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• Feb 11, 2024

Crap Paper
Terrible experience 's trying to get to talk to anyone who can help you with your problems.

• Apr 23, 2023

Poor Sports Reporting
I am very disappointed in the lack of sports reporting for many of the games that Worcester Tech High School has played this year. It almost seems as though the Worcester T&G avoid putting scores and stories about the results of games played the day before printing.
For instance, in today's Sunday edition, they did put in a one line of the High School baseball score with Burncoat High, but left out the entire write up on the next page of summaries. It would be interesting to see what happened in their 10 to 0 win.
I have been to a few of their varsity baseball and basketball games and the intensity and team play is great to watch these young athletes perform.
It would be nice to have this High School, one of Worcester's best, to be published with stories on how these young men and women play their hearts out on the fields and courts for their great school teams.

ME again
I just gave a review and in going over it I mean to say our message today< Sunday they are NOT taking delivery issues today. My frustration is showing.

Very UNHAPPY long term customer
Well, today is Sunday Jan. 8th. and still NO paper. The last one we received was on Jan. 1st.this was the last day our WONDERFUL delivery person, Peter retirement day. No paper on Tuesday, so I called and they were sorry would credit us for the day. Wed. still no paper I called again, sorry they would credit our account. I asked why, they said not sure it shows we have the same delivery person as usual. I said NO he retired. They said the would let the dispatcher know and will look into if they have a new delivery person. Wed. no paper , I called again, well they said they are trying to get a delivery person , Said I should be getting my paper on Thursday and would make sure Wed. paper would be included. Wrong, Thursday, no paper , I called again. They would credit us for the that day. Friday NO paper , called again said they would let the dispatcher know and maybe no paper on Sat. but I was assured that I would receive Sundays paper. Today is Sunday, NO PAPER , I called again and the message I get is , sorry but they are accepting home delivery calls today. Needless to say we are not happy, all the lies and this paper should be ashamed . I know that there is a delivery person, because I know people who actually received a paper yesterday and today. I will be calling again on Monday,( and hoping I actually get a paper, but I have my doubts. I think I may just have to call the Better Business Bureau. Crediting our account is of little help, we have been a loyal account for over 20 years and I do not think as an elderly account we should have to go out to our local CVS to get a paper. I hope to receive a reply, but I DOUBT IT. Lucille

Finallyl !!!
Well have two days of being an unhappy customer, our "wonderful" delivery person (thank you Peter) is back and I knew it when I saw we actually had our paper. Not only for today (Sat) but Thursday, and Friday also. T&G almost got it right , I am still missing Wednesdays
I know this is not an easy job but it would be great "if" the T &G made it a little easier for its customers to call and actually speak with a person, I was lucky enough ( I hit 0 after they had my account) I did have good luck with them and was told on Thursday I would get Wed and Thurs paper. Well, I am happy that my delivery person is back . T&G what is up with you have too wait until 5 PM to register and complaint , but the office is closed at that time. Thanks again too our wonderful delivery man.

OK, so I wrote a complaint earlier and now here I am again. After NOT receiving my last three days of the paper and tried called three times today, I thought they per their message they have until 5pm to deliver so cannot leave a message. I just called 5:10 pm and guess what? The office is closed so no one to take my call, but --- with my address information they will register my call . I will call again Monday and hope that someone will speak with me. At this point I want a three day credit to my account and I am thinking of just cancelling the account. It is sad because our every day guy is great the paper is here every day. I understand that someone is covering but if they sigh up for the job then they should be able to make sure everyone gets their paper. Just venting, and I really wonder if anyone will look at any of the complaints. I would guess NO> T & G shame, shame on you. BY the way a one star is too much. you should have a zero !

