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I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. 

We have spoken with Mr. [redacted]. We have apologized to him and removed all of his information from our database.

We do not accept the response by TexInspec . Please find our response attached, above.
In regard to TexInspec’s
response letter, we reject their conclusions. 
Please see our response below.We hired TexInspec, on the
recommendation of our realtor, to represent us in the purchase of our
home.  They were to ensure that we would
move into a safe environment and to also ensure that there were no major flaws
or repairs needed pursuant to the purchase of our home.Immediately upon occupancy of
our home, we found that the front exterior lighting and interior entryway
lighting were inoperative.  Upon closer
inspection, we found at least a 6-8 inch hole visible in the eave above our
front entryway.  We discovered that there
was a squirrel infestation in our attic, and these squirrels had chewed through
the wires down to the copper, thereby creating a fire hazard.  We promptly informed Mr. [redacted], from TexInspec,
about this situation, and he emphatically claimed that this damage had occurred
after their inspection had been completed. 
After many conversations, as well as meetings with him, he offered to
reimburse us for the cost of the inspection. We declined his offer.  Several weeks later, we found a photograph,
of the house, that my husband had taken, prior to TexInspec’s inspection.  Upon zooming in, this photo clearly showed a rodent
hole in the eaves.  We presented Mr. [redacted]
with this picture, that was date stamped, and he conceded that the hole had
been there, and then raised their concession offer to $2,000. We refused their
offer, as it wasn’t adequate compensation, and declined to sign their release
of liability.  In summary, in our
conversations with Mr. [redacted], he consistently stated that his inspector
thoroughly inspected our roof and there were no defects or holes noted.  However, interestingly enough, upon receipt
of proven evidence that indeed there was a hole, TexInspec suddenly increased
their settlement amount to $2,000.  To address Mr. [redacted]’s
statement in paragraph 4, concerning our radiant barrier:  Mr. [redacted] stated that the inspector could not
see the electrical damage due to the radiant barrier. We also believe this to
be a false statement and would like to provide our side of the story.   On the
morning of the second day of occupancy, we had 2 electricians come to our home
to assess the damage and provide us with estimates. They both stated that the
inspector had totally missed the wiring damage and that said damage was very
obvious to them upon entering the attic. 
This information led us to conclude that the inspector possibly never
entered or visually inspected the attic. 
In addition, both electricians stated that it was definitely a fire
hazard.Now, to address the issues
with our hardwood floors.  We met with
Mr. [redacted] several times and he insisted that the warping of the floors was only
a cosmetic issue and are only inspected as they are related to the structure of
the home.  Mr. [redacted] also stated his
inspector did not recall any defects present nor visible at the time of the
inspection.  The inspector did include,
however, a general statement that there was minor cracking in the masonry, but
didn’t specify locations nor any concerns in regards to possible leaks as a
result of these cracks.   In due time, we
hired a general contractor and a masonry expert to investigate, evaluate and
repair any masonry issues.  It was found
and concluded that in the brickwork, directly in front of the dining room and
entryway, alone, there were more than 40 visible places where brickwork, and/or
masonry, had cracked, been improperly repaired and were loose.  This does not include one large gap, of more
than 3 inches, where the mason could view the interior wall of our dining
room.  There was also, visible to the
naked eye, holes and damage around the flashing that were in disrepair.  Again, these were all missed during
inspection.  All of these structural
defects, addressed in this paragraph , caused major water leakage and damage to
approximately 60% of the hardwood floors on our first floor.  All of the above was substantiated by the
inspection we had done by an Accredited Hardwood Floor expert, as well as our
General Contractor.  In addition, we have
multiple photographs that were taken during our repair and renovation process that
substantiate that this damage was present prior to Inspection and purchase of
our home.We would be happy to provide
multiple statements, testimonies and photographs to substantiate our
position.  Since my initial complaint
was submitted, we discovered that the overflow drain on our upstairs bathtub
was never connected properly, thereby causing a major water leak onto the newly
installed hardwood flooring in our downstairs study, closet and hallway.  We then had to replace this flooring for a
second time.  Obviously, the inspector
never filled the tubs nor checked for leaks. We placed our trust and
confidence in TexInspec to ensure that our home was safe and free of any major
issues, after all, they were hired to represent us, the buyer.  This was a home that we had been saving for
and dreaming of for several years.  We
had certainly not budgeted an additional $40,000 for repairs.  Because of the major expense, it has taken us
this long to finally complete all necessary work.  This situation has certainly caused our
family undo stress, emotional toil and a major financial burden. TexInspec
failed us miserably, and should be held accountable. In conclusion, we have spent
approximately $40,000 to repair issues that TexInspec failed to identify.  We would be happy to provide, receipts,
invoices, reports and photographs for any and all items.  We would also be happy to provide contact
information for all repairmen and contractors. 
If you ‘d like to contact me, please don’t hesitate to call me.  My number is ###-###-####.

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