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The Body Shop International, PLC (Headquarters)

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I returned a product, which was purchased using [redacted]. Cashiers printed a return receipt without me swiping the card, and money has been backed.I returned a product, which was purchased using [redacted]. However, cashiers required me to have a physical version of the virtual card, which obviously made no sense. (If there is a physical version, then it is not a virtual card.) Finally, they processed the return anyway without me swiping the card. I completely trusted the cashier, so I allowed him to do so, but money has not been backed to my card.Today, I called the store, and the manager there was obviously rude and unhelpful. She refused to look into that, and required me to come to the store. I had the receipt in hand, and was willing to tell her any information on the receipt and send the receipt to her. She just said she was not able to do so, and instead, she argued that I should have returned the product to the original store that I made the purchase (did she understand your return policy? simply return your purchase with the receipt to ANY of our locations).I have my return receipt No.[redacted], cashier [redacted], at [redacted] on July 17. Desired SettlementRefund $58.79.

Package arrived damaged. Have not received refund from business.Package was damaged in transit. Many of the contents were missing or leaking. UPS retained the package for damage inspection. I contacted The Body Shop regarding this and received query tracking number is [redacted] I have not yet received a reply to my email regarding this issue. I just want a full refund for the order as I already stopped by a store in Henderson NV and bought everything I needed. Order # USEXXXXXXXXShipper UPS Account Number: [redacted] Claim Number: XXXXXXXX Tracking Number: 1Z9216AXXXXXXXXXXXDesired SettlementFull refund since I already stopped by a local store to purchase the desired items. More Info Received From The Consumer The business did eventually issue me a refund for the damaged package. It is concerning though that they didn't take the time to reply to the complaint.

Online website does not allow users to cancel customer orders or modify payment information. Customer service cannot cancel orders on 1-800 line. Placed an order with The Body Shop 12/10/14 on website. I needed to modify payment method and was unable to do so via the website. I e-mailed customer support twice and did not receive a response about changing payment method. Order continued to sit in my website account. Needed to change payment method in order for it to process. Finally contacted customer service over the phone which apparently is outsourced - the representative was unable to modify payment method via their system. Finally, I asked to cancel the order and rep said they would have to send an E-mail to their corporate office to cancel. It is unacceptable as a customer that I do not have the ability on their website to modify payment method or cancel orders. It is the right of the customer to be able to control the order. When asked for support - there was no response. When asking for help over phone, the representative had absolutely no ability to do anything with the database/access they are given. What kind of company is this? Desired SettlementWould like the order cleared from my account and cancelled. They have not done so and I still have not received a response. It is now 12/15/14.A Body Shop customer care support representative reached out to me regarding the issue on December 16th offering an apology for their customer service issue. I appreciated the fact they offered to correct the situation however, managing a customer account on their website is difficult. Customers should be able to modify or cancel orders and update payment methods should it be necessary. Customer service's 1-800 # was not able to do this either over the telephone. I'm sure what system they are using, but coming from experience in cosmetic biz - website upgrades usually are the last on the list of things to do and getting funding from a large company is a process. The parent company should step in and helpCustomer Rep offered me a $25.00 gift card as a resolution which I did not even request. Very nice of them.

The Body Shop refuses to honor it's promise of free renewal of membership when members earn their 8 points. I am a member of The Body Shop's "Love Your Body" membership. I made a purchase on December 26, 2014 for $22.90 which earned me one point which was added to my existing seven points giving me a total of eight points which earned me according to The Body Shop's "Love Your Body" benefits posted on it's website, a $25 reward and free renewal. On checking my account status I realized that my membership showed no evidence of being renew but had two months added. I called customer care to report the issue and was told that they only allow memberships to last one year at a time and therefore my membership would only receive those two months as the renewal because my membership had ten months left to expire. My membership was renewed in October 2014 and so I thought that a free renewal meant that when my membership expired on October 2015 my membership would automatically renew because I earned a free renewal.I wasn't satisfied with what the representative said to me over the telephone and so I sent an email to the company who responded saying that the renewal promised is effective on the date the eight points is earned regardless if you recently renewed your card and had ten months remaining.I wrote back with a photo showing that the information advertised said nothing about it being effective on the date the eight points was earned.I explained that something can only be renewed after the date of expiration, if you add two months to the existing date that is called an extension and that was not what was promised and therefore they are cheating their customers.They wrote back with a link to a help page that I told them was irrelevant because no one is going to visit the help page when they see a clear promise of a $25 reward and a free renewal one you select Rewards Card from the main menu below, that takes you to Benefits, below benefit is says learn more, when learn more is selected it shows what you will earn with the various points. Below that it says to join now and below that explains things you should know about your perks. At the very end of perks it ask that you see terms and conditions, which I went to and read. There were a few other Topic that were listed that I did not read.It wasn't until the help page was forwarded to me with the exact topic that I read the very last topic that read, "I just earned my 8th point. Why didn't my card renew for a year from the original purchase date?"It's response was, "One you earn your 8th point, your card automatically renews for free. The date of earning your 8th points is the start of your new 1 year membership."My question to The Body shop is how can this be if your are offering your customers a free renewal? If a member renews their card say today and they earn an extra point a week later that takes them to their 8th point. With one year already on their membership, what do they actually receive from the body shop, how would they be earning a free renewal if their membership already has a full one year worth of membership?My answer to that based on what they have been telling me would be nothing, the customer would earn nothing, because you are only allowed to have one year of membership each time. For customers who do not usually check their accounts on line, they would never know that they are being cheated like this and unfortunate to say, I was one of them.I wasn't until October when I made my first online purchased from their website that I slowly started to read a little at a time, just to learn more about them and what they were offering customers.I think they should properly honor their promise of a free renewal. Once a members card is still active a note should be place on their profile that allows them their free renewal once their membership becomes expired, if the company only allows membership to be one year at a time.Extending the remaining time left on the membership is called an extension, not a renewal.Thank you.Desired SettlementI would like them to honor the free renewal that they promise their Love Your Body members when they earn their 8 point.Renewal from the date the member's card existing membership expires.Business Response The customer's complaint stated she had become eligible for free 1 year renewal of The Body Shop's Love Your BodyTM club membership. Our program states that once you earn your 8th point, your card automatically renews for free. The date of earning your 8th point is the start of your new 1 year membership. The customer had just renewed her membership in October, so when her free renewal was activated in December, her membership date was renewed on December 26, 2014 and expiring December 26, 2015. We have investigated the customer's claim and have extended her membership for 1 year from her natural expiration, October 2015. The customer's new expiration of Love Your BodyTM club membership is October 2016. We trust that the customer is satisfied with the company's resolution to the issue. The company sincerely apologizes for any inconvenience caused by this the matter.

