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TexStar Home Repair & Remodeling

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There is still rotten wood on the house, there are still areas that were never painted, we didn't accept his bid to replace and install more gutters because it was overpriced before work ever started, existing gutters were part of the house to be painted and were not,we had to cover up all of the paint scrapings with mulch at a cost of $540, if the company does not like unsatisfied customers why did they not respond to my complaint made directly to them, the first person here working removed most of the old caulk when they were scraping and that's why much of the caulk was gone (this worker was the one that was fired by the company before he could complete scraping the house), we were still charged for power washing and it did not happen, the rotten wood just had caulk put on it to hide the damage...The company treated us like a small job that was not priorityCommunication did not take place during the work from the company owner and we paid too much for him to rush through the job and tell us nothingNot satisfied with his statement

This project was completed to the customer's satisfaction, according to the customer ([redacted], other homeowner).  We went back out on 3 separate occasions to complete customer punch list.  Project was completed (this was determined by a customer initiated punch list and final walk through with...

[redacted]), paid and I have a signed invoice.  If it was not done correctly, why did they pay and sign an invoice?  I'll address the individual alleged deficiencies.  This is a 2 story wood frame house with wood siding and pier and beam foundation.1.  Fascia/siding - The quote states "repair or replace" the fascia, approximately 50 linear feet.  We replaced approximately 20 linear feet and repaired approximately 20 linear feet.  Some of the fascia we thought was rotten was actually just peeling and needed paint/caulk.  The quote for the siding was to replace 6 linear feet.  We replaced 10 linear feet and repaired approximately 20 linear feet.  I did not charge additional for this.2.  Sanding/caulking - We sanded as needed, according to the quote.  We sanded approximately 70% of the siding.  This is approximately 20% more than anticipated.  This home was built in the early 1900's and is a frame home with wood siding.  The wood siding is in extremely bad shape and really should be replaced.  Old wood homes move and breathe.  This home was moving as we were caulking.  In one day, we caulked the same area 3 [redacted]es from movement.  Overall, some areas were caulked as many as 5 [redacted]es.  I can't control house movement.  In our initial meeting, the homeowner stated the home had recent foundation repairs and I believe this contributed to the caulking problem.  The homeowner was advised in our initial meeting to let the home sit and settle for at least 3 months prior to any work being completed.  He decided to move forward anyway.  We used 44 tubes of quality caulking on this project, 18 more than allowed in the budget.  This also meant additional labor.  I did not charge additional for this.3.  Power washing - The contract did state that we will power wash the home.  This would have created more problems.  As stated in #2 above, the siding was not in good shape and this was not apparent until sanding was in progress.  The siding was missing caulking on most joints and power washing the siding would have created water damage inside the home.  I used common sense and chose not to power wash to prevent any interior damage.4.  Gutters - In our initial meeting, the homeowner stated that he wanted the gutters removed.  I included that in the quote, to remove the gutters with no mention of re-installation.  Gutter painting was not included in the quote.  Halfway through the project, the homeowner decided to leave the gutters.5.  Paint drips/paint sheen - We did drip paint on the roof shingles.  So did the last painter when it was painted before.  We spent 2 hours on the roof cleaning all of our paint drips and even most of the last painters.  This was observed by [redacted] (the other homeowner) and that observation stated during our walk through.  FYI-fresh latex paint is easily removed and old paint is dry and crusty, that's how we tell the difference from new to old.  We did miss a few area of painting.  The paint colors were very close to the existing (gray and white) and the only way to tell the difference was by the slight sheen difference.  We painted all areas observed and listed in the punch list.  These items were signed off during our walk through with [redacted] as completed.  I did not charge additional for removing old paint.6.  Paint chip debris - This was included in the punch list and mostly removed.  Since the ground surrounding the house was mostly dirt, we couldn't get 100% clean without removing all the dirt (we got about 95%).  This item was on the punch list and signed off by [redacted] as completed.I've been in business for 26 years.  I don't like unhappy customers, but I also understand that not all customers can be pleased.  This complaint came as a surprise; these customers were a pleasure to work for and we completed everything and signed off by [redacted] on the final walk through.  I do NOT believe we have any further liability as the job was completed, approved by [redacted], paid and I have a signed invoice with "final payment" written on it.  Thank you.

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