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The Eye Doctors of Lawrence, LLC

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*omplaint: ***
I am appre*iative of STRI* sending over this information to usI am reje*ting this response be*ause after speaking with a TRI*ARE representative that was in *onta*t with STRI* to determine *oordination of benefits, they are *laiming that there is no patient responsibility, and that TRI*ARE would not pay what the patient would not have to payThere are some problems and mis*ommuni*ation about *oordination of benefits, with both *ompanies (STRI*/TRI*ARE) blaming ea*h other for not following the regulationWe are still seeking resolution on this dispute, as the bill is still outstanding.
*** ***

Ms. [redacted],I am so sorry for the negative experience you are having with our company.  Please allow me a few days to research your account and get back with you with a resolution. Sincerely, [redacted]Vice President, OperationsSouth Texas Radiology Imaging Centers

Dear Mr. [redacted],I'm sorry for the unpleasant experience you and your wife had at our imaging center.  I do however, require more information, such as your wife's date of birth and name so I can find her in our system.  I will research what happened and let you know how it will be resolved....

 Thank you for letting me know about this issue. You can also contact me via telephone at [redacted] so we can discuss. Sincerely,[redacted]Vice President, OperationsSouth Texas Radiology Imaging Centers

Dear Mr. [redacted],I will review your account and provide details of your prior balance but refunds are applied to prior dates of services that went to collections. I will determine if any refund is due once the outstanding balance is brought current.   More information is forthcoming. [redacted]...

[redacted]Vice President OperationsSouth Texas Radiology Imaging Centers

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:
The money initially collected as part of a deductible was wrongfully collected. Additionally, if the previous account, that I did not know existed, was sold to a collection agency, you have already settled that account and the money owed is with that agency. What I would like to see is something showing that what you (STRIC) do is legal. I have also made [redacted] aware of this situation and they have filed a complaint with United Healthcare about situation. Had your staff ran the insurance correctly, they wiuld have found out that any pregnancy related treat is covered 100% without a deductible. Sadly, we will never do business with STRIC again because of this situation. As a RT(R) this story has been shared you my peers and colleagues as well; I am sure that they too will be interested in the results of this.
[redacted]U.S. Army, SFC(ret)

Dear Ms. [redacted], please contact our billing office to determine any amount due or if in error. Please call ###-###-####. Ask for [redacted].

Dear Ms. [redacted],I'm sorry you are dissatisfied with the services you received from South Texas Radiology Imaging Centers.  Our billing office provided 30% discount off of our full fee since your insurance denied services.  I did check on the amount and your balance should be $927 and you...

will be re-billed at that amount.  We are not going to discount your services to the insurance allowable.     Sincerely, [redacted]

Dear Mr. [redacted], I am sorry you feel that you were misled by our organization but as I mentioned in my email to you last week, we do offer  Wide Open Bore MRI units that are considered wide open because of the large opening that is 70cm wide.  Our MRI openings are much larger than the one...

you refer to as  open that appears not to have sides.  We did not lie about the technology we offer and  we did everything possible to accommodate you for your exam.  We have large MRI units that hold up to 550 lbs and we also offer a unique short bore design and in most cases a person over 5’2” tall will have their head outside the MRI unit.  We are here to offer you high quality imaging services and would appreciate an opportunity to try again.    For informational purposes I have attached the link to the manufacturer of three of our MRI units and the site explains the Open design of their MRI unit.  They all describe their machines as having an open design, open feel, open experience. [redacted]   [redacted]  [redacted] [redacted] [redacted]  [redacted] [redacted]     [redacted]
[redacted] South Texas Radiology Imaging Centers [redacted]

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because: I called 3 times into your billing department to inquire about my refund. Each time your billing clerks gave me different answers and different waiting periods. In all the times my wife has used your services through her OB/GYN, we've not had any issues. You've either not trained your staff in dealing with customers properly, especially when they've been overcharged, or customer service is not a priority with your company. You don't need to respond to this. My wife will discuss this incident  with her doctor to find alternative service providers going forward.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:Mr [redacted] had contacted me for the 1st time on Friday March 26 @2:26 pm from phone number [redacted]5 and left a voicemail. Prior to that I had no voicemail messages from this company.I called back this morning at 1030 and left a voicemail message.      voicemail

Dear Ms. [redacted],I apologize for your frustration with the services you received from South Texas Radiology Imaging Centers.  The dates of service and your dates turned over to collections are not the same.  All dates of service have been verified and the amount due still stands.  I...

regret that the collections notices dates created confusion for you.  I hope the summary below clears this up.  The first date is the date your services were turned over to collections. The second date is the actual date of service.Summary:·        4/22/2013 - $150:  This is for DOS 12/5/12·        5/5/15 - $112:  This is $111.70 for DOS 1/12/15·        8/23/11 - $112:  This is for $112.49 for DOS 4/5/11·        2/10/15 - $100:  This is for DOS 11/4/14·        12/4/12 - $88:  This is for $87.61 for DOS 7/20/12·        10/8/13 - $75:  This is for DOS 5/18/13·        11/20/12- $50:  This is for DOS 6/25/12 and 4/9/12 Sincerely,[redacted]VP OperationsSouth Texas Radiology Imaging Centers
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.
Thank you so much!

Dear Mr. [redacted],I apologize for your frustration with our organization.  The claim takes time to process with your insurance company before it is determined if a refund is required.  In this case your date of service was 8/29/17.  Insurance adjusted and paid us on 9/27/17.  This...

was input 10/2/17.  Refund check request sent on 10/13/17 and mailed earlier this week.  This is the normal and timely process for working accounts.   I appreciate that you let me know so I could investigate and determine if something out of the norm had occurred or a delay happened so we would correct it.  As it turns out it flowed appropriately so I apologize that it seemed to take too long.  Please let me know if you have any other issues with our organization and I will look into it right away. Sincerely,[redacted]

Mr. [redacted], a member of our billing office will contact you.  As I mentioned previously I would review your account and determine if a refund is due.  Someone will be contacting you to discuss the amount that was used to clear and old balance before you were married.

Mr. [redacted],Refund was issued on 3/15/16.  Thank you for alerting me to this issue. We were not able to find any phone calls related to your issue but apologize for any negative experience you may have had.

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Address: 2800 S.W. Wanamaker Road, Topeka, Kansas, United States, 66614-5292


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