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The Jim Bakker Show

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• Sep 16, 2021

Selling pillows
I saw that Mike Lindell has been a guest on Bakker's show this week. Bakker no doubt is glomming on to anybody who can line his bank account. I've always considered Lindell an annoying pitchman, but live and let live. His going on this show killed what little respect I had for him.

• Sep 09, 2021

Jim Bakker is a closet homosexual
Jim Bakker had sex with my gay nephew after meeting him at a bar in Fort Mill, South Carolina. Bakker was not recognizable to most, he wore a hat & his beard was died dark. He works for Satan & is one of the devil's best agents, stealing money from good Christian people & spending it on drugs and homosexual lover vacation getaways.

• Jun 17, 2021

Begging for $1,000 or $10,000 or he's off the air!
I was astonished that this snake oil salesman was back on TV preaching. He is a wolf in sheep's clothing, a FALSE PROPHET. I caught the tail end of his show because I was waiting for another show to come on afterwards. He claims he won't be able to broadcast any longer if people don't give him money. The same hucksterism he did back in the 1980s thru 1990s until he was jailed. Please do NOT give this crook any of your money. Donate it to a church in your area, or a local charity. This scam artist who calls himself a Man of God does not need your money.

• Sep 29, 2020

Poor service and business ethics
I, like others lost money to the Jim Baker Show. They charge a credit card an before the product ships and then the product never arrives. If you are lucky enough to get a person to speak to they claim your payment as a donation to the ministry. I do not donate to ministries that sell products, complain that others are trying to kill them when it all catches up on them. Once a preacher now a salesman and showman. So sad because God's people trust without verifying .

Jom Bakker 25 yr shelf life Food
I order 2 Buckets of Food on 3/17/20 was told 4 week delivery after 6 weeks I called Customer Service was it was delayed 12 weeks I asked for a refund of my Money so credit back to Credit Card they said Gladly no problem credit should appear back to my card in 3 to 10 day after 2 weeks I called them to them saying it may take 2 to 4 months now and that I should Donate the money to the Ministry these People are ripping people off I filed a dispute with the Credit Card company be where of the crooks

Fiesta bucket fiasco
I'm 100% Mexican and I have to say, there is nothing "authentic" about the fiesta bucket. The food was bland and over salted without any of the spicy flavours I'd grown accustomed to from my abuela's cuisine. The food gave me gastric issues and smelled awful. The enchiladas did not resemble how they looked on the show, and I suspect what they show on TV is not what is packaged for sale. I will not be giving patronage to Jim Bakkers ministries ever again as I have found out of his past of grifting his congregation. I would give 0 stars if I could. He should be sent back to prison!

He takes your Money
We had purchased 15 green buckets of 20 year survival food from Jim Bakker. We thought it was a good deal. We spent $3,500 on this "food". At the time the "food" that was prepared on the show looked very good. Well, when we revieved the "food" we tried some and it was awful. It did not look like the food on the show and tasted terrible. We got in touch with customer service and were told to email them our issues with this so called "food". We did this and never heard back. So, we tried to call on several occasions and could not get through. Finally, we got through and told a customer service rep that we never got a response to our email. She listened to our complaint. She said to return the food at our expense. The customer representative then said good bye and just hung up. The food is mainly made up of chemicals, salty and taste is awful. It is not fit for human consumption. This is NOT survival food. It is a poisioning of the body. Bakker needs to be back in prison for selling this junk.This poison caused us to have severe stomach cramps, vomiting and diarrhea. Save your money and shop elsewhere. This man says he is a Christian but his business practices and his staff do not reflect any biblical practices. The business that Bakker runs is unthical. They have an attitude of just give me your money and shut up. We will never order anything more from Bakker.

I find it interesting to see how long they talk about the fiood they are selling All set to hear guest speak and all they do is sell stuff

Over the years have purchased many excellent products from the Jim Bakker Show. Am surprised at how little the ministry actually makes off these products. But this is secondary to the guests they have on the show that are informative and cutting edge on todays key issues.

Approximately four years ago I purchased a large quantity (7 year Time of Trouble) of "20 year" survival food (Food for Life). Upon receiving it I saw the finer print on the pouches said life is 20 years if stored at 60 degrees F and 10 years at 70 degrees (typical room temperature). We, like most other retail customers do not have a 60 degree storage area. I consider this deceitful advertising. Because we bought 7 years worth we have had to begin eating it now. We discovered two of the pouch types (cheesy broccoli rice and creamy vegetable rice) have spices that five of six of us can hardly stomach meaning almost getting sick. The folks on the show had advertised how good it tasted. That may be subjective, but the bottom line is I got rid of most of those pouches. I made no attempt to ask for compensation because it is a ministry which reportedly is always short of finances plus it has been several years since the purchase. I take responsibility for naively having believed the claims without testing a small amount first. Some other products I ordered since then have been acceptable.

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