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The Harrian Law Firm, PLC

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The Harrian Law Firm, PLC Reviews (14)

• Jan 10, 2022

Entitled colonizers
Called me a deplorable because I own pitbulls. I'm a US army veteran. How about I sue you for slander mrs.harrain.
Entitled colonizers


Mexican’s Ancestors are from Arizona
This POS racist joke of a woman has caca for brains as her husband said ! let me remind this karen that the southwest states and some Northern ones belonged to Mexico so those are our ancestors.. we are from here like the Native Americans... You on the other hand ancestors came from Europe.. go back to where your people came from a[censored].


Racist POS woman
I haven't even had business with these people and I don't want to I saw a video of a i[censored] racist being an i[censored] to a very gorgeous native American woman calling her "Mexican" and saying she needs to "Go back to where's she's from" Native American's are from the US and wore here first before Caucasians and very clearly shoved her and she got slapped rightfully in return then he's gonna lie and say "She shoved me" lol nobody should do business with you racist POS


Piss Po attitude of a Racist
I watched a video of Tamara "Karen" Harrian telling a paying customer who is not white
" GO BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY". That is a disgrace because she did not come from this either because her forefathers who STOLE this country. So if she STEAL, she will LIE, she will CHEAT. It is proven in other REVIEWS for it has happened to multiple clients who was getting a divorce through this law firm. Please Do NOT come to this law firm for representation.


Takes advantage of divorce, and married to a racist
Paid thousands to ex and to this dirt bag. Karma is a bh. Hope you had fun with the money.


Racist Old Karen
I saw a video of the racist old Karen Tamara Harrian who is connected to this law firm tell a woman to go back to Mexico and shove her.
Racist Old Karen


She's not even Mexican lol she's very clearly Native American and she is absolutely stunning

The wife is a RACIST. She is seen in a video harassing a Native American woman telling her to go back to Mexico...then proceeding to put her hands on the women after she lied and said she was the manager and told the store clerk not to serve the woman. The only reason she is not fired is because her husband owns this law firm. I would not recommend anyone of color or with basic morals to do business with this company


Imagine wanting to stay with someone Racist I would never that makes her husband no better

Not worth my time and money. You can find better help elsewhere for an even better price.


Back in May, 2012, The Harrian Law Firm handle a QDRO that was granted to me in my divorce. The retainer fee was $2000 which was split between both parties involved in the divorce.

Mr. [redacted] and his firm handled my QDRO but was filed with mistakes and had to be resubmitted with the proper information. With that said, both parties had to submit more monies to pay for the errors made by his law firm.

After all was said and done and the QDRO was complete, I made my final payment of $26.15 (half of $53.30) on March 22, 2013 to the firm and the remainder of $26.15 was owed by the other party involved..

I received another invoice from the firm stating I had a balance due of $57.83. I wrote to the firm explaining I had paid my portion in full and wanted to know why I received another invoice.

On April 18, 2013, I received a letter from [redacted], The Operations Manager, stating I was correct, I paid my portion and the remaining balance owed is for other party.

On April 30, 2013, I received yet another invoice from The Harrian Law Firm showing I had a balance due of $58.74. It was supposedly for a $30.00 phone call/message that Mr. [redacted] placed to me along with interest/fees...I never received that phone call nor a message from him that was stated on the invoice.

I wrote a letter to [redacted] on May 20, 2013 explaining I felt the services received weren't really handled in a professional manner and every time I called their office to get an update, nobody seemed to know what was going on. I already had to pay for mistakes/errors that were made when the QDRO was filed, therefore I feel I shouldn't have to pay for anymore mistakes or a phone call/message that I did not receive.

I feel I've been taken advantage of during this process. Both parties involved had paid a total of $2,390.65 for services which should of been a lot less if mistakes were not made.

I have no problem paying for services I received but I will not pay for something I never received let alone interest too!


This firm came recommended, and I was extremely disappointed in their representation in reference to their handling of my divorce case. I was originally assigned to an attorney, who was never available, and neglected to stay in contact with me, I was later advised he was no longer with the firm and assigned a "new" attorney, who indeed was new - this may have been his first divorce case, I'm not certain of that, however, he stumbled around, never gave me clear answers, and instead of digging in and fighting for me, he seemed to be more concerned in establishing a business relationship with my ex-husband's attorney (who by the way was a barracuda, and wish I would have retained her!). This was a long drawn out process, mainly due to the negligence and apathy of the attorney. As a result, I was on the losing end, while my ex was awarded part of my monthly retirement and IRA that I worked for 30 years! Had I known I would be reassigned to a junior attorney have way through my case, I would have NEVER retained this firm. I would NEVER recommend this firm - save your money and look for a female divorce attorney out of Scottsdale!


I was awarded a portion of my ex's 401k at end of divorce. I'm not sure what this company does for the over $1000 paid. I had to do all of the paperwork and phone calls myself, and it took over 6 months to get the distribution done. The only thing this firm helped me with was taking money out of my wallet. Awful.


Review: My divorce decree ordered QDRO. This firm was paid $1000 initially and then another $300 plus for services I'm not sure if. I had to do all of the phone calls and providing documents to plan administrator of my ex-husband's 401k and after 6 months, it's still not correct . I feel that this firm didn't do anything to help in getting my court ordered monies and have been very cavalier in dealing with my complaints and questions. I'm still trying to get my money correctly from 401k.Desired Settlement: I think that I should be refunded at least a portion of the money I paid this firm, since [redacted] didn't do anything but file a paper and I've worked over 6 months on this QDRO and have yet to get my correct amount of court ordered monies.

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Address: 5616 W Glendale Ave, Glendale, Arizona, United States, 85301-2525


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