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The Celebrity Experience

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• Feb 22, 2021

You expect my poor little girl she has dream of acting expecting to meet a Disney celebrity I am just furious this is absolutely messed up you honesty need a life then destroying children's dream horrible a[censored] people.

They told me after rushing in after work with my hopeful son not making there induction programs that it was fine if for any reason we can not make it you will only be charged the 1000 for the videos we unfortunately were unable to make LA due to illness and asked for a refund thinking I’m going to be stung for the thousand but they are telling me I can’t get the rest of my 8000 they have not done anything yet how can they justify this has any one else got a refund please tell me good news

Just wasted 2 hours at what was supposed to be an audition for my 11 year old who has an interest in acting. He was told he would be auditioning for a TV Commercial supported by a Disney Celebrity. I warned him not to be disappointed if he didn’t get the role, as it was his first audition. Lucky.. because there was no role! Instead, the Disney Celebrity is a little known actor who has had a few bit parts in a few movies, and actually runs this company. It is in fact an hour of self acclamation on his part and a few other unknowns. It’s all to get you to sign up for expensive acting lessons and promises if an agent. We smelt a rat and left with our paperwork just before the audition.

We just attended The Celebrity Experience Audition in Adelaide. Very misleading and very unprofessional. We thought it was an audition for TV and Commercials as did many others that were there. You have to supply a head shot, fill out forms when you first arrive which ask for email address, personal phone numbers of mum and dad, work numbers, address, and much more. We then sit through over a hour of talks about success stories. Then they say they are looking for people with Personality, Potential etc. They then hold up a glossy brochure and say "you must read this as a family & if you get a callback the first thing we will ask is have you read the book? and if you say No you will loose your callback and we will call the next person". Next each row lines up along side of the room and when it's your turn go to the table they ask several questions. As you leave to line up near a small room for the short audition they hand you the glossy brochure. We looked at it while lining up and saw that you have to pay huge sums of money, NO travel or accommodation included & then pay even more to do a showcase bit after the initial very expensive training, to get in front of agents. All of the brochure was in US dollars, and all very outdated success stories. They say during the talk that only a small number will get call backs which is a lie. My teenage daughter did the audition knowing the whole thing was misleading but figured it a chance to practice at an audition being first time. That night we got a text saying Congratulations she made the callback, if you read the programs in the book and are interested in coming in for orientation & registration tomorrow, please TEXT me to discuss. I text back saying "that's great when and where? Interested in doing commercials she auditioned for, assume there is no cost for this part" we never heard back! We then text "or was the audition for the courses you offer" still no response! They knew we weren't going to be scammed. Just for interest we even tried ringing to see if they answer but couldn't ring the number, especially odd as they claim to only select a few for callback! There are better companies locally that offer way more and for far less money. We since discovered Acting Inc in Adelaide and for $350 a term they do far more than The Celebrity Experience. I feel for the families who traveled great distances to go to what they thought was an audition with opportunities, to find out it was just very over the top expensive (thousands of dollars) for training. Couldn't even see a business number on the brochure.

I was at a celebrity experience today in Boston . After watch the videos and listen some of the talking and observing people around ... I noticed some people were leaving and I started a search about celebrity experience reviews . They finished with the videos and they started to line and separate the families to talk to this two people ...and As soon the reviews show And I red them I decided to take my son and leave ... most reviews were so bad and from my only one audition done with a casting agency with my son this was very different .The casting agency never asked for money or push me to pay for any class and they were very specific about what they are looking for .( my son got picked for a nacional comercial and got paid for ) .I guess celebrity experience is more really about make you feel like a celebrity with a fee attached and a introduction to the celebrity scene offering charged classes .. I had no regret that I left , but I think in my opinion the add misleads a little be . And by observing people around and asking questions , they didn’t have much clue about what they were getting themselves into ... including my self . Usually I take chances but after spending sometime there and from my previously experience with the casting agency and after I red the reviews I don’t think is a scam but I think is misleading people . They should it be more upfront with the charges involved.

Can some one please tell me an honest thing about this I REALLYyyy want to go but my mom thinks it might be fake or a scam HELP ME KNOW THE TRUTH ASAP !

