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The Barrett Group

270 Bellevue Ave PO Box 1034, Newport, Rhode Island, United States, 02840-3516

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• May 25, 2023

BUYER BEWARE: $9000-$25000 for Vague Services
I just got off an initial call with The Barrett Group, and my gut is telling me that this is a bad idea. So I'm sharing this experience online so that people worriedly looking for a job don't get taken advantage of (since there also seems to be surprising lack of information from the user side about this company that alleges to have been around for 30 years) . I hope this helps, details below:

About 10 minutes into the call, I asked about the pricing (as anyone would for any product or service). Once the rep told me that it was $9,000 to $25,000, I wanted to explore what specific services they offer and how much flexibility there is with their services since the price is quite high. I've been in sales for almost 15 years, so that should have been the opportunity for the sales rep to sell me on their services and value proposition. Instead, as soon as I wondered whether I needed a team of 6 people to re-write my resume or help me "speak artfully," the rep got VERY negative and combative!

It was like the instant that I began to ask intelligent questions about precisely what services they offer for up to $25,000, she announced that we were not a good fit and declared flatly, "I am going to end this call." Giving them the benefit of the doubt, I found myself trying to save the call so that she wouldn't hang up on me. The rep then started telling me all the things that I did wrong, saying that I interrupted her when I asked about the price and that I was showing myself to be "not coachable." Funny how instead of simply saying what they do for $25,000, the rep started to blame me for asking questions. The idea that if you ask questions you're "not coachable" gives me a bad feeling, especially with how quickly she got negative and accusatory.

Bear in mind, I was nice and receptive to working with them. I just wanted to know what they do for $25,000. All I can say is that it was like those scam calls where a person sounds nice, but the instant they know you're not a mark, they turn on you quickly. Perhaps The Barrett Group is legit, and this rep was an anomaly. But I have a very bad feeling.

Like I said I've been in sales for almost 15 years. It's totally normal -- and welcome -- for a prospective client to ask about price. But when you start asking normal questions, and the company rep becomes negative and combative and then announces that they want to end the call because YOU are not a good fit, trust your gut. Anyone who wants to charge you even $100 should be able to calmly say what they do for the price. So when someone gets upset when you ask about what they do for $9,000 to $25,000, that's not right.

Feel free to call them yourself, but ask intelligent questions, don't pay up front if you don't know *exactly* what you're getting, and trust your gut!

I contacted The Barrett Group (TBG),, in September of 2018. It was over a month before they finally engaged with me and during which time I actually got a lead on my own that became my next career position. I cannot stress enough how much their services are all show and nothing truly original or of added value. All of their advice to me is exactly what anyone and everyone else will tell you and you can get for yourself from LinkedIn for free. None of their handful of additional value added processes and access to national lists, etc. generated a single lead for me. Their professional resume writing was not impressive either, I got better and more enthusiastic response from my own version. They provided no serious advice, counsel or coaching of value with regards to my real prospects for positions, my qualifications and the limitations of my background and experience. Instead they played to my desires for a Career Change rather than providing any solid assistance in my search. Again, I cannot stress strongly enough what a complete waste of money this very expensive “service” was. It yielded nothing and I got my next position on my own from the “published” job market. They should have acknowledged they had little to no experience in my field rather than taking my money and promising what they could not deliver. I am ashamed and they should be too.

The Barrett Group Response • Jun 11, 2020

Unfortunately, this complaint is inaccurate and unwarranted.
Personally, I have used career management services like the Barrett Group (including the Barrett Group) five times. There is a very simple principle affecting client success: if you (the client) do the required work, you will very likely have a positive outcome. If you do not, you probably will not be successful.
For thirty years now we always explain to our clients, “You have to move your feet.”
As of mid-June 2020, despite the current pandemic, 38 of our clients have landed executive jobs in the past 10 weeks because they moved their feet. Read their stories on The Hiring Line ***.
We have helped thousands of executives clarify their career objectives and then obtain the job of their choice usually at an increased compensation level. Read their stories here: ***
Even now, we are happy to reengage with this client if he will do the required work.
Peter I The Barrett Group

I spoke with one of their reps and they claimed to have job postings at an executive level that I would never find anywhere. About fifteen minutes into the conversation, I could tell I was being lead down a path where she was about to try and corner me into making a decision which, of course, cost me money to the tune of 10k up front. I was very firm with her telling her that if I’ve learned anything in life it’s that you never ever pay that much money up front especially where there are no guarantees. There was a contract timeframe which did not favor the buyer, of course. Oh but wait, you could make payment! But you’ll have to shell out 5k up front first. They weren’t going to do anything different than I was already doing. Honestly, I could probably run circles around them because I know I was very good. DO NOT EVER PAY UP FRONT FOR SERVICES LIKE THIS. If they are as good as they say they are then they would work on continent which means they find you the job and get a commission. The way they are currently set up, they could easily take the money and never find you a job. That’s what I’m also reading from the reviews.

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Address: 270 Bellevue Ave PO Box 1034, Newport, Rhode Island, United States, 02840-3516


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This website was reported to be associated with The Barrett Group.

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