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May 22, 2020

Poor communication
In our opinion poor service and communication for the following reasons. We received a notification call that our system was shut down because of an inverter problem. The message said that we would get a call to set up a repair appointment but didn't by the end of the week. When we called the company to see about scheduling a repair after hearing nothing, the person on the line hung up on us. There was no reason for this, we voiced our concern calmly and without accusation. This system was installed five years ago and the person that hung up on us couldn't seem to understand that we were not asking about new construction and kept on saying that they were back logged. When we asked how long it would take for them to contact us to set up an appointment, we kept on getting the same answer - We're backlogged. We called back a second time, Got ahold of someone who could help us, but they couldn't schedule an appointment for ten weeks out. So at this point the system will be down for nearly three months before someone takes a look at it and we are still making payments on it. It took three calls to actually reach someone who could even schedule an appointment. We really have to ask why no one could schedule an appointment during the first call. They just let us wait and didn't contact us in what we would consider a reasonable time to set up a repair. Seems like in our opinion attorney general's in states where the service is this poor should be looking into these companies that offer a service and cannot communicate or maintain the products they are selling to produce power.

Where is Elon Musk
Have a lease program with Solar One Energy but they were bought out by Tesla. Cannot contact Tesla ( message says go to oh that yearly helps), can't email them,, (every email I have tried bounce back) cannot monitor my equipment. Where is the many who thinks his company so great and leaves the rest of us hanging?

Jan 24, 2020

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:Mr [redacted] is correct that we have emailed what we verbally agreed on (please see document attached) however, I feel that this case should not be closed until Mr [redacted] has fulfilled what he has agreed toAs per the email and the conversation between him and my husband Mr [redacted] will refund us $and will reinstall our solar panels after our roof is repaired by a roofer (not Mr [redacted] ) In order for us to get this process started we need Mr [redacted] to refund us the $immediatelyAgain, we have given Mr [redacted] almost a year to fulfill his verbal agreement either by fixing our roof and/or refunding our moneyMy husband has faith in him that he is going to come through for us this time and not because he is 'a long time friend' of ours as stated by Mr [redacted] but because my husband is a good man and believes in peopleJust for the record, Mr [redacted] is not our long time friendHe doesn't know anything about us and we don't know anything about himWe hired him in good faith to do a job for us and as you are aware off he took our money and never did what he said he was going to do A tarp currently lies on top of my damaged roof as a 'band aid.' My husband and neighbor have had to replace this 'band aid' several times due to rain, wind, storms, etcIt is the only means that we currently have protecting our damaged roof for almost a year now due to what Mr [redacted] did to usI want to put this year long misery behind us by Mr [redacted] doing right by us Regards, [redacted]

How amazing, I received an email from Tesla regarding an appointment they have scheduled for a technician to perform pest abatement protocol for my Solar system. It's probably best that they send emails at this point.
It's been 3 months since they have disconnected my Solar system due to pest damage. The system had only been in operation 10 months when this happened. Today the Tesla scheduler has scheduled a technician to arrive May 26, 2020, 8 months after this situation began. In the meantime I am expected to pay monthly lease payments for a system that is inoperable. This is the worst experience I have ever had with a company!
I hope they find a way to improve their customer service and responsiveness or they'll be out of business!

I purchase my home August 10, 2018, before I closed the sale my roof was replaced therefore the Solar Panels were removed and re installed after the roof was replaced.
I did not have any prior experience with Solar Panels, and I agreed to assume the lease on the Solar Panels from the previous owner. The Solar Panels were working well until October 2019, less then 1 year from when they were re installed.
I have a squirrel who has disabled the system and I have been waiting for someone to schedule the removal and repair of my Solar Panels. I have called numerous times and get the same response; you have trained your Customer Care Team very well. While I continue to pay the monthly Lease payment for the Solar Panels without saving energy, I have been paying normal Electricity Bills since I don’t generate any Solar Energy.
You do have a great product, but your response is very poor! I live in a Major Metropolitan so there shouldn’t be an issue finding an authorized team to correct my Solar Panels.
If I had prior experience with Solar Panels, I would have suggested that a barrier be placed to eliminate squirrel damage. I believe your install teams should be aware of the areas they install systems and possible damage from Tree Rats.
I am a customer who is paying monthly lease payments for a system that isn’t operating, do I not have any priority?
I have been calling Customer Care for 3 months, in December the team said it would after the new year when they could schedule a team to correct my system. when I called yesterday the person said I should hear something soon.
Of course, no one has called!
If I had known this would be such a hassle, I would have never agreed to assume the lease on this system.