At the end of last year (Dec. 2014), I emailed The Body Shop to inquire about missing reward points. It is now March 2015 and even after several emails, I have not heard back from them. Each time I was told the requested has been 'forwarded'. This is especailly frustrating because in addition to this issue, I have had to deal with missing items from my Boxing Day orders and false advertising relating to the Black Friday promotion. Is this how The Body Shop intends to conduct business now? (I do not accept the excuse that it was a busy season, as I do a lot of online shopping and I have NEVER had this many problems with any stores, and NEVER did it take so long to resolve issues)An example of the completely unacceptable service from your company is when I emailed to find out why the Black Friday totes that my friends and I ordered were all missing the $5 in-store coupon as advertised. In response, I was sent me a copy of an expired coupon via email with no explanation whatsoever. I expressed concerns with attempting to use something that looks to be expired in store. I told several online representatives that I do not want to waste my time unless they can give me more details as to how long I have to use the coupon. Each time I was given a vague answer that it has been extended but no one appears to know how long it has been extended. After several emails back and forth and after I insisted on them providing me with the details, I was told that despite that it was an expired coupon and nowhere does it indicate otherwise, I would still be able to use it in store and your staff were all well aware of the extension. Needless to say, just as I had predicted, I visited several stores and no one knew what I was talking about. It was a complete embarrasement and a waste of my time and ended with one of the store managers basically telling me not to buy anything at The Body Shop online and it was my fault that I ran into all these problems for not buying in store.Desired SettlementI would like to know the status as to when the LYB points I have accumulated will be credited. I would also like the following to be addressed: 1) issue of false advertisement and missing cash coupon as advertised in the Black Friday promotion, 2) issue of sending expired coupons out to customer as a 'solution', and 3) the lack of customer service received online.Business Response Upon investigation, the points the customer states are missing from her balance were earned when the customer's membership was expired. As a courtesy to our loyal customer, our customer service representative has added back the points from this transaction. The customer claims one of the products she received was missing the advertised $5 coupon. As a courtesy, a 4 point gift ($15 store credit) has been added to her Love your BodyTM card for the inconvenience, since the coupon has since expired.We trust that the customer is satisfied with the company's resolution to the issue. The company sincerely apologizes for any inconvenience caused by this the matter.

Filed initial complaint over a year ago, was promised a resolution that never came through! Back in March of 2015, I filed [redacted] Complaint Case# [redacted].The Body Shop responded to my complaint and one of the things they did to rectify the situation was to extend my Love Your Body Membership until March 26, 2017. However, as of March 26, 2016, my membership expired, I lost all the points I've accumulated and I also did not get my Birthday bonus. I tried contacting the customer service representative who had responded to my initial complaint and confirmed for me that my membership would not expired until March 26, 2017. Although she received the email I sent on May 1, 2016, and my email tracking system tells me that she or someone else read the email I sent her, it is now June 11 and I have yet to receive a response.Desired Settlement1) Reinstatement of my Love Your Body Membership account2) Reinstatement of the points that were in my account3) Ensure that I receive my Birthday Bonus

I ordered items in the amount of 54.26 thru [redacted]I never got the items. Transaction Details Case number: [redacted] Transaction DetailsCase number: [redacted]Seller's name: The Body ShopSeller's email: [redacted]s.[redacted]Seller's transaction ID:[redacted]Transaction date: June 1, 2015Transaction amount: -$54.26 USDYour transaction ID: [redacted]I tried to resolve this thru [redacted]but because there is a tracking number they won't do anything. A lot of my things get delivered to [redacted] when my address is [redacted] I am demanding my money back. I did NOT receive these items. Desired SettlementI want my money back. I can't help where things are delivered. All I know is I didn't get my things. Business Response It appears that the customer attempted to resolve issue of the missing package via [redacted], rather than contact the company directly. Therefore, the company will contact the customer and attempt to resolve this issue

