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TerraFirma Foundation Systems

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Good Morning – We would like to request additional time to resolve this complaint This customer is often out of town on business and we have been unable to connect with him directly Our COO has left him messages and his email indicates that he is looking forward to speaking with him Our hope is that we will find a common ground and fully intend to work with Mr [redacted] until we can reach a resolutionCan you please update our file as we are actively working directly with the customer for resolution Thank you, [redacted] – Director of Customer Experience TERRAFIRMA FOUNDATION SYSTEMS NE Garden Valley Blvd| Roseburg, OR | D: (541) 492-| Fax: (541) 229- The information contained in this message may be privileged, confidential and protected from disclosureIf the reader of this message is not the intended recipient, or an employee or agent responsible for delivering this message to the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution or copying of this communication is strictly prohibitedIf you have received this communication in error, please notify your representative immediately and delete this message from your computerThank you

Complaint: [redacted] and Oregon/Washington Homeowners, Please note that I am now addressing TerraFirma’s first “real” response to a complaint filed roughly days ago (and the response is still riddled with missing facts and untruths)Months went by before their lawyer responded with a regurgitation of carefully vague talking points, not about whether they caused the damages, but about the extent of their responsibilityThe mantra I’ve seen from TerraFirma is “lie to get by”, unfortunately for them this behavior isn’t sustainable and will soon catch up with them Their response is wholeheartedly rejected, the missing facts are expected though, given our experience with TerraFirma thus farAt this juncture, given the numerous opportunities we have offered TerraFirma to step up and do the right thing we now look forward to our upcoming legal engagements where TerraFirma staff will be under oath and we see if they actually perjure themselves Before I step through my response, I should note that TerraFirma staff has already admitted negligence throughout this nightmare scenario repeatedly in front of wide audiences who will testify to this in courtAdditionally, many of these conversations were captured in varying formats by said attendees and will likely be part of the conversation when we decide to move this discussion to public forums Our Response: On January 5, 2017, prior to their inspection, TerraFirma represented that they would perform “a thorough inspection on both the inside and the outside of the property[The Inspector] will be able to diagnose the problems you are facing, the reason(s) they are occurring, what options are available, and provide you with a written estimate for any work that (we) may need completed.” TerraFirma’s website also claims among other things that they will provide a free inspection by “specialized in-house foundation experts” who have “warranted solutions for structural issues of all types.” Based on TerraFirma’s representations, we extended the inspection period on a home we were evaluating for purchase, so we could receive their analysis After TerraFirma inspected the residence, we asked whether additional work would need to be performed on the foundationIn response, the TerraFirma representative explained that the foundation was in good shape and only needed a sump pump for the water intrusion issuesTherefore, based on these representations, we made an agreement wherein they were hired to install a sump pump at the residence and did not require any additional foundation work as part of close (Inspection results were given in front of a wide group in attendance)TerraFirma then attempted to install a sump pump at our new home and did so incorrectly (admitted to by field staff with witnesses)Therefore, immediately after installation, severe flooding took place in our basement and it was then determined that the solution for repair was a whole new foundation slab in addition to the sump pump On or around March 20, 2017, to remedy their first mistake, TerraFirma removed the basement slab of our home to install a new one Unfortunately, Terra Firma failed to adequately support the house when removing the slab and also cut the main supporting beam in the basementThis took place after a lengthy meeting between TerraFirma, the general contractor, and engineering staff to ensure this result wouldn’t happen and to avoid this very outcome TerraFirma understood the main supporting beam couldn’t be cut and did so through sheer negligence causing serious property damages throughout the entire home, including but not limited to: separation in the hardwood floors; cracks and ripping in the drywall and ceilings; damage to doorframes and floors separating from baseboardsAlso, the floor on the main level of the home sloped noticeably to one sideAfter damaging the basement slab, the interior, and exterior of our home, Terra Firma agreed to repair the damage they causedBecause the basement was a finished space, we made it clear that when they poured the new slab we could not lose any ceiling heightTerra Firma agreed and therefore, on or about April 17, 2017, they poured a new basement slabAfter the new basement slab was poured, it was discovered that even with the additional planning and assurances from TerraFirma staff that we would not lose any ceiling height, they had, again through pure negligence, poured the slab too high resulting in a significant loss of ceiling height, rendering the new space basically uninhabitable We agreed to have TerraFirma fix their next mistake and pour another new basement slab to remedy the height issueIn removing the faulty floor slab, significant damages to the west, south, north, and east foundation walls occurred due to the intense jackhammering work, which shook the entire house for an extended period of time therefore, worsening the problems to the rest of the home as described in previous paragraphsLastly, to comment on one other component of the claim that centered on the lewd behavior witnessed at our home in which TerraFirma staff urinated in our garden when we were away, street view, in front of our neighborsThe TerraFirma response says that they discovered no evidence of such behavior but will continue their investigationThis is false, there was no investigationIn actuality when this transpired and neighbors approached us about the situation I reached out directly to the chief operating officer of TerraFirma and was told by him that he didn’t believe the reportI offered to have him speak directly to the neighbor who witnessed this disgusting behavior and he promptly declinedLet me say this another way, the COO of a company that just caused hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage to my new home through pure negligence treated us with immense disrespectThis is the epitome of the behavior I’ve seen from this company, it is clear they do not value their customers Oregon homeowners, you tell me - If you hired TerraFirma to inspect a home you were evaluating for purchase prior to close and they told you after their inspection that your foundation was in good shape, that only a sump pump was needed to fix a small leak and when you hired them to complete this “small” job they proceed to improperly install the sump pump causing additional flooding, then they tell you they need to remove the foundation slab of the home to fix their previous mistake, but in doing so negligently cut the main support beam of the entire home causing ripple effect damages throughout the home from the basement to the 3rd floor then to fix that mistake they pour a whole new slab, but pour it much too high even after preemptive meetings and promises from field staff this wouldn’t happen next, they rip their new slab out with lengthy home shaking jackhammer work this is followed by a wall of the home collapsing and after all of this they claim that they only caused damage to one of the four walls of the home and that is all they feel they are responsible for what would you say? That’s what happened to us and the answer is that no woman or man in their right mind would agree with this ridiculous TerraFirma assessmentSigned, [redacted]

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Address: 761 NE Garden Valley Blvd, Roseburg, Oregon, United States, 97470-2090


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