• Mar 19, 2021

Same here I think it's real and my mom thinks is scam and I believe her bce I signed out and they still sent me an email that I have been confirmed

TCE came to Zurich yesterday and after I had attended the audition. Yesterday late night the lady called me and talked mostly about the payment etc etc and persuaded me to come today at 11 : 00 hrs with money. Thanks that after doing further research, I've got to know about this website and the associated reviews.

We just came back from the so-called "casting" in Madrid, Spain. It is clearly not a reliable organization and the way they force you to decide and pay upfront with almost no information is shocking.
Also, I think it is cruel for the kids to play with their dreams to earn money. They all though they were going to a casting, when clearly it is only a business. Shame on them!
My recommendation: don´t pay anything until you are completely sure that this is what you need for your child. I don´t think they are reliable.

JUST FYI the exclusive package was over 5thousand dollars!

I was definitely disappointed with the Celebrity Experience. All that money spent was NOT WORTH IT! We just attended the recent one in Hollywood Jan 2019 and we paid the exclusive package and for the whole week my daughter was working with students not no real actors that I was told. I was confused the whole time I was there. We paid our fares, our hotel our food and it was NOT WORTH IT. so I emailed them and they replied if I want to spend more money to get her to VIP package?I was like really? So I started calling local agents and thank God I found a great company that cost way less and my daughter is getting the right training that she needs. What you get from your money from celebrity is video training. You will NOT get a live person to train your child so dont waste any money. I was so convinced by the stories and the videos BUT I want to help anyone out there to not end up like me and waste so much money!

My son attended the showcase in 2017 in LA and it was the most amazing experience! The knowledge and training her received was so extensive and he gets congratulated for it at every casting and they can tell how well he has been trained.
As a parent if your child is serious about it then invest in their future. It is worth it. In the long run to get just that sort of training you will pay more to a acting coach and they don’t get to work with different actors that all share what they have learnt and are learning.

I Agree on one the most recent Comments you guys left on Feedback. This is just a Program and how much Money they can make from everyone, and after hooking so many people about being a Star and dragging you in. I Hate that the Fact that they are Lying to Kids, just to Scam some Cash. You are Paying for there Gambling Debts. I can easily Scam people of $1000 of Dollars and Hire a Celebrity to make it look real *** I just Maded $100 Times 100 People and Cleared in $1000 X 100 = People. That's a 100,000 I just made from Everyone. Sure I have enough to Hire some Actors And Celebrity to Host a Ceremony and say Hi! I can Make a Star! St for a easy 100,000 of Scam Money, why not! I Know if I Collected $20 from every neighbor and said you be my best neighbor if give me $20 Bucks. Imagine how Rich I will be. Think people. How many people are Foolishness to be an I***t! They can Shove that Celebrity B**St Up There A***s! What goes around - comes around! They just called us for our Second Interview because my 12Yrs. Daughter got Chosen! But I'm not Going To Break My Daughter Heart by these *** Scammers. They Picked the Wrong Person.

I have done it I can tell you know that it is not a scam it is amazing and its like one big family I love it so much.

I have done it I can tell you know that it is not a scam it is amazing and its like one big family I love it so much.

I agree with all the reviews that this program is NOT A SCAM!

My son attended this program back in 2016. Yes, it is expensive, but it was all worth it! Also, what I must say is, if the parents are not able to support their child in this industry, meaning invest time, money, and tons of effort and hard work and dedication, then don't do it. But if you and most importantly, your child, have the dedication and discipline and time, then go for it! It takes a lot of hard work and perserverance to be successful in this industry. Most parents don't realize how much it actually takes to support your child as an actor. I have to take care of all his paperwork, communications with agents and managers, travel expenses, websites/social media, headshots, resume, drive him to and from auditions, callbacks, classes, and acting jobs, etc., passport, and so on. If I had a full-time job, all of this would not be possible for us. I work part-time with a very flexible schedule, so if we have to fly up to L.A. or wherever his job takes him, I have to accompany him. This is where you have to ask yourself if you are willing to make sacrifices for your child to be an actor. In reality, I think most parents don't have this kind of flexibility, time, and money. We are fortunate enough to have a strong support system.