Returned products on 11-08-14, 1 box mailed, & on 11-14-14, I manilla evelope mailed. I have sent numerous emails confirming return with no response.[redacted] name [redacted] 18 products USA returned to [redacted] Products purchased at [redacted] ph ([redacted] I spoke with cust. rep @ at (800)[redacted], mailed return form(s) w/18 products. I have sent emails regarding returns since 11/2014, I sent several emails to recieve a refund ck,the mailed an "incorrect" refund amount. Due amount yet owed to me is $10.00. I have since, sent emails regarding this matter, & have recieved "no response". I saved all emails sent to: [redacted] Thank youDesired SettlementA $10.00 refund check from The Body Shop,USA yet due, mailed to D.[redacted]. [redacted]: [redacted]Business Response With regard to the above-referenced complaint, we have investigated the matter and regret any confusion related to this customer's experience. The customer's complaint stated she had had returned products, however The Body Shop still owed the customer $10.00. We have investigated this matter, and have processed a request to have a $10.00 check made out to the customer. It will be send overnight as soon as the check is available. We trust that the customer is satisfied with the company's resolution to the issue. The company sincerely apologizes for any inconvenience caused by this the matter.Consumer Response Case# [redacted]Ref #[redacted]Hello, I read email from Eastern NC, "The Body Shop, USA", "stated" to have a check submitted to me Jan.2015 in the amount of $10.00. Todays date is Jan. 26,2015, I have "not" recieved notification through my email from "The Body Shop,USA",and have "not" recieved a refund check written to me of "$10.00". Please notify me with updated information on this $10.00 refund check. thank you, [redacted]email: [redacted]

Brand new products were leaking out of prepackaged container and leaked onto other items.I recently (January) received a few items for my birthday as a gift ([redacted] for lips [redacted] and [redacted] a [redacted] lip treatment and a lip liner) because that is what I asked for not those colors just the product line.I was disappointed as the gloss were thin in texture when I opened one so I did the other same thing. Dont know if they were on the shelves for too long. As a matter of fact in the gift bag I could see that it had leaked on the gift tissue paper. So I decided not to use any of the items. Contacted company, they are flicking me off as if they dont care. It was a gift. I dont have the receipts.Desired SettlementReplace the items and stop sending emails about return policy. Does not apply, products were bad!Business Response With regard to the above-referenced complaint, we have investigated the matter and regret any confusion related to this customer's experience. The customer's complaint stated she had received products of The Body Shop as a gift. She was not happy with the color and texture of the products. Our customer service representative reached out to the customer and has sent her replacements of all items listed, as well as an additional lip stick.We trust that the customer is satisfied with the company's resolution to the issue. The company sincerely apologizes for any inconvenience caused by this the matter.Consumer Response Still waiting for package from the company. I would appreciate your informing them. I waited to reply and it has not been 10 days and you closed it.Final Consumer Response It was not delivered to me. So please have them to track the package.Final Business Response Can you please reopen this case. In the time it took to send a replacement and before we were able to make contact with the customer that the (second) replacement package was sent, the case was closed.The customer claimed she did not receive the replacement package in response to her original complaint. When we were made aware that the customer did not receive, we sent another replacement, which is shown by [redacted] was delivered on 5/4/15.The tracking number is[redacted] and can be tracked via [redacted] Thanks, [redacted]Phone: (919)[redacted]

no product receivedsaid to be left at front door, but no signature, not received in realityrefuse to initiate investigation againorder number: [redacted] I ordered products from bodyshop official website in Dec 1st, 2014, which cost me $59.68 in total.I received no message about delivery after that from bodyshop.When I try to check that on Jan 15th,2015, I found that it was claimed to be delivered.Then I contacted bodyshop three times. They initiated investigation with [redacted] Finally, they got the conclusion that 'I confirmed I received that packet'. During that time, I only received one call from [redacted] And I am pretty sure I told them clearly I haven't received the packet.According to [redacted] it was left at front door. My roommate and I were at home on that day. Neither of us have seen it.Then I contacted [redacted]to complain about the problem. [redacted]said that only bodyshop can initiate the investigation. But when I contacted bodyshop again, bodyshop told me that they would not do any more investigation.Desired SettlementI just want my money back. Or the products delivered.Business Response With regard to the above-referenced complaint, we have investigated the matter and regret any confusion related to this customer's experience. The customer's complaint stated she had not received a package,although [redacted] was showing it had delivered. The Body Shop has processed a refund to the customer in the amount of $54.23, the total of her order.We trust that the customer is satisfied with the company's resolution to the issue. The company sincerely apologizes for any inconvenience caused by this the matter.Consumer Response I finally got my money back. Many thanks to Consumer Response

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Address: 5036 One World Way, Wake Forest, North Carolina, United States, 27587-7732


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