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The Compass Circle

5328 Pasonage Court, Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States, 23455

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• Nov 04, 2023

Scheme! Please find other options, save yourself the headache.
I purchased 3 trucks/owner operators in the turnkey program 8/2021. Set up insurance, paying monthly premiums while making nothing. I went through so many drivers none of them wanted to either start or stay due to all the lies they were fed by compass. Loads were nothing special just off the load board. Never received my 3rd driver. Marion Bailey unprofessional,
Took dispatch payment and had no driver, refused refund.
Tasha! Jesus! She shouldn’t be employed anywhere. Hollering baby/children every time we spoke, and her referring to her as “mama” “fat mama” and attempting to soothe comfort feed lay down or what have you during every professional conversation I attempted to have. Forget about ever trying to get a word with Casey, rarely will happen. 40k invested in program, another 20k in insurance premiums, and now the ELD company Motive/keep trucking wants to be paid for the remainder of there contract 2k even though I’m not in business or using their services. What a hard lesson to learn.
I have kept every email and document and fully plan to compile data to sue.
Anyone that is on board or need info or data to support their claim as well reach out : [email protected]
This company needs to be stopped!

• Oct 04, 2023

Need help to sue these scam artist.This is not my opinion this facts I’ve lost close to 100k with compasscircle waste more to two years , they can’t give any government contracts, can’t give your owner operator cause cause they’re using the same load board as every body else I see Casey moving on to real estate after scamming everybody trying to cover her tracks.I have documented proof of everything I saying this was a clear coordinated scam they will face justice

• Sep 17, 2023

Maaan listen, anyone can have an opinion but I'm giving you a FACT AS A CLIENT! Compass Circle got me setup and rolling. I read the info, setup a call, submitted my docs, and got my driver. I answered all of my emails and did what I was instructed to do, and boom! I'm up and rolling. My driver is an older man who just wants to make his money! It works and I'm happy!

• Sep 17, 2023

Best decision ever!
I am a client of the Turnkey Program! IT'S EXTREMELY EASY TO FOLLOW! Every week we are provided with an update and all we have to do is whats asked! I cant say enough about the staff and their professionalism and guidance! They are always there to answer any questions and are very polite! My process was efficient and my driver got on the road without any incident! I had to mail over the required tools he needed and everything went smooth! Would definitely recommend them to anyone

• Aug 03, 2023

2 years as well no income .SCAM !!!!
Compass circle is a 100% SCAM ! She blocked me from her IG page cause I told her followers the truth . There’s no communication. I’ve invested 20K for the turn key program and almost 30K in insurance because they can’t find you a stable driver or have the resources to do so . They met no time lines, their favorite excuse is things are closed and slow . It’s a “ global pandemic “ it’s listed in all paper work . (red flag ) . I lost my Authority cause I couldn’t keep up with insurance payments. Also , she tried to send a new contract to cover her self . I declined to sign it . I ask my girlfriend to look at her instagram we founded that Casey doesn’t even talk about trucking anymore now’s she’s scamming in the real estate industry. On BBB her rating is an F .

We have to stop her and take legal action. Let’s all connect my name is Josh my email is [email protected]

• Aug 14, 2023

what is her mc # you guys potentially running underneath ?

I have invested with Casey Cooper since back in 2021 and have yet to see any income being generated on the $20k that I invested. The biggest problem is the lack of efficiency in operations, her company does not have the manpower to pair you with an adequate driver. So far this investment was a complete wash. I have been paying insurance for 14 months and have spent an additional $37,800 on insurance costs. Over $50,000 down the drain. I would not recommend this company to anyone.

• Aug 14, 2023

what is her mc ?

Have you taken any legal action yet. I am going through same situation with her. As of today I have spent about 30k. No driver yet

This woman takes thousands of dollars from hard-working people WITHOUT BEING ABLE TO DELIVER!

The compass circle can NOT PAIR you with an owner-operator within an ENTIRE YEAR nevertheless get you any actual contracts. Do not believe this company, there are dozens of complaints online.


Yes Trucker22 is right I've be going threw this process since Oct of 2021. They basically attempt to pair you with any driver off the street . My first driver didn't have two years experience witch is required. The driver had two charges one was for driving a CDL with out insurance why would I want them working for me.

The second driver didn't have two years experience witch is required .

Can you please elaborate more because I think this is happening to me as well.

False professional persona
The ghettoness it's always someone else's fault stereotype mentality it cannot be contained. Not a good element to have if you're just starting a business. and something happens it will never be their fault. Pacifically Marion Bailey.