Nov 23, 2019

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: Hope this email finds you in good spiritsTomorrow will mark weeks that MrRegino and I came to a written agreementI continue to go around in circles with himJust yesterday he came out and installed one flashing on my roof and said he would be back Thursday and/or Friday at the latestWhen I ask about my cashiers check of $that he agreed to return to me he has excuse after excuse as to why he doesn't have itI spoke to him on Monday morning and told him that I want this out behind us and that he has till this Friday to honor the letter/job/refund that was submitted to Revdex.comI also advised him after speaking to a detective with SAPD that his broken the law of theft if he does not fulfill his agreementI plan to file a theft report against him and reopen the case on Friday if he does oblige by our agreementMy question to you is will this (theft report) be a conflict with Please adviceThank you in advance Regards, [redacted]

Nov 19, 2019

To Whom it may concern, The customer who filed this complaint has contracted us to design and install solar panels on his roof and on a custom built cedar deck pergolaAs with any custom design there may be delays in fabrication of steel components and to-order, laser cut cedar timbers Unfortunately we have experienced such delaysConstruction of his system began in November and is anticipated to be finished by the end of FebruaryIt is Tesla Solar's mission to provide the most energy efficient and esthetically pleasing photovoltaic power systems possibleWe only use the best materials and do not take shortcuts or cut cornersSometimes this means a custom install can take longer than anticipatedWe would rather install components that have been fabricated to the correct design specifications than take a shortcut that will sacrifice design appeal or power generation capabilityUnfortunately this customer's pergola required a custom fabricated steel bracket and when we received it there was an error in the fabricationWe had to send it back to the fabricator and wait for a new one to be made Once certain phases of an install have been completed we do not send crews to a work site when there is not work for them to doThis means that even though a project is “in progress” there may be days where no workers are present on site as we are waiting on materialsThis does not usually happen with “off the shelf” installs but in the case of custom designs it can Tesla Solar also is required to work within CPS guidelines, this means scheduling inspections with CPS itself and their calendar is sometimes viewed as inconvenient by customersTesla Solar has no control over this portion of an install, known as an “interconnection” We are very sorry that the customer has had a negative experience with us and are more than willing to work with him for a satisfactory resolution

Nov 14, 2019

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: The true question here is why is Mr [redacted] asking to have his customer provide a contract? Shouldn't he as a business owner have a record of it? The truth is one does not existHe never created oneEverything has been done on his "word" which he has failed us onWe never traveled to South Dakota and what concerts we attend and where we go on our leisure time are not of any concern to him and/or any of his businessWhen he speaks of a timeline the only way this effected us professionally was in regards to us being availableMr [redacted] is caught up in his own lies, excuses, empty promises and he has confused his storiesI have given him many opportunities and chances to do right by us and unfortunately he chooses to not return our money and put this behind us as I advise him to do soIt really is all that simple Regards, [redacted]

Nov 11, 2019

City of Live Oak permitting desk has told us that a pergola install does not need a building permitHowever, this system has a photo-voltaic system integrated and [redacted] , Building Official, City of Live Oak [redacted] has requested that we pull a permit on itThe city of Live Oak did not inform us of the permit requirement until 2/12/16, as of that day we sent Live Oak the necessary paperwork for permittingToday (2/15/16) is President's Day and the Live Oak city offices are closedTomorrow, 2/16/the City of Live Oak will be meeting with Tesla Solar at the customer's residence to issue the permit

Oct 25, 2019

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: As of yesterday, the city of Live Oak inspected the work site and determined that the contractor had not obtained written approval for the work to be accomplished and now we are in another delay which is always somebody else's fault. I understand fabrication is tedious, however, if the design and measurements are accurate, then work should not take over 3 months going on 4. Regards, [redacted]

Oct 22, 2019

Hello [redacted] , Could you have that customer provide you their contract with our company? We were hired to remove panels and equipment from the roof which we haveOnce roof is completed we were to install and wire back said system We were hired to install a pergola system at the rear of the home and add electrical to it IE: An outdoor fan, a GFCI plug In addition, we were hired to stain, and add new fence pieces due to hail damage Funds that were given to them by their insurance company were spent for other uses besides completing what the insurance agency paid for For Months, MrGloria made our company wait, giving us excuses if we could work with him since he spent the money for JLO tickets for his wife, and providing funds for family member who would pay him back This also included a trip to South Dakota Our company, in good faith, since he is a long time friendgave him the system(s) under market value as long as we get this installed quickly I ask you to provide the contract for work, and see the timeline We were there last Thursday to remove equipment and leave the equipment there if we would settle this on our own accord From what I see, they want to take this to a civil court and have no interest in following their word Have them provide the contract [redacted] Project Mgr [redacted] MgrPhotovoltaic System Designer/ Installer***-***- [redacted] Cell

If I could give a neg. rating I would. They HAVE THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER.
I have sent 15+ complaints stating that the NEO gateway is not working properly and is spotty at best, when it is out it does not record to the power company nor the app so I am having to pay for power when I should not have to.
The only response I have received was that "that the system is now working and is resolved... ticket closed"...the next morning it was out again. The only other response to any email is a "ticket number" I think it is a trash can number since no one ever responds.

DO NOT BUT A SYSTEM FROM TESLA THE CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS... you are better off using a local company. I wish I did -Tesla is costing me a fortune!