Delivery issues
I just tried calling your customer service to ONCE again inform them that I have NOT received my paper , this is the THIRD day in a row. I know our regular deliver person is out this week ( he is WONDERFUL) as our paper is here every day on TIME> I agree that the message about calling before the 5pm deadline is stupid. If I wanted to wait until 5PM I would go too the store and buy it. I am so upset because no paper on Wednesday and I actually spoke to a customer service rep. ( I hit ) 0 for service) and he told me I would get two papers today -- well NO I did not. I WANT A CREDIT FOR THE 3 DAYS WE DID NOT GET OUR PAPER) I guess I will have to call AFTER 5 PM to tell them this. Honestly I am thinking of stopping this paper as cost just keeps going up , and the service is terrible. I feel bad because the normal delivery is always on time. T & G you need to be kinder to those of us who have issues .

Non -delivery
Several times recently I have not received the paper. When I call, I can't register a complaint until 5pm, and then I'm given no assurance that I will be credited for missed papers. Twice Sunday papers have been missed. In the last 5 days, I received 1 delivery. You offer introductory subscriptions of 13 weeks for $52.00. I pay over $300 for 13 weeks (since you changed the terms from 8 week periods) and have to run out each morning to buy something I've already paid for.


Poor delivery
I am having difficulty with the delivery of my paper. This is an on going problem. There are two tenants who receive a paper, myself @apt9 and my neighbor @ #7. Last week 2 papers were delivered daily! Today, after a complaint from my neighbor, NO papers were delivered. It is the same carrier who doesn't hesitate to leave an envelope for a tip! I have called numerous times, but it doesn't seem to solve the problem!

M Bagdonovich

I requested that my vacation hold be discontinued and Sunday paper be delivered effective 6/7/15. It took 3 weeks before a paper was finally delivereIn the fall of 2014 I purchased a Sunday Telegram subscription via the telephone. The charge was put on my MC and paid in full. Since the beginning of this subscription there have been nothing but nondelivery issues. I have communicated with [redacted] about this. He did try to resolve the problem but to no avail. My subscription is now extended to 5/16/16, but I rarely receive the paper. I call every Sunday and am told one will be delivered. It never has been. I am now offered Mon delivery of Sunday's paper. This is unacceptable to me. I want Sunday's paper delivered to me on Sunday. It is what I have paid for in full. I am owed an apology and the delivery of the paper as I purchased.Desired SettlementI would like the paper delivered to my address as I purchased and I want the delivery on Sunday.Business Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted]Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXXContact Email: [redacted]@telegram.comI have left a voicemail and sent Ms. [redacted] an email. We are crediting her account for 8 missed papers on Sunday since she returned from vacation on July 7, 2015. We have also addressed the delivery issue with the carrier and manager in charge. This will be corrected for next Sunday's delivery. I have left Ms. [redacted] with my phone number and email address,[redacted]Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)I am willing to give the T&G one last chance to resolve and correct this issue. I do not hold out much hope because this has been an ongoing issue with many promises and no lasting solution. Since I am an optimist, I will hope for the best and maybe just maybe due to your intervention this issue will be resolved. I have been contacted and given a telephone # to call any Sunday that the paper does not arrive, but if the paper is not delivered, I will request a refund of my money. Thank you....

Failure to send a promised refund.On May 9, I got a bill for renewal of my subscription to Worcester Living. Usually I check my records, but my computer had crashed, and I was paying bills, so I sent a check for $19.95 (the 2-year renewal rate).When the new computer was up and running, I did check and discovered that my subscription was paid through December 2013. So on May 15, I called the T&G and asked for a refund. I was told the check was being processed, and the refund would issue within a week or two.My check was cashed, and now several weeks later, I have not received a refund. I called today (June 18), and was told the process would start now and to call back again next week to see how it was progressing.I want my money now. It shouldn't be hard to issue a refund immediately, and I shouldn't have to keep calling and checking.And I don't think they should be sending renewal notices seven months in advance. It's a magazine, not a bank. But that's another issue.Desired SettlementI want a refund of my $19.95 immediately.Consumer's Final Response [redacted] I was going to notify you today. My refund from the Telegram & Gazette (by way of the New York Times) arrived Friday. I will tell you that I heard from [redacted] at the T&G within a day or two of filing the complaint with the And although the check came a bit later than I expected, it did come. Thank you for your help. [redacted] XXXXX

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