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The Coliseum

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I am replying to your customer complaint which was submitted on 11/11/Time: 304:ID #***I did speak with the concerned customer regarding this issueAs a result, we did refund her $dollars that was charged to her account for the people bowling
with her who walked out on their bill.I feel that the matter was resolved and the customer was appreciative for the refundShe claimed she did not know the people that were bowling with her, and we honored her wordWe are in the business to make sure people have a great time in our establishmentAnd we always strive to do business with integrityI do hope that this customer complaint came in prior to our resolving her concern

Review: I took my daugher to The Coliseum the night of November 7, 2014. It was there we met another couple and their daughter for a family evening of fun. That couple invited another couple, who invited another couple, who then invited an additional party. When I approached the gentleman (Alex) at the register I asked if we paid in advance for the amount of games and shoe rental since my daughter's bill would be seperate. He said no and proceeded to give us our shoe rental and lane. Our waitress (Megan) came over and took our food/beverage order, at that point we made her aware we were on seperate checks from everyone else. It was getting late and my daughter and I were ready to go. I proceeded up to the counter and asked Alex for the bill for [redacted] (my daughter), two bowling games and a shoe rental. He replied they are actually in the middle of the 3rd game. I said I can I pay for the 2.5 games that were played by my daughter. He said it was fine, he would just charge me for two games and shoe rental. Each game was $4.75 and the shoe rental was $2.00. I handed my credit card and signed the autorized total for my daugher, $11.50. I authorized and paid that amount only. Then I asked our waitress (Megan) for our food/beverage bill. That bill was $26.61, to which case I tipped $10.00, totalling $36.61. She ran my credit card and I authorized and sign that amount only. The total amount that I authorized that evening from both food/beverage/bowling was $48.11. When I signed into my bank account Sunday afternoon, November 9, 2014 I saw three seperate pending transactions from The Coliseum. The first was for $36.61, the second $57.50, and the third was $46.00. I thought to myself, maybe there was a mistake and the transactions are still pending, wait it out and see if the correct amount processes through. However the correct amount did not process through. On Monday, November 10, 2014, two charges were processed while the third was still pending. The two charges that were processed were in the amounts of $36.61(which I authorized) and $57.50(which I did not). The other $46.00 was still in my pending transaction box. I immediately called The Coliseum and spoke with someone in the bowling alley named Vicki. She took my information and said a manager Holly/Britney would be in contact with me. That was at 11:00am, their opening business hour. I wait several hours and proceeded to call again. I spoke with Holly at 2:20pm, she was aware of my situation. She was apologetic when I explained that I did not authorize that charge. She told me after watching the cameras, other people walked out without paying their tab. Holly then stated at that time they reopened my closed authorized charge and charged me the additional amount. She told me they do that often and there never seems to be a problem, however she stated she was prepped and expected my call. I informed her that I only knew the one couple and not the rest in the party. She said she would pass everything to the Entertainment Manager and he would get back to me. I told her that I took my 3 year old there for a fun night out and it turned into this big mess. I waited several more hours and had not received a phone call. I called back at 4:45pm, was placed on hold and then hung up on. Upon another call less than a minute later placed by myself, Holly was apologetic stating she had caller id and was discussing a Christmas Party event with the same company that I worked for. She again was apologetic the other manager had not gotten back to me, she knows how important this is to get cleared up. I told her that I am a single mother on a small budget, I am not asking for my money to be refunded just the amount that was taken from me unlawfully. I told her I have bills coming out of my account automatically and I need this resolved immediately so I am not hit with overdraft fees and late on my payments. Once she stated she had no power to do anything, I frustratingly announced that I would be personally showing up at The Coliseum to speak to Iffey(Entertainment Manager). She said she call him and let him know I called yet again and call me back with a hopeful resolution. By 8:30pm that evening no phone had been received and I decided to go into the establishment. I took one of the other members with us that evening in as well so she could be there to clarify if needed. I walked down to the bowling alley and asked to speak to Iffey. I told him my problem and he was far from understanding. He began mocking me stating, so what you are telling me is that you were bowling with strangers? I replied no that is not what I said, re-explained my situation, and still received the same question. My friend then asked to speak to someone above him because he was simply not understanding what I was saying. He replied there is no one above him, he is the highest they come. She then stated, so you are telling me that you are the owner. His response was yes he is the owner. He continued to not be helpful and told me this could become easier if I'd give up the name and contact information of the people who walked out. I replied on numerous occassions I did not know who they were or how to get ahold of them. I told him what he did was illegal, he charged an unauthorized amount on my credit card without my knowledge, permission, or signature. His reply was "someone has to pay for it", "its my loss or yours". I stated I was calling the police to file a complaint, the estabilishment stole from me. I stated had I paid cash then this wouldn't have been an issue, who would have paid then? He did not have an answer, instead stood there and shurgged his shoulders. I told him I felt as though I was being punished for rightfully paying my bill with my credit card. He did not have an answer. After an hour of me pleeding my case with receipts I was getting no where. Iffey kept telling me someone had to pay and it wasn't going to be him. I said it wasn't going to be me either. I then pulled up my bank statement to which he didn't care to view and asked me if I was in a rush. At that point I felt I was getting no where, this manager/owner could care less about the situation he had put me in. I then proceeded to go on about how this mistake could cost me more than it already had. Iffey stated that if he were to help me this evening there was nothing he could do because the credit card company wasn't open at that hour. Iffey stated that he would call me the next day, November 11, 2014 by 2:00pm at the latest as he was going to check with the waitress (Megan) because she personally knew the other parties there. I know this because in the beginning Megan stated she wasn't our designated waitress but since she knew people she would wait on us. We left that evening getting nothing accomplished. My friend asked another employee before exiting who the owners were. This gentleman stated a couple with the names of Kalpesh and Rohinni, husband and wife, owned the business. When she asked who Iffey was, we were told he was a manager. Now was I not only stolen from, I was mocked, and lied too. It was 2:00pm on November 11, 2014 and still I have not received a call. I called The Coliseum and asked for Iffey directly, I was then informed that he was with a client and would be given my message. It is now almost an hour later and I am still awaiting a resolution.Desired Settlement: I am requesting a refund of the charges that were unauthorized and taken from my account ($46.00). I do feel that I should receive a full refund (94.11) for that entire evening for the amount of inconvenience, stress, and hassle this has put me through, however I am not entitled to more than what I was over charged. I feel I have been completely taken advantage of throughout this whole situation. I was punished for paying my bill, stolen from, and mocked by someone who pretended to be the owner when indeed in fact he was not. I feel this was poor business and even worse customer service.



Attn: [redacted]I am replying to your customer complaint which was submitted on 11/11/14 Time: 304:15 ID #[redacted].I did speak with the concerned customer regarding this issue. As a result, we did refund her $46 dollars that was charged to her account for the people bowling with her who walked out on their bill.I feel that the matter was resolved and the customer was appreciative for the refund. She claimed she did not know the people that were bowling with her, and we honored her word. We are in the business to make sure people have a great time in our establishment. And we always strive to do business with integrity. I do hope that this customer complaint came in prior to our resolving her concern.

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Address: 410 St. John's Church Road, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, United States, 17011


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