company and we did not misrepresent ourselves to be any other company.If the customer still insists on a refund, we can issue a partial refund to the customer based on the refund policy of Techniday4U.We are willing to co-operate fully with in this matter and willing to offer a refund of $200 for the customer. Please advise immediately.Regards,[redacted]


Response:,Why would the customer give feedback saying thanks for all the security software installed ? And why would he sign an agreement that says that the service was performed ?The best we can offer for this customer is a refund of 50%. He can either take it or leave it but that is the best we are willing to do for the customer at this point of time.Regards,[redacted]



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

Accepting offer of 50% refund


Review: On 05/15/2014 I contacted [redacted] Cable, was referred to M[redacted] via computer. I spoke to Y[redacted] about M[redacted] and their reputation and he said certainly he could fix viruses etc on my computer. But their would be a fee of $349.99. I spoke with a friend who is a computer programmer and he told me "I just got ripped off".My computer is a 2007 Dell and Vipre was installed. My friend said that shouldn't of been installed. I spoke with Y[redacted] on 05/28/2014 and)6/06/2014 and told him he had lied to me and he offered me a lifetime subscription plus I'd only have to pay $39.99 yearly.I wanted my money back!Both my computers were running very slow and I clean after every use generally. This issue was never resolved.Then on 08/09/2014 T[redacted] called me and I said I don't know a T[redacted]. Yes, I'm Y[redacted] friend. The one who helps you with your computer.Now I'm transferred to R[redacted] who said,"my firewall was off", They have been trying to get a hold of me,Really?And I had only 2 or 3 hours to notify my bank but he could fix it for permanently for $300.00, usually they have 72 hours. I downloaded their emails and notes. They called me but blocked their number and said they never called me! T[redacted] is going to talk to R[redacted]. Main office in Atlanta Ga. Offshore account in Malta Their name is TECHNIDAY4u computer support,a DBA of Kamya Inc and have no association with M[redacted]. At their discretion they can suspend or terminate your account.CEO [redacted], couldn't find phone number in GA but Ohio, Phone numbers 1-855-486-4228 or 1-855-879-8329. I have been through ID theft and live on a set income with my husband! I was offered one plan only.They just started with in 04/2014.Motto, "Customer is God and we are God's servants.......".REALLY! I think I can safely say in my case Y[redacted], could of told me of their 7 day refund policy. T[redacted] is covering for R[redacted].I don't care what God you believe in just as long as isn't greed or money. O[redacted] looked my computer for free no hard sell. M[redacted] will do the same.Desired Settlement: Fraudulent Practices any and all court cost included in getting blocked number. Yes, I have to go to court!Any costs incurred with counsel.Plus refund of $349.99. They deny talking to me. You've been contacted once. This will go to and Ripoff report. Honesty is always best.



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Description: Information Technology Services

Address: 11289 Glen Abbey Dr, N Royalton, Ohio, United States, 44133


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