My son, who is 10 years old now, just appeared as a co-star on Hawaii Five-0. He also booked a job as a voice-over for a national commercial for Amazon Echo and an animation series, Super Wings 3. The jobs have helped us make back what we have invested and will continue to bring in income for his future education. It was not easy to get where he is today, but it all started from that radio ad we heard in the car. Also, it takes a very positive-minded person to be successful! You must be able to trust your gut feelings and follow it. This program and process is not for everyone. My son is serious about what he wants to do and is very skilled at memorizing lines and expressing emotions. He is a "ham" and fearless! He has auditioned for so many roles and did not get the job, before he booked his big role on TV. Bottom line is this, he worked hard for his success and I have invested a lot of time to help him in his pursuit as an actor. The Celebrity Experience helped to put him in front of reputable agencies and management companies and have trained him well! The rest was up to him and his support system. Good luck to everyone! Be and think positive!

My daughter and I just got back from their 'so called' Audition...
WOW! It is a training class that we have to pay. So I googled out and came upon this website. This is an eye opener. Thank you all that shared their experience.
I am not answering the call later!

After cancelling within 2 days of the contract.they sent me something which I did NOT open their attachments they want to charge me $1000.00 for some useless item that is only worth something to them NOT me!
I am a accountant and have 2 clients that are writers./directors to the TV show Survivors.I called them and they informed me it's a scam and how could of fell for this(EMBARRASSED)
called another tax client does does bit parts in LA she said if they were real she would of signed up with them(another embarrassment)Then I called a local talent scout..she just laughed!

I fell for the same Roderick as everyone else.After I read the negative reviews I cancelled the contract within 2 days..They sent me something AFTER I CANCELLED but I did not open the attachments only read the email to find out when I can expect my refund..I paid $5,000.00 and GUESS what,,Those so called attachments which is probably useless they want to keep $1.000.00 THEY ARE SCAMMERS..ANYONE want to join a class action suit! CALL your local representatives, and the radio station you heard their ad on I think they should be told they are promoting a scam

After doing more research and reading the amount of money they were charging me my family and I decided that even thought I got the indentation it would be best to find some place else. This organization is incurable for people r that have money but for other that really don't then what is the point of calling them if they end up finding out how much it will be in order to take a few lessons. Yes they do end up taking you to hollywood if u pay around $6,000 and maybe not even getting far with there help bc they are not even an agency. I right now dont know if I made the right choice but I feel I did in not paying them and declining their offer because I know people feel this is their only shot at being a professional actor/actress but it is not. There are some great other places besides this and yes it will take time but waiting is better than wasting even more than $10,000 and maybe not even getting herd from again I know there are others that feel the same way as me and I just want to tell them it is not over. we can't give up . If you really want to be in hollywood then we all have to work hard for it and actually find other ways to get there. People can do open auditions where you dot even need an agent to get into a role and we look for other places that can give us all the tools we need to get far in the acting world . All we need to do is have hope , because in the end all we can have is hope and the celebrity experience does give us hop but it mostly takes it away after we give them the money and mostly get nothing in return. So one more time to all my fellow actors/actresses this is not the end we will find better places than this and one day we will all be on the big screen in hollywood so dont give up . Dont ever give up all we need is to have hope and faith.
By; Cisco
I know what most of you all feel

Okay so the Celebrity Experience is not a job interview, it’s a audition to see if you could make it in the industry. They say that after the audition they will call only certain people back, in which they mean they will call everybody back and whoever can pay for it will move on. It does come with a heavy price of up to $15,000, though fifteen grand for a bag of hope is a pretty good bargain in america. If you do pay the fee depending on which package you receive, you’ll fly out and get to meet supporting characters of different shows, movies, etc. You’ll get introduced to different producers and directors though CE isn’t directly associated with them. So it’s pretty much just to put you out there and give you the experience just like it states and if you get chosen by a director or anyone to come film or audition for them then you made it.