Sep 05, 2019

This is the most frustrating and pathetic customer service I have ever experience. My solar system is less than 3 years old, it quit producing electricity in July 2019. It took 3 weeks to get a tech appointment. They sent me a text with a date and time, but the tech came on a different day, so I had to reschedule. They tech came out in the Middle of August and said I needed a new inverter, and it would take two weeks to order. Two weeks later I got a text saying they would be out in October to fix my system. Today I got a text saying they couldn't make it until October 2019. My system will be down 5 months. No explanation given, no offer to subsidize my electric bill. I am paying for a solar system that produces nothing. To add to the frustration it is over an hour wait to reach anyone in customer service. I would advice anyone thinking of home Solar System, do not buy from Tesla.

Aug 22, 2019

I have had a 9.88 kw Tesla solar system in place since August 2015, Order Number EN7104764, 22 Deacon Lane, Sudbury, MA. My solar system stopped producing electricity at the beginning of April 2019. As of late August 2019 it still is not functioning. The peak sun months of 2019 have been missed. Tesla has made several technician visits during the five months including installing a new inverter, having a few guys up on the roof checking the system. The system still doesn't work. Blame it on lack of sustained interest or incompetence, or both. Per the system lease contract, paragraph 4(c), I am not to be "...charged for Estimated Production when the System is not producing electricity due to Solar City's (Tesla) fault". I cut Tesla off from automatic debit billing from my bank account and refuse to pay their "Estimated Production" bills on the basis that it amounts to consumer fraud. They just billed me $237.42 for the month of July when no electricity was produced. In my estimation as an attorney their "Estimated Production" billing while a system is down due to Tesla's fault is fraudulent and is clearly subject to challenge, perhaps as a class action.

I have had nothing but trouble with tesla after they bought our my solar contract. I want to get a buyout for my system from them and they just can't seem to be able to do that . I guess the longer they wait the more money they will steal from us. They have never been up from with us about where money has gone and why after 4 year I still owe the same amount. After many and I mean many hours on hold I finely got a very rude guy telling me to read my 100 page contract and it will tell me that the payment I make only goes to interest..WHAT? HE SAID IF I WANT PAYMENT TO GO TO principle YOU HAVE TO CALL THEM AND TELL THEM YOU WANT PAYMENT TO GO TO BOTH...what? anyway THIS IS THE WORST RUN COMPANY AND I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT TO ANYONE UNLESS YOU HAVE MONEY TO BURN.

Jun 12, 2019

I have had Tesla solar panels for 3 years and have enjoyed saving money on electricity. I now have a leaky roof and have been trying for months to get tesla to remove the solar panels from my roof so I can have a new roof put on and there is no way to contact someone that can schedule this. In the mean time, I have damage that is appearing inside my house from the leaks and according to the customer service I am going to be scheduled sometime soon. I have been hearing this for months and it is impossible to get management on the phone to complain. If anyone from Tesla would like to call me and clear this up. I would appreciate it. Monica Girard

Oct 23, 2019

Your reply...Who do you contact for A LEAKY roof? I had a new roof installed prior to my SOLAR panels, 3 years ago and now. there is a leak problem. Solar City was quick to have my contract and I was sure they would take care of any issues but now I have questions about who is in charge of the contract.

[email protected]

We started last August last year with Tesla. After months of bad communication, i,e, we told them from the beginning there were not going to put the backup panels in our garage and having to sign the loan documents four times, I finally refused the final design in March cancelling the contract. In May Tesla renewed the roofing permit for our house and now I can't get the roof repaired until they send a notarized letter to the permits office, and I can't get anyone to return my phone calls, texts or emails which was the same reason I cancelled the contract in the first place. SO BEWARE OF TESLA.

I paid for solar panels for my roof in Capitola, CA. The panels were supposed to offset my electricity needs by 86%. In the last 6 months, they have offset a total of 6%. I've called the company many times to explain that the installers installed the panels in the shade of the house next door, so they never see the sun. The first time I called, they sent someone out because they thought there was a problem with the system. The tech finally determined that the panels were not placed in the sun, so they were not producing energy. He had no fix for the problem, so I called customer service and they said it would be a few weeks and they would send someone out. I waited for 3 months and didn't hear anything. I called back again and now they say that I have to wait a year, so they can monitor the system, before they will go out and redesign it. No one will let me speak to a supervisor. They refuse to send me their policy that I have to wait a year. Meanwhile, I spent thousands of dollars on a system that produces 80% less energy than promised.

I purchased a solar system from Tesla Solar in August of 2018 (6 months ago). I specifically asked my salesman, the designers and the installers if my roof was OK prior to installation. I was assured the roof was fine. Now the roof is leaking badly and a licensed roofer has advised me I need a new roof. The under layment (paper or felt) has failed. I am fine replacing/paying for the roof, but Tesla is charging me $4,555 for them to remove the solar panels and replace them, and I am not fine with that cost. I feel Tesla bears some responsibility since I specifically asked them about the condition of my roof. At no time did they recommend I consult a roofer prior to solar installation. Now they are saying that according to the terms of my contract, they are not responsible for roof leaks not caused by them and they only certified that my roof was strong enough to hold the weight of the panels. That was not the case. They are not willing to help me at all and suggested I could call another solar company to remove and replace the panels. I should have called another solar company in the first place. My salesman has gone to bat for me, but to no avail. Beware if dealing with Tesla Solar.

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me
*** ***

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