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The Falls at Duraleigh

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The office does not properly keep records causing a he said she said issue. No one seems to know the corporate office phone number either.I signed in Feb of 2013. When I first signed the lease the leasing lady was so nice. She was down to earth and had a personality. She truly reflected the kind of people I want as neighbors. She showed us the model and everything was great. I was pregnant and I really wanted this to be the LAST place I move for a descent amount of time. When I went to do the leasing agreement, I did not have to do a deposit which was a plus. She told me not to put my fiancé on the lease for whatever reason that was. She said it was no big deal it would not matter. We signed and moved in. We noticed the AC was not blowing out very cold. It was not an emergency since it was cold out anyways. Maintenance came and fixed it in 1 day. Everything was fine and dandy. Well then things just changed. I complained at the leasing office a couple of times about the amount of dog poop right outside the building next to the walkway that people were not picking up. There was dog poop on the walkway sometimes. They finally sent someone down to get up all the poop. It stopped for a little while and then continued again. In December, I had a 6 month old infant. My heat went out. Called the overflow line and they said they would get something done. Nothing happened, no one came out. Called the office the next day and it took over an hour to get someone who worked at the office to answer the phone. The lady told me they never received anything about the heat being out. I was livid. They said they would put in a request and get someone as soon as they could. It was fixed that day. Well once it started to warm up again outside, I realized I had no AC again. Called the office, was sent to the overflow line again, left a message. Called the office the next day, they said they never got the message. Livid once again. They said they would put in the request and get someone on it. No one came for over a week. I called the office every couple of days and they were shocked no one came to fix it. Then the last time I called they said they never received the request. One of the maintenance guys was at the mailbox doing something. We stopped him and asked if he could take a look at it. He proceeds to tell us "oh the AC, we aren't fixing those until it gets hotter outside but I will take a look." and then asks us which one it was. This is how residents are treated. It makes me so upset that I ever picked this place to live. What was I thinking? Anyways. Well, there was some other issues too. Some people living around us hanging outside smoking weed and getting drunk. The amount of drug deals going on in the complex. The kids that were vandalizing. The peeping toms. Some guys that would go outside at 12 at night and turn their car radio's on and dance out in the street. It was beyond ridiculous. I ended up signing another 6 months because it was hard on us at the time to move with an infant. I was in the process of switching careers. It was a lot. The assistant apartment manager and I had gotten into it. I had found out there was a registered sex offender living a couple of buildings over. She said she had no idea and they run background checks. Last time I checked his registered address was still there. I have had to call the police a couple of times do to domestic violence in the apartment above us. Told the manager and they said they couldn't do anything unless I call them and give them the police report. It has beyond ridiculous. I am so over this place. I work 45 minutes away from the complex. I called three times on my lunch and no one in the office EVER answered the phone. When I was off, I called on repeat all the way until closed and NO ONE answered. I even talked to the lady on the over flow line and she said my best bet was to not leave a message and just keep calling. I have never been this upset. I have never been treated this way anywhere I have ever lived. I just want someone to acknowledge the issues at this place.The office does not keep proper records causing billing issues. NO one knows what's going on."I have received their move out statement. I understand the charge for the oven drip pans of $12. The next listed is the missing oven rack for $25. The fact that this is listed makes me laugh at myself so much. I have only had one oven rack since I moved in. I always thought since it was a smaller oven that it just had one rack. It was beyond annoying because you couldn't fit two dishes next to each in that oven. I'm not paying for an oven rack I didn't know I should have had. The people before me were probably already charged for it. Next is the bathroom door damage. That one just upsets me. Not only did your maintenance men know about it but you and whoever I spoke to on the overflow line knew this door was damaged. I asked if it would be fixed when I asked about the garbage disposal that was leaking that was never fixed either. The oven may have needed cleaning, it is so old and over used to tell what's supposed to look like it does. However, the stove was fine. The drip plans needed replacing but that's replacing not cleaning. Then we have the blinds and the bath tub. The bath tub, as I have previously told you, needed to be fixed. There is a crack in it as well as all the caulking or puddy between the tiles was falling out in places and the whole thing just needed to be fixed. The blinds, the 2nd damaged one you talk of I don't know which one you are talking about. The one in our bedroom had the one broken piece at the end. The day I called about the mirror closet doors being switched out to the wood style like the leasing lady said we could and then the maintenance man came out and argued that they don't just switch them out. That was the day I showed them the blinds and no one ever fixed it and the maintenance guy had such an attitude that day I just dropped it. I always kept all the blinds up a portion of the way so my daughter could not reach them. The one in our bedroom and the one big one in the living room were behind a long dresser and a couch and also up about a foot. The windows were never down because of the moisture build up and I always thought there were bugs coming in at the windows somehow." Is the email I sent the manager. I have tried contacting the corporate office on several occasions. No one seems to care about what's going on. Iwant them out of my life. They don't care and I don't for them. Due to the amount of issues and failure on maintenance requests and then charging for it, I want them to drop the charges and let me be.Desired SettlementI want them to drop there charges and leave me alone. I have never hated a place so much.Business Response To whom it may concern:In response to Ms. [redacted] letter, some of the accusations are false and uncalled for. We are truly sorry she felt that way while she lived here. Our staff- maintenance nor office does not do operate in the way she is saying. We do care about our residents and do everything we can do make their home a great place to call home by taking no short cuts. We are an older community that is true, so sometimes things won't be up to date as the newer apartment homes but our apartments look very nice when residents move in. If something needs to be changed out; appliances or carpet/vinyl etc. it is done. We cannot speak for the previous management in 2013 as all of us are new but I can tell you that every applicant over 18 years of age has to fill out an application and go through a criminal back ground check. There are several people in office daily; some days due to working weekends we are short staffed by one. However, the phone is answered all the time unless we are out on property showing or in meetings, etc. There is only one person on weekends. Whenever an emergency maintenance call comes in after hours, one of maintenance staff is called. They do respond immediately; some live off property and it takes drive time to get here. According to the answering service, they got a call on April 9, 13 at 10:39pm and the guys came out and it was completed at midnight on the same night. The only other a/c call was on March 21, 14 called in at 11:07 and the guys came out and put Freon in it and closed out the work order in the same night. As far as neighbors upstairs, they were contacted and made aware of the issue and they apologized and it never happened again. The offender that we found out lived here was immediately removed within 12 hours. (Staying at a friend's). We do a thorough back ground check and everyone has to qualify to live here. Anytime there is a problem or a resident calls in, we take care of it immediately. We care about our residents and I can assure you we don't let thing go unattended to. As far as Ms. [redacted] move out inspection charges, she can notify the office and we will be glad to work with her on the charges for some things. These are legitimate charges that she incurred for not leaving the apartment clean when she moved out, but we are willing to work with her.We are fully occupied here and have a lot of happy residents that reside here. I am sorry she was not one of them. We wish her well in her new residence.

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