I just came back from the celebrity experience event in londen. And I had an amazing time, I was on the 3-day program (allstar program) because I am still a student and I needed to pay it myself. I learned so mush in only 3 days. We got improv lessons, monologue training and much more. Yes, this isn’t a cheap program, yes its not that everyone gets an agent at the end of this program, but it surely is worth the money. THIS IS NOT A SCAM! I enjoyed the 3 days in londen, had a great experience and made lots of new friend who support eichother in this bussines. At the end of the program we had a showcase in front of 10 Londen agents. Thats not something you can do every day. So if you have the money, and are willing to give it a shot, do it! It is worth it! I went their as a kid with a dream and I came back as a person that knows so much about acting. They also help parents to support and help their children in this bisuness.

Greets Kevin

Your spelling is so terrible I hope you make it in acting

Your spelling is so terrible I hope you make it in acting

Your spelling is so terrible I hope you make it in acting

Please enlighten us how things turned out for you,,maybe we've seen you on commercials or tv..Like to know!

Really because I am a person who got the call as well but all they ant is money and now you might be a actor or actress but have you ever stopped to think how much money others have you might have soo much but others have talent and potential and some might even be better than you but the only difference might be is that you have money while so many others dont thunk about this next time you think about how much you have and how much others dont have

And all those bad revieuws from people who didn’t even attend to the program, they don’t knowwhzt they are talking about. don’t let them drag you down. It is worth it

I recently recieved a phonecall after applying for the celebrity experience offering me to come in for an audition this Saturday. after doing more research I realised it wasnt an actual audition for a role an I would be charged a ridiculous amount of money if I wanted to take part. thanks to the internet I declined the 'audition' offer before they could start charging me.
I would like to thank everyone who has been honest about there experience with this company as it has prevented me from making a huge mistake. working a full time job is hard enough with out wasting money on those kind of people. it is quiet clear they are taking money off people for there own benefit and dont actually have what it takes to make anyone a star. they didnt even have the decency to let me know it would cost anything. pretty sure they planned on me attending and then dropping that bombshell on the spot in hopes I would buy. thanks to google I wont be wasting my time or money.

I would advise everyone before applying for anything that seems to good to be true to check it out properly as 9 times out of 10 it is to good to be true.

Kind Regards

My child just attended The Celebrity Experience in LA this January 2018. I have things I loved, things I enjoyed, and things I was not especially impressed with. BUT I got exactly what I paid for. Training (and from individuals who are in the business so have a working understanding of how it all works) and the opportunity to be seen by agents and mangers. This is not something I would have been able to accomplish on my own, at this level, in such a short period of time. I could have mailed off hundreds of headshots and resumes and hoped for a call or two. But for me having zero clue of the process and the internet being filled with an overwhelming amount of conflicting info, this was, although an initially pricey investment, the end result was worth it for us. THIS IS NOT A SCAM! You will receive exactly what you sign up for, and in some instance, more.

REALLY and are you serious ?Glad to hear your experience was a good one,,What has happened since then? Maybe I've seen you on commercials or TV Please let me know

Thank you so much for your honest feedback. It was very helpful. Both of my kids were welcomed to come to the event and I thought the same, just expect to pay for the experience and they can always say they had their taste of hollywood. If more comes from it, that's a bonus, but for now, just think of it as paying for a family vacation. In addition, they offered to discount my cost since they invited both, so we will see how much of a discount I will receive.

My 10 yr-old daughter is an aspiring young actress. She loves to take workshops to pursue her craft so we bought her the 3-day Celebrity Experience package and she attended the event in LA Jan 2017. I admit I wasn't really sure what we were going to get for our money but I was blown away by how amazing the whole experience was. My daughter and all the kids that attended had an amazing time. I was actually a little unprepared for how serious it actually was. Their days were packed with workshops that were fun, intense and very instructional. My daughter learned so much. They had evening events for the kids. It was really, really nice. They also had workshops for parents taught by real industry professionals that taught you tricks of the trade, gave advice and talked about how to help your child be successful. The event ended with an audition in front of 30 agents and managers. My daughter got 17 call backs and a year later we are still interviewing agents. We are going back this Jan to do the 5 day workshop this time because we regretted that we didn't do the movie reel last time. The Celebrity Experience staff are really wonderful, helpful people. It is definitely NOT a scam. They are not responsible for making your child a star and they don't promise you anything, they simply give you the tools and instruction to start down the right path. I think the money was well spent and the experience was amazing!

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