Idk who she has been paying for these comments at the bottom but this is the biggest trucking scam if I could give more negative stars I would I’ve giving this lady 30k and she has notttt delivered she promise these gov loads n tht is not the case she has these dispatchers in your pocket thts hitting off load board general freight making it seeem it’s something exclusive when it’s not and once the drivers catch on they quitting and I don’t blame them best advice I would give is to DO IT ON YOUR OWN FIGURE IT OUT MAKE YOUR OWN MISTAKES……BIGGEST LOST IVE TAKING

• Mar 16, 2024

This June June will soon be with the FEDS . Can’t wait

• Jan 23, 2024

Casey has alot of good reviews, it seems like you just want to complain and play the victim. Please stop and evaluate yourself before trying discredit others.

• Sep 20, 2023

You did not pay your dispatch fee, then cussed the dispatcher out. Our lawyers will be in touch.

Scammer Alert.
Company is a scam! Be sure to read reviews online and do your due diligence. Website says they will deduct $1499 if you have your active MC#, didn’t honor that for me. Also charges $500 for a “consultation call” which is a video. All that’s covered in that previously recorded video is the same info that’s online. Then say they will credit the $500 toward purchase to any of their programs…didn’t honor that and the $500 was simply same info on their website. I felt it was a waste but then was supposed to be credited to a purchase so I thought it wasn’t a total loss. Stay away from these people…seek elsewhere. They aren’t the only ones that does this for people.


That promo ended. Customers do not read and then slander the company on line. Not fair at all. This guy isn’t even in the program nor wanted to read of follow instructions. Mind you we were offering half off which totals 4999$. Certainly much more than 1499$. Some people are never satisfied.

Got us rolling!
Man these guys are great! And they are bi-lingual! My wife speaks no Spanish and the staff was able to help me, help me, when I had to work. We have been on the road for 8 months now! Next decision we ever made!


I was considering buying a 60k truck. My done payment, plus insurance, tags, maintenance, and other fees would’ve been almost 15k…. Plus I would have still had to find a driver! I purchased the Turnkey Program and now I have 4 trucks running under my authority. We gross anywhere between 4k-6k in PROFIT, EVERY WEEK! This is my 8th month and I am over joyed about it! The business model is easier to manage than having a bunch of trucks! Work smarter, not harder!


Knowledgeable & Helpful
We booked a consultation with Casey and the information we received was more than we could have asked for. We immediately took action with the steps she shared. So excited to get in the game and be prepared to win. Thank you Casey.

Lies she sends a prerecorded video.

Casey! You are true inspiration. Love that you are easy to speak too. Most mentors , you can’t even talk to them. You helped me so much !
I was awarded a 15M contract because of you . You changed my life .

• Mar 16, 2024

Jenny Lopez you’ll be next with them ! Congrats a free pass to jail

How did you get the contract ?

I spent one hour one the phone with Casey and in two days I became a Federal Contractor. Taking my cleaning business to the next level!

Black girl magic!
This lady is next level! What black woman do you know who is into HEAVY HAUL! I scheduled a consultation with her and she BLEW MY MIND! My loads went from 1000$ to 5000$ with a FLATBED TRAILER! Who else would share this knowledge!

I don’t believe you b/c Casey has never spoken to any customer that I know of. I have asked to speak with her for over 6 months and she still haven’t scheduled a time yet. $60t gone

Lifelong. Trucker here
I am lifelong trucker. When I say this woman knows her stuff, believe me! She touches on subjects that no one else has experienced. She is very well respected and her team did my certifications. No I'm a FEDERAL CONTRACTOR!


Taught me the game
I been in trucking for five years. Thought I had it all figured out. Boy did I have it backwards! Miss Cooper shown me a business model that helped me make more money, and save myself all the headaches! That Turnkey Trucking is a lifesaver!

Awesome Business opportunity
The best trucking program out there, since I want to start my business. But I don't have a clue of where to start from. Great way to start your business while keeping hands off and trusting Casey to guide you along the way.


Have a few questions for you, if you don't mind me asking. How do you get paid? Are you on the payroll? Are you an actually business owner? What do you do? Are you on Facebook?

Got $1500 off my initial setup since I have an active authority already just needed help with setting up the rest! Smooth process got paired up with my Driver and making easy money!

• Dec 19, 2023

Someone above said that they were supposed to get the same $1500 off for already having their MCL. Casey replied and said that they never offered the $1499 off and it was actually 50% off of the program. It seems that you may not be an actual person who purchased this program, but someone who was encouraged to write this review...Hmmm

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Address: 5328 Pasonage Court, Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States, 23455


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